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Best food for deer feeder

Deer feeders are a great way to attract deer to your property. They are also the best food for deer feeder.
Best food for deer feeder

What do deer love to eat? Corn!

What to feed deer as an alternative of corn?

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Positive, corn is reasonable deer feed.

However is it actually the perfect feed for deer?

It seems it may not be.

Fortunately there are some GREAT options to corn.

Not solely will these options appeal to extra deer, however they are going to assist the deer will develop greater and more healthy.

If you’re simply searching for a fast suggestion, Purina Antler Benefit is a superb selection.

Corn is the most well-liked feed for deer however there are various causes chances are you’ll need to feed them one thing apart from corn.

Deer thrive when their meals consumption consists of a wide range of sources, simulating a pure setting with numerous plant meals sources. Fortunately there are some good options that supply benefits over corn.

The recommendations on this article are primarily for feeding whitetail however you can even apply them to mule and blacktail deer.

Why Feed Deer?

Supplemental feeding isn’t about fattening up the deer you hunt.

It’s about conservation and supporting your deer inhabitants.

Supplemental feeding will be particularly necessary for diminished habitats. This occurs for a lot of causes however the end result is identical; insufficient quantities pure meals sources for deer.

There’s a distinction between baiting and supplemental feeding. Supplemental feeding is to assist deer when meals is scarce and situations are harsh. This implies the winter months after the rut. Baiting goals to draw extra deer throughout the months of August-November (searching season).

deer eating corn

Causes to Feed Deer One thing Different Than Corn

Do deer eat corn?

Sure, deer like to eat corn and it’s pretty cheap.

Hunters searching for low cost deer feed usually resort to corn.

However, probably the most compelling cause to feed deer one thing apart from corn is as a result of the nutrient content material of corn is just not superb for deer.

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The MSU DeerLab suggests the perfect protein content material for good wholesome antler growth is round 16% protein. Sadly corn feed is 8-9% protein, falling nicely wanting the steered content material.

The opposite downfall of corn is that it’s mineral content material is usually decrease than most different varieties of widespread feed grains. For extra element see this desk.

Is corn dangerous for deer?

No, this doesn’t imply you shouldn’t use corn in any respect. Corn can work nicely as a complement to different varieties of feed. One of many nice issues about corn is that deer adore it and it is best to use this to your benefit. Mixing corn with the options listed beneath is a good way to draw deer to your feed and supplies selection of their weight loss program.

deer eating natural feed

What’s the greatest deer feed?

As talked about above, the perfect protein content material for deer feed is round 16%. To get the perfect deer antler development requires the bucks are nicely nourished.

Lots of their pure meals sources reminiscent of nuts, grass, weeds, fruits, and twigs present a wide range of carbohydrates, proteins and different vitamins. When fascinated about what to feed deer, you need to try at offering some diversification.

The listing of different potential feeds for deer beneath makes an attempt to offer that range. The advantages of every are mentioned beneath.

There are all the time dangers related to supplemental feeding for wild animals. The dangers embrace power losing illness, bovine tuberculosis, and overpopulation, incorrect nutrient necessities.

If you’re severe about beginning a supplemental feed program it is best to seek the advice of an area wildlife biologist. Ensure to test your native laws earlier than planning any supplemental feeding or baiting. Many states don’t help you feed or bait because of the dangers mentioned above.

One of many main issues with feeding deer particularly throughout winter is acidosis. Acidosis occurs when deer eat an excessive amount of of a excessive carbohydrate supply like corn with out permitting time for his or her digestive system to adapt. Acidosis could cause demise. Because of this, the Micigan DNR recommends utilizing lower than 25% corn.

If in case you have deer in your yard, assume twice earlier than feeding them one thing like bread. The dangers of CWD are actual and hurting the deer inhabitants throughout the USA.

deer looking for food during winter

You will need to be very cautious about feeding deer corn throughout winter. Their digestive system adapts this time of yr to eat excessive protein, excessive fats, excessive fiber. For extra data on the hazards of incorrect feed throughout the winter, checkout this text by familycuisine.web.

Throughout summer time, spring, and fall deer are higher in a position to make the most of feed sources with greater carbohydrate content material like corn. It’s nonetheless greatest to combine this with a excessive protein supply.

What to Feed Deer As an alternative of Corn

Take into account a Meals Plot

Deer meals plots are a good way to offer deer with supplemental feed. They’re secure, efficient, and authorized irrespective of the place you reside. That is the primary most popular strategy to complement deer.

Listed below are two high quality plot seeds by BioLogic on Amazon: New Zealand Most and Winter Peas.

For extra details about meals plots, go to the QDMA web site or pickup this e book.

Woody Browse

If in case you have timber and brush you’ll be able to trim in your property, pruning them will be a good way to complement deer feed. This has the benefit of offering them with meals they naturally eat. Through the winter, deer have tailored to devour excessive fiber, excessive protein twigs and brush.

deer eating woody browse

Formulated Deer Feed Mixes

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Purina Antler Benefit

This is a superb selection for supplemental feed. Purina has formulated their feeds to fulfill correct deer dietary ratios. It has a excessive protein content material and superb quantities of nutritional vitamins and minerals.

Buck Blitz

Buck Blitz works extremely nicely as an attractant. It’s most likely too costly to make use of as a daily feed however you should use it as a part of a combination or throughout that point of yr you need to lure these bucks in. Simply ensure to test your state laws first.


Oats are excessive in fiber, have good protein content material (12%), and are simply digestible. The Michigan DNR claims “After formulated deer food mixtures, oats are preferred over all other supplemental foods.”

Rice Bran

Rice bran feed supplies a great quantity of protein (13%) and is just like oats in nutrient breakdown. It is strongly recommended you employ rice bran as a part of a combination to feed deer and never all by itself.


alfalfa rolls are often used to feed deer

Alfalfa bales are one other generally used feed for deer. They’re a significantly better choice than corn or hay. Alfalfa is well digestible however is not going to come low cost. It has a excessive protein content material of 15-20%, relying on the lower. Any alfalfa farmer will let you know, alfalfa can appeal to deer in addition to some other sort of feed.


It is best to all the time combine soybeans with different varieties of deer feed because of the excessive fats and protein content material. The protein content material is roughly 40% so you’ll be able to combine it with corn to extend the full protein consumption. A mix of fifty% corn and 50% soybeans is widespread though limiting corn to 25% is healthier. You should use oats or rice bran for the remainder of the combination.

Creep Feed

Farmers use creep feed for calves as a supply of supplemental vitamin. It’s a combination of corn, oats, alfalfa, barley, soybeans, and minerals. If you happen to determine to make use of calf creep strive a variant round 15% protein. Creep feed is a superb cheap strategy to feed deer that gives them with the vitamins they want.

Cheap Option to Feed Deer

With the value of the whole lot going up on a regular basis, feeding deer can get costly. Feeding the deer in your yard most likely isn’t your prime precedence when you will have different payments to pay. So, how can we use the data above to feed deer a nutritious diet whereas doing so on a price range?

deer eating corn

Low-cost Deer Feed

Deer feeding doesn’t should be sophisticated.

Primarily based on present market costs, the perfect cheap strategy to feed deer is to purchase cracked corn, oats, and soybeans in bulk. These can normally be bought in bulk for a reduction at an area feed mill or animal feed retailer.

The excessive carbohydrate content material of the corn will steadiness nicely with the excessive protein and fats content material of the soybeans. And, as we all know from above, oats are the perfect deer feed after formulated deer meals mixes.

Ceaselessly Requested Questions

What sort of feeder ought to I take advantage of a deer feeder?

An excellent deer feeder for somebody simply beginning is that this 6.5 gallon feeder by Moultrie. The setup is easy because it makes use of AA batteries. Fill the feeder and choose the variety of instances per day you need to feeder to dispense. It comes with a locking lid to maintain the feed dry and animals out.

How a lot deer feed do you want per deer?

A typical rule of thumb is 1 feeder per 25 deer, every deer consuming 1-2lbs. Of feed per day.

What’s the greatest deer attractant to combine with corn?

Corn by itself ought to appeal to deer. If corn alone isn’t doing the trick, add a small quantity of molasses to the corn.

Deer aren’t coming to my feeder, what can I do?

As talked about above, unfold some molasses within the brush close to your feeder. This may act as an attractant and produce deer to the realm.

Do’s and Don’ts When Feeding Deer

  • There could also be some debate, however shelled and cracked corn each appear okay. There was a examine that discovered cracked corn for deer is extra digestible.
  • Ensure to make use of a feeder that retains the feed lined and dry. This may forestall the feed from getting moldy. If the feed turns into moldy, it’s best to not feed it to them.
  • If you happen to setup a mineral block, ensure to take action close to a water supply. Having it close to a water supply will tie it to their pure routine of needing water.

The place are you able to study extra about feeding deer?

  • Your state’s fish and sport division
  • QDMA Web site
  • Seek the advice of an area wildlife biologist

Abstract of What to Feed Deer Different Than Corn

The purpose of this text is to assist spotlight why solely corn may not be the perfect deer feed. After studying the whole lot above it is best to now see there are some nice options. Whether or not you’re feeding deer in your yard or attempting to draw deer for searching, the guidelines offered will work.

If you wish to feed deer, hold the next in thoughts:

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  • The most effective meals for deer is made up of about 16% protein. This may maximize antler development and general well being.
  • Feeding deer corn is not going to produce the perfect outcomes, corn is simply about 9% protein.
  • The most effective deer feed is a combination of sources that mimic their pure weight loss program and supply sufficient protein.
  • An affordable strategy to feed deer is to combine corn with oats and soybeans and contemplate a meals plot.

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