aloe vera juice how to make

Aloe Vera juice is a great way to soothe your skin and clear up acne. Here is how you can make it at home!
aloe vera juice how to make

Aloe vera juice recipe, a healthy drink made using the gel or the flesh of the aloe vera leaf which is nowadays a sought after juice world wide. This aloe drink or water is also said to benefit in weight loss in the long run.

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aloe vera juice recipe

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What is Aloe Vera?

Aloe Vera is a bright green leafy plant that has got big leaves with white flesh inside of the leaf.

In order to use the flesh, the leaf has to be peeled and then the flesh or gel needs to be extracted.

The extracted flesh is then used for various purposes such as its gel is made and used to treat many issues of health, skin, hair, beauty and also it is used internally in the form of a juice or a gel.

How do we use Aloe Vera Gel or Juice?

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Aloe Vera Gel is nothing but the flesh that is inside of the aloe vera leaf which is crushed or blended well to get a gel out of it which is then used both internally or externally.

The Aloe Vera Juice is the diluted form of the gel which is mixed or combined with water and then consumed by adding ginger flavor or honey flavor or lemon flavor which is said to have a lot of health benefits.

Uses or Benefits

  • It has lots of health benefits for hair such as applying freshly extracted aloe vera gel on hair makes your hair shiny and smooth and also prevents loss of hair.
  • It is also said to lower the blood sugar levels as well as benefits the heart if the aloe vera juice is consumed once in a while.
  • Aloe Vera helps in treating stomach related problems such as constipation and helps in proper digestion and hence keeps the weight in check.
  • Aloe Vera is highly used and is becoming very popular to treat beauty related issues such as sunburns and these sunburns lighten if the gel is applied regularly on the affected area.
  • It also keeps your skin fresh and glowing if aloe vera is applied on the face regularly.
  • It keeps the skin and body hydrated if the juice is consumed mainly in summers…
  • Consuming the drink once in a while is fine but taking heavy doses of the juice or the gel can cause serious health issues….
aloe vera drink recipe

Note: Consult a doctor or a physician before consuming it daily as it has not yet been proved that is has great health benefits. Consuming weekly once or twice can be beneficial rather than using it in large quantities…

How to make this juice?

  • Just take a single long leaf and peel the skin of the leaf with a peeler or a knife.
  • Extract the gel out with a spoon.
  • Blend the gel by mixing some water until there are no lumps.
  • Use it by mixing honey or lemon extract or grated ginger which could even aid for weight loss…
  • Drink on empty stomach or after meals but not too often.
  • Making of aloe vera juice recipe is pretty simple and easy but we have to be careful while handling the leaf as the leaf while peeling is very slippery and tends to slip from the hands.
  • Make small chunks of the gel after peeling the leaf which would make the work of making the juice more easy.

Best way to consume aloe vera

  • The best option is to mix the chunks of gel along with the drinks or juices or smoothies while blending as it is quite difficult to drink fresh aloe vera juice as it tastes slightly bitter and unique.
  • The other option is to add honey and lemon extract which makes it consumable and also the taste turns sweeter due to honey.
  • Consume it on an empty stomach for best results but can be consumed after meals as well.

There is also a video to this particular recipe which would be updated soon on the blog post…

aloe vera water

Please Note: This article is just based on how to make aloe vera juice and one must consult a doctor before using it as it is always better to consume after doctor’s advice and should not be consumed with under lying health issues or during pregnancy without a doctor’s consent.

The uses mentioned are purely based on the various sources of information available on aloe vera which have not yet been proved and is mentioned only as general information and for informational purpose.

Recipe procedure below

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Below is the step by step details on how to make this aloe vera juice for weight loss as well as for good health that can be consumed fresh and do not consume after storing it for a long time as it can become toxic.

Check out the recipe on how to make the fresh aloe vera juice and below are the video details shared on how to make the simple aloe vera drink…

Step by step procedure

Extracting of the gel from leaf:

  • Use two gel leaves. The leaves have to be big enough and not too small.
Using two gel leaves
  • Take the leaves in your hand. Cut off the ends completely and apply them on the skin without discarding. Do not use the yellow liquid as it is very harmful.
Cutting off the ends
  • Take a knife or a peeler and peel the skin off the leaf from one end to the other. Remove the entire skin of the leaf from all the sides.
Removing the entire skin of the leaf from all the sides
removing complete skin from two sides
  • Also, remove the skin of the front and back section and only the gel should remain. Remove or peel the skin from all sides.
remove the skin of aloe vera from the front and back section
  • The leftover white part is the actual flesh or gel that should be used. Do not use aloe latex or the whole leaf with skin. Always use aloe vera without skin externally or internally.
showing gel obtained to make aloe vera juice recipe
  • Cut the gel into small cubes with the help of a knife.
Cut the gel into small cubes

Making of the juice:

  • Take a blending jar, add the gel cubes of aloe vera.
adding the gel cubes of aloe vera to a jar
  • Add some water. Just add a little to help the juice blend well. Any juice or smoothie blender can be used.
Adding some water.
  • Blend the juice for at least two to three minutes and should be without lumps. The juice should appear frothy without lumps.
Blend the aloe vera juice
  • Pour the fresh juice into a glass.
Pouring the fresh juice
  • Add lemon extract, honey and stir well(optional). The juice tastes slightly bitter and adding honey would help in consuming drink but is entirely optional.
serve with honey added or lemon
  • Consume the drink fresh and immediately. Not storing is the best advise and should be consumed fresh.
  • Add cubes to make a chilled drink or can be added while blending.

NOTE: Always seek medical advice before consuming the drink for any kind of health issues or for internal body related problems as the information provided here is general and not provided by any medical expert.




What other benefits does it give?

It provides better digestion, helps in reducing sugar levels internally and also promotes weight loss and to talk about external benefits then it is a great and miraculous ingredient to apply on the skin externally which reduces spots, reduces pigmentation, sun burns etc…

It has many healing properties if applied externally. The aloe vera gel at home which I have shared on the blog works wonders to apply externally.

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