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African Grey Parrots – Feeding

Many people have a hard time feeding their African Grey Parrots, but there are some foods that can be beneficial to the health of your bird. The best food for african grey parrots is high-quality pellets and fresh vegetables like kale
Best food for african grey

Common Data

Our information of chicken vitamin is consistently evolving. That is due each to heightened consciousness of the significance of vitamin and to elevated analysis into the wants of various chicken species. As with all different animals, birds want a correct steadiness of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, nutritional vitamins, minerals and water. Completely different species of birds usually require totally different meals.

Ought to I be involved about what my African gray eats?

Diet is usually uncared for with pet birds. It’s best to talk about your chicken’s vitamin along with your veterinarian! Too usually, house owners assume they’re feeding a correct weight loss plan to their African gray when, actually, they aren’t.

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Poor vitamin is a typical motive for a lot of well being issues. Chicken house owners ought to frequently attempt to enhance their chicken’s diets. This implies always educating themselves in regards to the newest suggestions in correct vitamin—one thing a veterinarian well-versed in chicken care will help with. Similar to us, birds can survive on poor high quality meals; the objective, nonetheless, needs to be to assist our birds thrive and flourish, not simply survive. Like us, a chicken’s well being relies upon a terrific deal on how effectively it’s fed.

What does my African gray parrot naturally eat?

African gray parrots eat a wide range of seeds, nuts, fruits, berries and vegetation within the wild. They may clamber from department to department whereas feeding as an alternative of flying. They particularly treasure the fruits of the African oil palm, tree native to their setting.

What ought to I feed my African gray parrot?

African greys are susceptible to each calcium and vitamin A deficiencies and to weight problems. Feeding a well- balanced weight loss plan will assist stop the event of those circumstances.

“African Greys are vulnerable to calcium and vitamin A deficiencies and to obesity”


Though wild African gray parrots have entry to seeds all yr spherical, the forms of seeds they feed on change all year long, as totally different vegetation come into season. The business seed mixes supplied to many captive parrots are typically excessive in fats and poor in lots of vitamins. If these mixes are fed as the one supply of meals, African gray parrots may turn out to be unwell and finally die prematurely. To make issues worse, usually, birds will decide by means of a big bowl of business seed combine and selectively eat 1 or 2 “favorite” forms of seeds, limiting their nutrient consumption even additional. They usually preferentially select peanuts and sunflower seeds which are notably excessive in fats and poor in calcium, vitamin A, and different vitamins. Their selective urge for food can additional predispose them to malnutrition.

“Seeds should only be a small part of a balanced diet and should never be the entire diet.”

Seeds ought to solely be a small a part of a balanced weight loss plan and will by no means be your complete weight loss plan. As well as, solely a few nuts needs to be supplied every day. Should you progressively supply fewer seeds, changing them with extra nutritious selections, your chicken will begin consuming different meals.

Pelleted Diets

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Commercially obtainable pelleted diets have been developed to satisfy all of a chicken’s dietary wants. Completely different formulations can be found for various life phases and for the administration of sure illnesses. There are numerous good manufacturers of pelleted meals within the market, and to go well with the preferences of various birds, pellets come in several flavors, colours, shapes, and sizes. Hand-raised infants needs to be began instantly on a pelleted weight loss plan.

Pellets are the best meals and will ideally signify roughly 75-80% of the chicken’s weight loss plan. The rest of the weight loss plan needs to be comprised of contemporary vegetables and fruit with very restricted seed, if any. Whereas transitioning a seed-eating chicken to a pelleted weight loss plan can take weeks to months to perform and may generally be troublesome, house owners ought to slowly wean seed-eating birds onto a pelleted formulation. Talking to a veterinarian well-versed in chicken habits and vitamin could be very useful in changing a cussed chicken from seeds to pellets.

How do I convert my chicken to a pelleted weight loss plan?

Changing seed-eating birds onto formulated diets is just not at all times simple. Initially, they possible don’t establish pellets as meals. Birds needs to be slowly weaned off seeds over a interval of 4-8 weeks whereas the pellets are always obtainable in a separate dish. Mixing pellets with seed is usually not an efficient strategy to transition birds to pellets, as they are going to preferentially decide the seeds out, leaving the pellets behind. It might take days, weeks, or months to change a chicken’s weight loss plan.

NEVER withdraw seeds completely with out first being sure the chicken is attempting the pellets, in addition to consuming some vegetables and fruit. Monitoring the chicken’s weight on a digital scale that weighs in 1-gram increments can also be a approach for house owners to ensure that birds are sustaining their weight in the course of the transition. Birds are cussed, however they are often skilled. Whereas transitioning a seed-junkie to a pelleted weight loss plan could be tense for each you and your chicken, with correct steering from a educated veterinarian, you’ll finally have the ability to enhance your chicken’s vitamin.

  • Seek the advice of your veterinarian for those who encounter any issues with this transition or with the well being of your chicken.
  • Do not forget that you practice the chicken; don’t let it practice you.

Fruits and Greens

Fruits, greens and greens ought to account for about 20 – 25% of your chicken’s every day weight loss plan. Pale greens, with a excessive water composition (i.e. Iceberg or head lettuce, celery), supply little or no dietary worth. Avocado is reported to be probably poisonous and will by no means be fed to birds. Orange, crimson and yellow greens, reminiscent of squash, peppers, carrots, and candy potatoes, include vitamin A—a nutrient important to birds’ immune system, kidneys, pores and skin, and feathers—and are supreme selections to supply birds.

Vegetables and fruit should be washed totally to take away chemical substances earlier than feeding them. Minimize them into manageable items applicable to the dimensions of the chicken. It isn’t essential to take the pores and skin off. Provide vegetables and fruit in a separate dish. In case your chicken seems to develop a specific fancy for one specific meals merchandise, cut back its quantity or cease feeding it quickly to advertise the consumption of different meals.

Deal with your chicken like a small baby; supply a small piece of a wide range of meals gadgets every day, and even when it rejects the merchandise a couple of times, don’t quit. It might take a number of publicity to a novel meals earlier than a chicken accepts it. A well-balanced weight loss plan should be maintained always to advertise birds’ well being and longevity.


Recent clear water should be obtainable always. Relying on the standard of your faucet water, it’s possible you’ll think about the usage of filtered or bottled water. Dishes should be cleaned totally each day with cleaning soap and water.

What about folks meals?

As a rule, any healthful, nutritious meals that you just and your loved ones eat, your chicken can eat in very small portions. Observe the final tips mentioned above, and use your frequent sense. Some birds get pleasure from a small quantity of lean cooked meat, fish, egg, or cheese sometimes. As birds are lactose illiberal, they need to be supplied dairy merchandise solely once in a while and in very small quantities. Excessive fats junk meals (French fries, pizza, fatty meats), excessively salty gadgets (chips, pretzels), chocolate, caffeinated merchandise and alcoholic drinks needs to be prevented.

Will my chicken have any totally different wants all through its life?

Birds which are extraordinarily younger, confused, injured, laying eggs, or elevating younger might have sure particular dietary necessities. There are pelleted meals particularly formulated obtainable for birds with these kind of distinctive dietary necessities. Seek the advice of your veterinarian concerning these conditions.

Does my chicken want further nutritional vitamins, minerals or amino acids?

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Your veterinarian will help you assess your chicken’s weight loss plan and its specific wants. Usually, a chicken consuming 75-80% of its weight loss plan within the type of pelleted meals doesn’t want dietary supplements. Pellets are supposed to be nutritionally full. Particular nutritional vitamins or minerals could also be extra necessary at numerous occasions throughout a chicken’s life (e.g., egg-laying birds might require calcium supplementation).

Birds that aren’t but consuming pelleted diets could also be supplemented till their vitamin could be improved. Powdered dietary supplements are sometimes considered extra steady. These dietary supplements shouldn’t be supplied in water, as a lot of them can degrade in water or promote micro organism or yeast development there. They might be supplied instantly onto moist meals; nonetheless, with the intention to profit from these dietary supplements, birds should devour your complete moist meals merchandise. Putting these powders on seeds or dried meals is of little worth since it’s going to finally roll off the dried merchandise or come off the seed because the chicken removes the seed’s hull earlier than consuming it. Ideally, dietary supplements ought to solely be supplied for particular well being circumstances, below the steering of a veterinarian, or when a chicken is on an all-seed weight loss plan. They need to be eradicated as soon as a chicken is transitioned on to a nutritionally full pellet.

Does my chicken want gravel or grit?

Parrots, reminiscent of African greys, don’t want gravel or grit. Grit helps birds that devour complete seeds (hull and kernel) grind and digest the seeds of their gizzards (a part of the abdomen). Whereas birds reminiscent of pigeons and doves devour seeds intact, parrots take away the seed hull earlier than ingesting the seed. Thus, they don’t require grit or gravel. The truth is, many birds supplied grit will over-consume it and develop probably life-threatening gastrointestinal obstructions. Grit is usually discovered glued on sandpaper perches to attempt to assist preserve nails worn down. Birds might decide grit off these perches, as effectively, resulting in intestinal impactions. For that reason, even sandpaper perches needs to be prevented.

What pointers ought to I keep in mind about feeding my African gray?

All the time monitor the quantity of meals eaten each day by every chicken.

Provide contemporary water each day.

Make pelleted meals the idea of the weight loss plan (75-80%).

Provide contemporary vegetables and fruit each day, limiting their consumption to not more than 25% of the weight loss plan.

Clear all meals and water dishes every day with scorching soapy water, and allow them to dry totally earlier than utilizing them.

A chicken saying no to a meals merchandise at some point doesn’t imply no perpetually – KEEP TRYING!

Some recommended meals gadgets to supply embody:

apple cherries (not the pit) pear apricots Chinese language greens (bok choy) peas asparagus coconut peppers (crimson/inexperienced & scorching) banana corn pineapple beans (cooked) reminiscent of: cucumber plum chick peas dandelion leaves pomegranate kidney dates potato lentils endive pumpkin lima fig rapini mung grapes raspberry navy grapefruit rice (brown) soy kale romaine lettuce beet kiwi spinach blueberry melons sprouted seeds broccoli mango squash Brussel sprouts nectarines strawberry cabbage orange candy potato cantaloupe papaya tomato carrot parsnip zucchini carrot tops peaches

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