The Ultimate Guide to Indulging in Desserts in Portland

Welcome to our ultimate guide to the most delectable desserts in Portland, Oregon. Known as the City of Roses, Portland boasts a vibrant culinary scene that includes an array of irresistible sweet treats. From artisanal donuts to mouthwatering cakes and everything in between, we’ve curated a list of the absolute best options for satisfying your dessert cravings. Get ready to embark on a delightful journey through Portland’s dessert scene!

14. Cakes & More: Papa Haydn

chocolate cake from papa haydn

For decades, Papa Haydn has been wowing dessert enthusiasts with their exquisitely crafted cakes and more. Indulge in their signature Mt. Adams Cake, featuring layers of hazelnut-coconut cake, praline, Viennese buttercream, and a divine huckleberry compote. If you’re a chocolate lover, don’t miss their German chocolate or triple chocolate cake. Papa Haydn is the go-to spot for heavenly slices of dessert perfection.

13. Cupcakes: Saint Cupcake

cupcakes from St. Cupcake in Portland

Finding the perfect cupcake can be a challenge, but Saint Cupcake has mastered the art. These delightful treats are consistently moist, flavorful, and expertly frosted. Popular flavors include red velvet, toasted coconut cream, and the tantalizing Salty Captain, which combines chocolate cake with caramel buttercream and sea salt. Whether you go for a classic or an adventurous flavor, Saint Cupcake never disappoints.

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12. Soft Serve: Sugarpine Drive-In

Soft serve ice cream cone from Sugarpine Drive-In in Troutdale, Oregon

When it comes to soft serve ice cream, Sugarpine Drive-In takes it to a whole new level. Located in Troutdale, just outside Portland, this hidden gem serves up some of the creamiest cones in town. Choose from classic flavors like vanilla and chocolate, or opt for vegan options such as vanilla oat or strawberry coconut. Top it off with a variety of delectable toppings like rainbow sprinkles, cookie crumb, coconut oat brittle, or honey hot fudge. Prepare for a truly indulgent experience!

11. Rice Krispy Treats: Pizza Jerk

rice krispy treat from pizza jerk in Portland

Pizza Jerk is known for its outstanding pizzas, but did you know they also make the most irresistible rice krispy treats? Made with browned butter, a touch of butterscotch, and a sprinkle of sea salt, these treats will transport you back to childhood with their unbeatable flavor. Bite into the perfect combination of chewy, gooey, and buttery goodness. Pizza Jerk’s rice krispy treats are simply unmatched.

10. Ice Cream: Lovely’s Fifty Fifty

pizza box from Lovely

Lovely’s Fifty Fifty is primarily known for its mouthwatering pizza, but their ice cream selection is equally impressive. Creamy, flavorful, and made with the finest ingredients, their ice cream is pure bliss. Indulge in unique flavors like salted caramel, malted milk ball, buckwheat honey toffee, or fig leaf vanilla bean. Treat yourself to a scoop or two and experience true ice cream perfection.

9. Gourmet Donuts: Blue Star Donuts

donuts from Blue Star Donuts in Portland

When it comes to donuts in Portland, Blue Star Donuts always steals the show. These artisanal donuts are made with brioche dough and high-quality ingredients, resulting in unparalleled flavor and texture. Grab a box of 12 and savor an assortment of flavors like buttermilk old-fashioned, valrhona chocolate crunch, and real maple bacon. Each bite is a heavenly experience you won’t soon forget.

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8. Ice Cream: Fifty Licks

ice cream cone from fifty licks in Portland

Fifty Licks is a must-visit for any ice cream enthusiast in Portland. With three brick-and-mortar locations spread throughout the city, they serve up some of the most innovative and funky flavors around. Prepare to be amazed by options like coconut lemon saffron, lavender salted caramel, toasted milk, or classic favorites like chocolate AF or Hood Strawberry. Don’t settle for just one scoop – go for a double and savor the extraordinary flavors.

7. Froyo: Eb and Bean

frozen yogurt in cup from Eb and Bean

Forget everything you know about frozen yogurt, because Eb and Bean elevates the experience to new heights. Their rich and delightful frozen yogurt is not only organic and probiotic-rich but also tastes remarkably like ice cream. Indulge in flavors such as vanilla bean, valrhona chocolate, passionfruit, or double almond marionberry. Add your choice of delectable toppings, such as toffee crumbles, local honey, oat streusel, or chocolate sprinkles. Get ready to fall in love with froyo all over again.

6. Pistachio Gooey Butter Cake: Tusk

pistachio gooey butter cake from Tusk in Portland

Tusk is renowned for being one of the best restaurants in Portland, and their desserts are no exception. The standout among their sweet offerings is the pistachio gooey butter cake. This delightful creation boasts a gooey and soft interior with a slightly firmer crust, all enhanced by the irresistible flavor of pistachios. Tusk’s pistachio gooey butter cake is a true masterpiece and a must-try dessert in Portland.

5. Cake & Pie: Milk Glass Mrkt

slice of cake from Milk Glass Mrkt in Portland

Milk Glass Mrkt is a charming cafe and bakery that has gained a reputation for serving some of the most heavenly baked goods in Portland. Whether you’re in the mood for a slice of cake, a homemade donut, or a flaky hand pie, Milk Glass Mrkt has it all. Indulge in their delectable sweet potato pie, maple pie with orange cream, or treat yourself to a slice of one of their mouthwatering homemade cakes. Prepare to be enchanted by the flavors crafted by these talented bakers.

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4. Pie: Lauretta Jean’s

slice of pie from Lauretta Jean's

If you’re on the hunt for the best pie in Portland, look no further than Lauretta Jean’s. This bakery, located on Division Street in SE Portland, specializes in from-scratch pies that will make your taste buds sing. From the ever-popular salted honey and Dutch apple to the irresistible chocolate oatmeal, Lauretta Jean’s offers a wide variety of pie flavors that will leave you craving more. Revel in the homemade goodness and savor a slice of pure dessert bliss.

3. Chocolate Chip Cookies: Coquine

chocolate chip cookie from Coquine in Portland

Coquine is a beloved eatery in Portland, and their chocolate chip cookies are an absolute must-try. Made with smoked almonds, salted caramel, and high-quality chocolate, these cookies redefine what a chocolate chip cookie can be. With a perfectly crisp exterior and a soft, gooey center, Coquine’s chocolate chip cookies are a dream come true for cookie enthusiasts. Prepare to fall head over heels for these local favorites.

2. Miniature Donuts: Pip’s Original

miniature donuts from Pip

Portland is a haven for donut lovers, but Pip’s Original Doughnuts & Chai takes the cake with their mouthwatering miniature donuts. These made-to-order delights come in various flavors, and we recommend ordering two of each to share the joy with a friend. The combination of warm, fresh donuts and a cup of delicious chai is a Portland experience you won’t want to miss.

1. Ice Cream: Salt & Straw

olive oil ice cream with hot fudge from Salt & Straw in Portland

Salt & Straw, the crown jewel of Portland’s dessert scene, reigns supreme when it comes to ice cream. With over 20 locations across the country, it still retains its novelty and continues to serve the best desserts in Portland. Prepare for a taste sensation as you indulge in their unbelievably creamy and flavorful ice cream. From their unique Arbequina Olive Oil with hot fudge to the iconic Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons, each scoop is a work of art. Support local artisans and farmers while treating yourself to the ice cream experience of a lifetime.

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So there you have it, the ultimate guide to satisfying your sweet tooth in Portland. From cakes to pies, donuts to cookies, and everything in between, this city has something to delight every dessert lover. Explore these incredible establishments and sample their delectable creations. It’s time to embark on a dessert adventure through the City of Roses!

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