best blender for single serving smoothies

A blender is an essential kitchen tool that helps to make the smoothest, most delicious drinks. A single serving blender can be used for a variety of purposes, including making smoothies for one person or even whipping up a batch of milksh

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Best blender for single serving smoothies

0 10 Best Single Serve Blenders 2021 (Personal) – Reviews & Top Picks

a single serve blender in action

Blenders can be very useful kitchen tools. But if you like to blend smaller amounts, like a single smoothie, you may need a blender that is specifically designed for that purpose. Not all blenders work well with small quantities, so you’ll probably want to find a great single-serve model.

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Don’t worry, we’re here to help you find a great blender. We tested the best brands available and came up with this list of 2021’s 10 best single-serve blenders. For each brand, we’ve written a detailed review, comparing price, design, power, materials, and warranty so you can feel confident in your choice.

Blending a single serving doesn’t have to be difficult, and we hope this ranking, plus the buyer’s guide at the end, will help you find a great model.

Comparison of the Winners (updated in 2021):

The 10 Best Single Serve Blenders:

1. Ninja BL456 Single Serve Blender – Best Overall

Ninja BL456

Our favorite single-serve blender is the Ninja BL456, a lightweight, attractively-priced model with plenty of features and a powerful motor.

This streamlined machine, which weighs a compact six pounds, has a strong 900-watt motor with stainless steel blades that easily crush ice. It has just one speed and no automatic settings, so although you won’t be able to customize your settings, it’s incredibly easy to use. The package includes 18- and 24-ounce blend-in travel cups with twist-on lids, which are conveniently made of BPA-free, dishwasher-safe plastic, plus a 75-recipe cookbook.

With no larger pitcher, the BL456 won’t be able to double as a full-size blender, so it will work best if you only blend small amounts. In testing, we found that the gaskets are lower quality and may need to be replaced fairly often, and purchasing replacement blades can be expensive. This machine is backed up by an impressive lifetime warranty, though it doesn’t cover the blending cups and you will have to pay shipping fees.

To conclude, we think this is the overall best single serve blender out there.

2. Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Blender – Best Value


If you’re looking to save money, you may be interested in the Hamilton Beach 51101AV Personal Blender, which we found to be the best single-serve blender for the money.

This tiny 1.8-pound model comes in a range of bright colors and is sold at a very low price. At 175 watts, the motor is less powerful and needs to rest between blends, but it can handle basic blending. You have the choice of one or two blend-in BPA-free 14-ounce cups with travel lids. The cups, lids, and blades are dishwasher-safe, but if you want them to last longer, you may prefer to hand wash.

The 51101AV has a very simple one-button interface, with only one speed. This model can’t handle hot liquids, and we found the motor and stainless steel blades less durable. Hamilton Beach offers a one-year warranty, which helps this model earn its spot on our list of best personal blenders.

3. NutriBullet Single-Serve Blenders

NutriBullet Pro

If you’re looking for a premium model, you may want to look at the NutriBullet NB9-1301 Pro High-Speed Blender, a compact but powerful machine that produces an impressively smooth blend.

This attractive 5.5-pound model, which comes in a nice range of colors, has a strong 900-watt motor and a durable stainless steel extractor blades. The package includes two higher-capacity 32-ounce blend-in travel cups with flip-top lids, plus a healthy recipe book. The cups and lids are made of BPA-free, dishwasher-safe plastic.

Though it’s stylish and powerful, we found that this machine wasn’t quite worth its higher price, with leaking issues and less durable plastic components. NutriBullet offers a one-year warranty and the option to purchase an additional four years of coverage.

4. Cuisinart CPB-300 Blender

Cuisinart CPB-300

The sleek Cuisinart CPB-300 Blender could be another good choice, offering a range of blending options at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, it’s also less powerful and feels less durable.

This light four-pound model has a less powerful 350-watt motor but offers three speeds, including a pulse option. It has a sleek silver body and a simple three-button interface, plus safety features like a safety lock and auto-stop. The package includes a 32-ounce blending jar, an eight-ounce chopping cup, and four 16-ounce blend-in travel cups, all with lids and made of BPA-free, dishwasher-safe Tritan plastic. It also offers two self-aligning blade assemblies, specifically designed for blending and chopping.

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We loved all of these options but didn’t like how much space all of the accessories took up, as the cups don’t stack. The motor isn’t really strong enough to crush ice, and the cups aren’t very durable and are prone to cracking. Cuisinart offers a good three-year warranty.

5. Cincred Single Serve Blenders


The Cincred Personal Countertop Blender is another visually appealing, low-cost option, though it also has fewer features and a very small capacity.

This 2.25-pound single-serve blender comes with a small 15-ounce blend-in travel cup, made of dishwasher-safe, BPA-free Tritan. The 250-watt motor is prone to overheating and doesn’t handle ice or frozen produce well, so it may not work as well for smoothies or other cold blends. We found the four-tip stainless steel blades to be fairly durable.

Attractive and compact, this blender is also simple to use. There’s no interface: to turn it on, you align the blending cup and push it down. You don’t get a choice of speeds and there aren’t any settings you can adjust. Cincred offers an impressive lifetime warranty.

6. Sboly Single-Serve Blender


Sboly’s 10USSY621BK Personal Blender is lightweight and low-cost but doesn’t have a strong motor and requires extra prep time.

This fairly handsome model has a straightforward one-button interface and weighs only 3.3 pounds. The 300-watt motor isn’t particularly powerful and can’t blend for more than a minute at a time, and the manufacturer recommends cutting harder produce down to one-inch cubes. The base is equipped with a handle and a safety lock, plus a four-tip stainless steel blade.

You have the choice of one or two 20-ounce Tritan cups with lids, and the package comes with a bottle brush, a silicone ice cube tray, and two silicone O-ring replacements. Sboly offers a 90-day quality assurance guarantee and a two-year overall warranty.

7. KACSOO SPOW Blender (Single-Serve)


If you’re interested in a travel-friendly blender, the KACSOO SPOW Single-Serve Blender may be your pick. This tiny, battery-operated model allows for quiet, wireless blending but isn’t very powerful and is more expensive than its features justify.

At only 1.65 pounds, this model will fit in any kitchen, gym bag, or suitcase. You can charge the battery via an included USB charging cable, and blending is completely wireless. The dual powered motor is surprisingly quiet but not strong enough for ice or frozen fruit, so you may need to cut your fruits and vegetables down to one-inch cubes and use crushed ice. The one-button interface has indicators to show charging status. The stainless steel base and four-tip blade feel fairly durable, though the blades are small for blending.

We found charging the blender inconvenient, as it has to charge for three to five hours before use and can’t be used while charging. The 15.5-ounce blending jar is made of high-quality glass and has a travel lid but is also inconveniently small. KACSOO offers a two-year warranty.

8. Homgeek Single Serve Blenders


Lightweight and low-cost, the Homgeek Single-Serve Blender could be your pick, though it has a few design flaws and doesn’t feel as durable.

This 2.76-pound machine has a less powerful 300-watt motor attached to a four-tip stainless steel blade assembly. It comes with two 20-ounce blend-in travel cups made of BPA-free Tritan plastic. The base features a safety lock and a convenient handle. The blender is simple to clean using the manufacturer’s recommended method of blending water and lemon for 20 seconds.

In testing, we found that the cups can be difficult to detach from the blade assembly, and the blender requires quite a bit of stirring to blend smoothly. We also found that the cup may leak while blending. Homgeek offers a basic one-year warranty.

9. BILACA BL200A Personal Blender


The BILACA BL200A Single-Serve Blender is also inexpensive and lightweight, but there’s a reason it’s toward the end of our list. The motor isn’t strong enough for smooth blending and the machine doesn’t feel durable enough to last long.

Though the stainless steel base is attractive, this 3.65-pound model’s less powerful 300-watt motor is a big drawback. The package includes two 18-ounce blend-in travel cups with lids, both made of BPA-free Tritan, plus a four-tip stainless steel blade assembly. You can buy extra travel cups from the company, and the blender has a good safety lock feature.

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This easy to use machine has no interface or choice of speeds. To turn it on, you screw down the cup. We found the blender as a whole to feel less durable, so it may not be for you if you blend regularly. BILACA offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty.

10. Willsence TB18s Personal Blender


Our final pick is the Willsence TB18s Personal Blender. This model is last on the list because it’s not well designed for smooth blending and isn’t durable enough for regular use.

Inexpensive and weighing only 2.64 pounds, the TB18s is designed for blending and grinding, with dedicated blade assemblies for each mode. The package includes a 20-ounce blend-in sports bottle with a lid, cup sleeve, and four-tip extractor blade, plus a grinder cup with a two-tip grinding blade. The 300-watt motor isn’t strong enough for heavy-duty blending, and we found that the blender needs to be shaken or stirred to blend fully. The base has a safety lock and automatic overheating protection, and the one-button interface is simple to use.

The included blending containers, though made of BPA-free Tritan, aren’t very durable and crack easily. Unfortunately, Willsence doesn’t offer replacements, so you may have to replace the whole blender if your containers break. Willsence backs this blender up with a two-year warranty and 12 months of technical support.

Buyer’s Guide: Purchasing the Best Single Serve Blenders

Now that you’ve seen our list of the 10 best single-serve blenders, you’re about ready to start shopping. But how do you make sure you’re choosing the model that will work best for you? Keep reading to find our quick guide your most important options.


You may want to consider what you typically blend. If you like to blend ice, frozen produce, or hard vegetables, you may want to purchase a blender with a higher wattage, around 900 watts. If you only blend soft ingredients or are willing to cut your produce down before blending it, you may be fine with a less powerful motor, rated around 300 watts.

Single-serve blenders also come with two power source options. If you want the most powerful blender, you’ll probably want to stick with the most common variety, which is electric. These models must be plugged in to operate, like classic blenders.

If you want something more travel-friendly, you may be interested in a battery-powered model. These blenders are powered by rechargeable batteries. You’ll have to remember to charge them ahead of time, but because they blend wirelessly, they’re easy to use while camping or traveling.


How often would you like to use your blender? If you blend every day, you’ll probably want to make sure your selection is strong enough to last. Look for durable base and blade materials like stainless steel and tough blending containers made of either shatter-resistant Tritan or glass.

Operation and Features

Because they’re so streamlined, single-serve blenders typically have fewer features than full-size blenders. This means that most models won’t let you adjust the blending speed. If you want to be able to customize your blend, you may want to look for one that offers high and low speeds or a pulse feature.

The tradeoff for having fewer features is that these blenders are very simple to use. The most common type has a simple interface with just one button, which you hold down for as long as you’d like to blend. A less common variety has no interface or buttons at all. This type of blender turns on when you attach the blending container and push it down.

If you’re particularly interested in safety features, you may want to look for models with safety locks that will prevent the blender from turning on by accident and overheat protection that will automatically turn the motor off to keep it from burning out or even starting a fire.

Ninja BL456 Blenders


You may want to consider how much you’d like to spend on your new blender. You can purchase a good single-serve blender for the price of a few store-bought smoothies, though the least expensive models are often less durable and less powerful. If you’re willing to spend a little more, you could end up with a blender that has a strong, durable motor and a sturdy body, plus additional features.

Weight and Capacity

Single-serve blenders are typically streamlined and simple, so they weigh only a few pounds and have fairly small capacities. You may want to think about how much blending capacity you need, as well as how much space you have in your kitchen. Keep in mind that while these blenders are generally light and have small footprints, they’re also fairly tall, so you may want to check the listed dimensions against your available space.


How do you feel about warranties? If you like the security of a good warranty backing up your appliances, you may want to pay attention to the details. All of the models we reviewed have at least a one-year warranty, but some offer multiple years, optional extensions, or even lifetime guarantees. You may also want to look at what each warranty covers, as some only apply to the motor or charge expensive shipping or repair fees.


Our favorite single-serve blender is the Ninja BL456, which is lightweight, well-priced, and very powerful. If you’re working with a smaller budget, the compact Hamilton Beach 51101AV Personal Blender offers great value. And if you’re shopping for a premium model, the attractive NutriBullet NB9-1301 Pro High-Speed Blender could be for you, offering a strong motor and high capacity.

Shopping for a great single-serve blender doesn’t have to be a chore. No matter what you’re looking for, there are plenty of great models on the market. We hope this ranking of the 10 best single-serve blenders, complete with comprehensive reviews, helps you find your new favorite appliance. Enjoy your new blender!

We also recommend that you read our Green Smoothie Blender buying guide. It’s a great read!

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