Here’s what all the different shaped makeup sponges actually do

The Beauty Blender is the best beauty blender sponge on the market today. It's super soft, and it's a one-time use product that can easily be thrown in the trash after you're done with it.

Make-up sponges are important for creating an ideal base. Today there are a ton of various shapes, sizes and textures on the market so figuring out what to purchase generally is a little bit of a minefield. Earlier than we introduce you to the perfect base blenders within the biz, we thought it might be good to get some data from a professional on why we must always all be utilizing sponges.

We spoke to skilled MUA Hannah Martin to get the low down on make-up sponges, what they do and why everybody wants one of their equipment. Take notes.

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How do you utilize a make-up sponge?

“A dampened sponge can blend foundation more effectively and evenly than fingers or brushes”, says Martin. “They can also lay down powder more densely and with more precision (for baking for example) than a brush.”

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“Most sponges are made from hydrophilic foam that can hold water, you dampen them before use and that way they don’t absorb any of the liquid products that you might use them with.”

Why must you use a make-up sponge as an alternative of a brush or your fingers?

“Many believe that a sponge bounced over the skin can give a more even finish than using fingers or a brush. You can also very quickly and easily wash your sponge immediately after use, so some feel they are more hygienic (although I’ve seen many grubby sponges be used over the years)” says Martin. “I think it’s down to personal preference when it comes to the finish you want to achieve.”

So, are you extra prone to get a good end with a sponge?

“Yes, the act of ‘bouncing’ a sponge over foundation is a really great way of ensuring you create an even base. Most sponges have a combination of flat edges for powder (and precision) and more rounded sides for foundation, this means that they don’t leave stripes or stroke marks on the skin which some brushes, especially dirty brushes can.” Explains Martin. “The more spherical the sponge the quicker an easier it is to apply your base. A flatter sponge with have a similar effect but it may take longer to achieve the same effect.”

What’s your favorite make-up sponge?

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“I really like the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion, £5.99 sponges as they have exactly the ‘edges’ I like-a soft rounded side for foundation application, a slightly pointed tip for concealer and order to reach bits like around the nose then a flatter surface great for powder. I also highly rate the classic Beauty Blender and the Morphe sponges.”

What’s one of the simplest ways to deal with a make-up sponge?

“Always rinse your sponge immediately after use” says Martin. “This prevents both product and bacteria build up in the sponge. There are lots of sponge soaps available, but a little mild shampoo does the trick also. Wring out as much water as you can and leave to dry (it will take a few hours, so I leave mine out on the side in the bathroom). Avoid packing away a damp sponge as it may go mouldy.”

So, whether or not you desire a sponge for mixing basis, baking powder or contouring these cheekbones, listed below are the perfect sponges that will help you curate the right base…(Oh, and if make-up sponges aren’t for you, take a look at our prime seven basis brushes as an alternative.)

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