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A balloon whisk is a tool used for cooking and preparing food. It consists of a long, thin wire with an attached balloon-like head that can be filled with air or liquid. The wire is then twisted to create a vortex in the

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With its non-slip grip and durable, versatile design, the OXO Good Grips Balloon Whisk can’t be beat with regards to a wide range of whipping duties, so it takes the highest spot (view it at Amazon). Make a number of pizza, bread, and cake? You possibly can’t go incorrect with Zulay’s environment friendly Danish dough whisk (view it at Amazon). Plus, it could even elevate poached eggs from water.

What to Search for When Shopping for a Whisk


  • Balloon or piano whisks have skinny wires (therefore “piano”) and a big bulbous finish, and are nice for a wide range of cooking duties. Their wires create extra spring and motion, serving to so as to add extra air into no matter you’re beating. Balloon whisks are nice for making whipped cream, meringue, scrambled eggs, and mixing dry elements.
  • French whisks have stronger, thicker wires and a heavier gauge. The thinner loop finish is nice for stepping into the corners of pots and pans. French whisks are nice for making thicker sauces, mixing up cake batters, or creating emulsions like mayonnaise and hollandaise.
  • Ball or kettle whisks have lengthy handles with massive steel balls on the finish of the spokes. They’re used to combine elements in massive kettles or stockpots whereas protecting your arms protected from the warmth of the kettle. Ball whisks are perfect for making soups and sauces in massive pots.
  • Flat or roux whisks have a handful of looped wires (often 4) in a flattened, curved form. They’re designed for use in shallow pans to make a roux; the flatter the whisk, the extra floor might be coated to scrape the pan. These whisks are additionally nice for making gravy and sauces. Moreover, they can be utilized to take away poached eggs from boiling water and as a fish spatula.
  • Spiral whisks are made out of one single wire tightly wound in a coil. As a result of the pinnacle of this whisk is at an angle, it’s designed to all the time keep up a correspondence with the underside of the pan or bowl throughout whisking, permitting the instrument to catch all of the elements throughout mixing and stopping the contents from burning. Spiral whisks are perfect for small bowls the place balloon whisks gained’t match. They’re additionally nice for frothing milk for lattés and cappuccinos.
  • Dough whisks (or Danish dough whisks) have a flat profile with an outer circle and an internal oval with a small loop. They’re nice for making bread dough or batters with out overworking the elements. The form of the skinny, inflexible wires is ideal for slicing into the dough and scraping flour pockets into liquid for a easy and constant dough. Dough whisks are additionally nice for making polenta, grits, or some other sort of porridge—and for gently folding in these whipped egg whites.


Silicone whisks are essential whenever you wish to protect the floor of your nonstick cookware. That being stated, nothing beats steel whisks whenever you wish to whip in air, similar to whenever you’re beating egg whites. The steel whipping by way of the combination stretches the proteins of the whites and traps the air extra effectively to make these lovely, stiff peaks. A silicone whisk will take quite a bit longer to do what steel ones accomplish that nicely.

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Whether or not it’s silicone or chrome steel, you wish to discover a whisk that feels comfy in your hand. Search for an ergonomic design and sturdy materials. I like whisks that do the be just right for you and require as little effort in your half, as the very best designed instruments ought to. Which means that longer handles are often higher, but in addition {that a} comfy grip is the important thing to your hand. The wires of the whisks needs to be sturdy sufficient to face as much as a number of beating. And they need to be spaced completely for the duty at hand.


What’s the distinction between whisking, whipping, and beating?

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Whipping (in cooking) technically means beating air into a mix to lighten it. As an illustration, you’d whip cream to make a mousse or whipped cream. You possibly can whip air into egg whites to make a meringue, and you’ll cream butter and sugar by whisking in air to make it mild and fluffy.

Whisking is the movement you employ whenever you use a whisk to include elements. It may imply mixing, like whenever you whisk butter right into a sauce or whisk milk into flour to make a roux. So, you might be mixing greater than whipping.

Beating often means stirring a liquid quickly to make a easy combination (often utilizing a whisk).

How do I whisk egg whites?

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Begin with a really clear, dry bowl. Separate the eggs. (Word that eggs are simpler to separate when chilly, but in addition that egg whites whip up sooner when they’re at room temperature.) Utilizing a balloon whisk, begin whipping air into the eggs. You possibly can sprinkle in a little bit of salt and a few cream of tartar, however neither is important. Simply carry on whipping vigorously in massive round motions whereas spinning the bowl.

Relying on what you need the egg whites for, you’ll be able to cease at gentle peaks. However in case you’re searching for stiff peaks, carry on whisking till the egg whites maintain their form, even whenever you flip the bowl the other way up. With a pleasant balloon whisk, you’ll be able to whisk egg whites by hand very quickly!

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