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Best Dog Food for Cane Corso (Review & Buying Guide) in 2021

Cane corso dogs are a type of Molosser dog, and the best food for them is a high-quality dry dog food with added meat. The best part about this diet is that cane corso dogs have no dietary needs

What to Search for in a Good Cane Corso Meals

It might not be as large as its cousin, the Neapolitan Mastiff, however the Cane Corso nonetheless has a formidable constructed that’s well-known within the historical world because the epitome of an excellent warfare canine. When shopping for Cane Corso pet food it is very important search for the next.

Animal Proteins as First Components

Your Cane Corso will profit loads from the whole important amino acids supplied by animal proteins. That is the basic cause why it’s best to present your pet pet food that lists a named animal protein as its first ingredient, not carbohydrates. There’s another excuse why we don’t suggest carbs as the primary ingredient, particularly for Cane Corsos. These massive canines are liable to bloat which may be precipitated by the ingestion of gas-forming meals. If the pet food places carbs as its principal ingredient you’re really courting bloat in your pet.

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Calorie Content material Applicable to Your Canine’s Exercise Ranges

There are two issues you need to take into account right here. First, the energy needs to be excessive sufficient to just be sure you will solely must feed your Cane Corso fewer servings to reduce bloat. As an illustration, go for a 500-calorie serving measurement as a substitute of a 300-calorie serving. A single serving of the 500-calorie recipe is already equal to a one-and-two-thirds cup of the 300-calorie recipe, which means you’ll must feed extra of the latter to acquire the identical quantity of energy to your pet. Second, the vast majority of the energy needs to be equipped by proteins, though a very good proportion may be equipped by carbs. Once more, watch out in order to not courtroom bloating. Moreover, be sure to perceive your pet’s exercise ranges. If it’s extra of a sofa potato, it wants fewer energy than one that’s hyperactive.

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Simply Digestible Components

You want your pet to have the ability to use all the vitamins present in its meals. A method you may assure that is by selecting a pet food that comes with simply digestible substances. Excessive-quality animal proteins are at all times simply digested. Fibrous substances might not be digested in any respect, however are essential in evacuating meals particles by means of the intestinal tract. Simply digestible substances additionally assist reduce upsetting your pet’s tummy.

No Fillers, Synthetic Components, and Allergenic Grains

Certainly not must you give your pet allergenic grains like wheat, wheat gluten, corn, and soy as these can create hypersensitivity reactions in your Cane Corso. Don’t go for pet food with synthetic substances like preservatives, colorings, and taste components, too. You’ll by no means know what may occur to your pet when you do.

Cane Corso Eating regimen & Diet

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An grownup Cane Corso weighing 100 kilos requires about 2,200 energy per day. That is for an lively and intact Cane Corso, which means it’s not neutered or spayed. In case your pet is neutered, then it solely wants about 1,960 energy. A 15-pound Cane Corso pet, then again, would require about 590 energy. What’s essential to recollect is that completely different life levels would require completely different calorie necessities. Different elements that additionally have to be thought-about embody the canine’s age, well being situation, and degree of bodily exercise.

Protein is a vital a part of a canine’s food plan, extra so for a Cane Corso because it requires the macronutrient for the formation and continued development of muscle mass in addition to different essential substances within the canine’s physique like structural proteins, hormones, blood, and cells of the immune system, amongst others. The AAFCO recommends a minimal of twenty-two p.c protein for puppies and 18 p.c for adults. These are thought-about the minimal share of proteins in pet food essential for development and upkeep, respectively. Nonetheless, it’s best to at all times go for no less than 30% proteins sourced from high-quality meat substances.

Fat are additionally important to your Cane Corso’s well being, particularly omega-3 fatty acids that are vital within the mind and eye growth in puppies and the enhancement of the immune system and coat and pores and skin well being in canines throughout the lifespan. Glucosamine and chondroitin proceed to play an essential position within the well being of huge canine breeds particularly these which are very liable to hip dysplasia for which Cane Corso is kind of well-known.

Cane Corso Well being Issues

There are 4 principal well being issues that have an effect on the vast majority of Cane Corsos. These are the next.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is without doubt one of the most typical causes of illness amongst massive breeds of canines together with the Cane Corso. It entails the sluggish degeneration of the hip joint. Whereas the illness is already current at start, the signs don’t manifest till later within the canine’s life. That is exacerbated by weight problems, malnutrition, and even misuse of the hip joints.

Demodectic Mange

Demodex canis is a sort of mite that infests many canines. Usually, these mites are simply managed by the canine’s immune system. Sadly, malnutrition, stress, and poor immune operate can result in outbreaks of demodectic mange. That is very true for Cane Corsos as they’ve a considerably genetic predisposition to the event of demodectic mange.


We all know this as gasoline. However to your canine, it might very effectively imply the tip of its life. The precise cause why bloat happens is poorly understood. What we do know is that when there’s means an excessive amount of meals, air, or water within the canine’s tummy inside a comparatively brief time, the stomach expands. This enlargement and twisting of the abdomen compress close by blood vessels, probably slicing off blood provide to different organs. It’s a surgical emergency that doesn’t at all times have a contented ending.

Eye Issues

Cane Corsos are liable to develop cherry eyes and entropion. Cherry eye is greatest described as an irritation and distention of the canine’s third eyelid due to hypertrophy of the glands. The glands may be surgically eliminated to assist handle the cherry eye. As for entropion, the canine’s eyelids curl inward which may result in corneal harm. Ectropion can also be fairly frequent. Simply have a look at the unhappy faces of bloodhound and basset hounds and also you’ll know what we imply.

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Finest Cane Corso Meals FAQ:

Q: How can food plan assist your Cane Corso’s orthopedic well being?

A: A Cane Corso food plan that’s geared for orthopedic well being ought to comprise the best quantities of energy per serving, the vast majority of which needs to be equipped by proteins and never carbohydrates. That is to assist reduce the conversion of extra glucose into fat which may be saved within the canine’s physique and result in weight problems. An chubby Cane Corso additional strains the joints. A Cane Corso pet food for orthopedic well being also needs to embody glucosamine and chondroitin since these are substances that may assist enhance the well being and performance of the joints by facilitating the restore of early tissue harm whereas additionally strengthening the assorted elements of the joints.

Q: How can food plan assist forestall your Cane Corso from growing bloat?

A: For us, people bloating is taken into account as regular as farting (pardon the phrase). For canines, nonetheless, bloating generally is a medical emergency. The unhappy factor about canine bloat is that nobody within the scientific neighborhood can pinpoint precisely why the phenomenon happens. What is thought is that bloat sometimes happens proper after a canine eats an enormous meal or drinks copious quantities of water after which workouts instantly. Consuming too quick may predispose a canine to bloat by growing the entry of air into the abdomen.

It’s important that the Cane Corso food plan be composed of non-gas-forming substances. It additionally helps to present your pet smaller but extra frequent feedings. That is the place a pet food with larger calorie content material per serving will probably be very helpful. A 500-calorie per serving pet food is healthier than a 300-calorie per serving model since you’ll need fewer quantities of serving on the five hundred to produce your canine’s calorie necessities. For instance, in case your canine wants 1500 energy per day, you may give 1.5 cups of 500-calorie serving sizes 2 instances a day. That is higher than giving 2.5 cups of 300-calorie serving sizes per meal 2 instances a day.

Q: How can your Cane Corso’s food plan assist to forestall a demodectic mange outbreak?

A: Demodex Canis, the organism that causes demodectic mange in sure breeds of canines like Cane Corsos, may be simply managed by the canine’s immune system cells. Sadly, if this immune system is compromised or will not be working at full effectivity, your canine may be devastated with a demodectic mange outbreak. Outbreaks additionally happen in instances of utmost stress in addition to average to extreme malnutrition. That is the place selecting the perfect pet food for Cane Corso actually issues.

A Cane Corso food plan that’s wealthy in antioxidants and different immune system-boosting vitamins like omega-3 fatty acids will help enhance the power of your canine to combat these pesky mites. Probiotics for canines may assist by bettering the well being of the digestive tract the place greater than 70% of immune system cells reside. Right here’s an essential factor to recollect – malnutrition is a serious reason for demodectic mange outbreak. Select solely high-quality pet food if you wish to forestall such outbreaks.

Our High Decide

Our selection for the perfect pet food for Cane Corso is the Wellness CORE Giant Breed Authentic System that incorporates a wholesome mix of easily-digestible substances that promote optimum joint well being and performance, a extra responsive immune system, higher cardiac and mind functioning, and stronger muscle mass and bones. It’s even made extra interesting by the non-inclusion of undesirable fillers and synthetic substances so that you’ll really feel safer simply feeding your 4-legged bodyguard solely the perfect.

Taking excellent care of your 4-legged bodyguard means giving it the perfect pet food for Cane Corso. Whereas we have now supplied you with a very good checklist of merchandise to think about it’s nonetheless greatest to seek the advice of your veterinarian so that you’ll have a greater understanding of what your Cane Corso actually wants.

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