Koi Food Guide: Maximize Color & Growth of Koi Fish

Koi fish are a type of ornamental fish that originated in China. They have been domesticated and bred for centuries, and today they are found in ponds, lakes, rivers, and artificial water bodies worldwide. Koi can grow to
Best food for koi growth

koi food feeding information Study why a koi pond proprietor ought to feed the most effective koi meals for his or her dwelling jewels to assist with fish well being, shade, and pond water high quality.

Equally to people – you’re what you eat – and some of the essential considerations in our household and at Kodama Koi Gardens has been choosing the proper elements for our koi meals.

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On this koi meals information, we need to clarify the distinction it is going to make should you learn to feed your koi accurately and with the precise sort of meals.

Koi Feeding – Desk of Contents

  • Why Purchase High quality Koi Meals?
  • How Do I Develop Massive Koi and Maximize Development?
  • What Do Koi Fish Eat?
  • Why Medicated Koi Meals?
  • Ought to I Select Floating vs. Sinking Meals?
  • When Ought to I Feed My Koi Fish?
  • What Are The Greatest Sorts of Koi Meals for Development and Shade?
  • What Are The Components of Kodama Koi Meals?
  • How Do I Retailer Koi Meals from Kodama?
  • Purchase Koi Meals Designed by Analysis in Niigata

There are a lot of varieties of koi fish meals in the marketplace and we weren’t happy by the choices. To satisfy our household’s excessive requirements of elevating lovely koi, we made our unique merchandise obtainable on-line. Purchase our beneficial koi meals.

It is very important be aware that as a result of koi benefit from the meals, it doesn’t imply that it’s the greatest for his or her well being. Like human meals, components might enhance the Koi enjoyment however not the most effective long-term resolution for his or her magnificence and development.

koi food guide for color and growth

Rising Stunning and Wholesome Jewels

Not like different jewels, the great thing about a koi lives and breathes. They’re rising beauties and meals has a really sturdy affect on their well being and look. At Kodama Koi Farm & Gardens, we’ve got spent loads of time working with Niigata, Japan breeders to maximise the great thing about koi shade and enhance their longevity. We’ve realized and included many Japanese koi breeding greatest practices into our farm with a purpose to nurture probably the most lovely dwelling jewels (koi fish).

“It is disappointing to see Koi beauty fade and/or health decline. So I decided to share my Koi food in order that other Koi lovers can have the same results and experiences we have had at the farm.” – Mamoru Kodama

On this article, we are going to share the numerous essential classes we’ve realized from senior sellers, breeders, prospects, and naturally, koi, for creating shinier coats, cleaner water, and more healthy fish in your pond.

Why Purchase High quality Koi Meals?

High quality koi meals is essential not just for fish well being however for sustaining glorious water high quality as effectively.

It is very important spend money on high-grade koi meals as a result of they include important vitamins and nutritional vitamins wanted to maintain koi wholesome. Along with that, additionally they present the koi with a gentle supply of protein, carbohydrates, and minerals.

This causes them to develop greater and develop extra vibrant colours.why buy quality koi food for your fish

Excessive-end koi meals additionally tends to be extra palatable so the koi get enthusiastic throughout feedings. In typical feeding movies, koi are likely to swarm in direction of the floor for the feeding which teaches them to be tamer whereas enhancing the general fantastic thing about the pond.

Grand Champion winner, David Tran, acknowledged in an interview that he advocates feeding his koi with premium koi meals over the cheaper type as a result of it:

“may save a few dollars for cheap food but waste a lot of money in koi. It’s like you eating fast food every single meal while expecting to stay healthy and beautiful.”

Champion koi deserve champion koi meals. Study why this meals is nice for hobbyists and competitors koi. Searching for high quality koi? Go to our koi farm website on-line to purchase koi on the market on-line.

Extra About Kodama Koi Meals

How Do I Develop Massive Koi and Maximize Koi Development?

Develop koi greater with high quality meals, that has the next feed effectivity, fed typically throughout their most energetic durations (above 60 diploma water temperature), just like the Summer time months.

Because the temperature will increase, so will the metabolism of your koi. General, you’ll need to take care of wholesome water and use meals that has the very best feed effectivity to develop the most important koi fish in your pond.

Feed effectivity is a measurement to find out how the feed vitamins are transformed to fish meat. Whenever you purchase top quality koi meals, you’ll have a greater feed effectivity and development ratio. A decrease high quality meals will drive you to feed extra meals to get the identical development ratio. In the long term, higher meals finally ends up being extra economical and you’ll maximize koi development potential, which is really primarily based off the koi’s lineage / genetics.

We additionally recommend you utilize a timed feeder to maximise the koi’s consumption fee and maintain it constant on a regular basis. It will permit you to higher maximize koi development, whereas not polluting your pond.

Feed Effectivity Testing on Koi Development

We now have examined feed effectivity to know and clarify how several types of Koi meals can impression the Koi’s development. Beneath are the pictures, charts, and and documentation from our examine on the 4 several types of meals. You’ll see the 4 varieties of meals all have a distinct development fee and Kodama Koi Meals Shade Up Sinking was the clear winner.

  • Might 24 – Group 2 – Earlier than

  • Dec. 18 – Group 2 – After

  • Might 24 – Group 1 – Earlier than

  • Dec. 18 – Group 1 – After

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Samples: 4 units of 5 Tosai (1 yr previous) Koi, identical selection (Kohaku) from the identical breeder (Marudo Koi Farm) to check 4 sorts of Koi meals.

4 Sorts of Koi Meals:

  1. Kodama Koi Meals Shade Up Sinking
  2. Kodama Koi Meals Shade Up Floating
  3. Kodama Koi Meals All Season Floating
  4. Different model Koi meals

Interval: 198 days (Might 24 to December 18) Feed: 3.5% of fish weight each day

Outcomes: Contemplating #4’s feed effectivity is 100, Kodama Koi meals Shade Up sinking can convert the meals to the Koi meat by 116% higher. Kodama Koi Meals Shade Up floating is 115%. Kodama Koi Meals All Season is 110%.

Contemplating #4’s development ratio is 100, Kodama Koi meals Shade Up sinking can develop your Koi by 132% higher. Kodama Koi Meals Shade Up floating is 113%. Kodama Koi Meals All Season is 111%.

The koi development testing was carried out by Hidenobu Kodama, farm supervisor at Kodama Koi Farm, with help of Mr. Uematsu, CEO of Positive Meals Co., Ltd

5/24 – 9/18 Shade Up Sinking Shade Floating All Season Floating Different Floating Earlier than – Avg. Koi weight (gram) 208 204 197 183 After – Avg. Koi weight (gram) 1356 1142 1084 905 Development Charge 652% 560% 549% 496%

In 198 days, Kodama Koi Meals made Tosai about 6 occasions greater in weight.

Common Koi meals could also be cheap on buy, however you’re in reality shedding cash and taking away the long run potential of the one you love Koi. High quality Koi meals has extra worth for cash.

What Do Koi Fish Eat?

Nishikigoi (Koi) are likely to eat something that received’t eat them. They’re omnivorous by nature and have been recognized to eat algae, crops, animal matter, flies, and bugs within the wild.

what-do-koi-fish-eatNevertheless for individuals who personal and develop koi, we are likely to have extra than simply the koi’s survival in thoughts. The weight loss plan wanted to maintain koi completely satisfied, wholesome, and exquisite is a science.

Many sources validate the assumption that koi want a balanced weight loss plan of protein, nutritional vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates to take care of wholesome development.

For protein, most koi are fed wheat germ pellets that combine the important vitamins, nutritional vitamins, and minerals wanted. As for carbohydrates, koi could be fed squash, peas, fruits, and watermelon on prime of those pellets.

Why Medicated Koi Meals?

NO LONGER FOR SALE – To cut back the overuse of antibiotics and guarantee they proceed to be efficient for people and animals, the US Meals and Drug Administration (FDA) has introduced new Veterinary Feed Directives (VFDs) efficient beginning January 1st, 2017. These laws authorize the usage of medicated meals below the route of a veterinarian. Antibiotic meals that have been beforehand obtained over-the-counter now require a veterinary order from a licensed veterinarian who has information of the illnesses of the fish that she or he goes to deal with with the medicated meals.

what-is-medicated-koi-foodLearn to make your personal medicated koi meals (on familycuisine.internet)

Outdated – extra information to come back quickly – Koi that begin creating physique sores, ulcers, fin rot, and different indicators of an infection often imply that there’s something fallacious the pond. So whereas determining what’s fallacious with the pond, it’s greatest to deal with the koi with medicated koi meals. Then comes the issue of getting the koi to really eat it. That’s the reason there’s floating medicated koi meals.

When koi are sick, they have a tendency to put on the underside and never floor to eat. To purposely make them additional hungry, we are going to sometimes suggest to not feed common meals whereas feeding remedy.

It will make the medicated koi meals, with much less tasty antibiotics, extra engaging whereas additionally floating on the floor to lure the koi out of their depths of despair. As talked about, including in some sinking meals can also be useful when they don’t need to come to the floor to eat.

Floating meals may even give the breeder the chance to look at the koi’s well being once they floor to eat.

Floating vs Sinking Koi Meals

One of many questions I typically get is “which food is better? floating or sinking?” So, let me focus on deserves and demerits of floating and sinking koi meals.

Floating sort of meals

The vast majority of Koi meals obtainable in the marketplace is the floating sort and most Koi house owners are feeding floating meals.

The primary benefit is that it’s enjoyable. Among the finest elements of this interest is feeding. It’s so a lot enjoyable to observe Koi eat the meals in entrance you. The second benefit is that you may examine the well being of Koi. As a result of it’s floating, Koi should come to the floor and you’ll see if any Koi bought injured. Relying on the angle, you possibly can even see the stomach or different elements under the place you can’t simply examine. The third benefit is that you may see who’s consuming or not. That is one other technique to examine the well being of Koi. It’s simple to identify who has no urge for food.

The demerit of floating koi meals is that the meals might get sucked into the skimmer earlier than your Koi will eat the meals. There are a number of methods to forestall that. You may cease the pump within the skimmer field if you need to use that type of system. Or you possibly can shut the skimmer. Or you possibly can float an O ring in order that the meals will keep contained in the ring.

Sinking sort of meals

Sinking meals has grow to be in style increasingly more for the reason that breeders in Japan use them. At Kodama Koi Farm, we additionally use sinking meals for many of the ponds.

The benefit of the sinking meals is certainly the expansion. We now have examined feeding effectivity of floating and sinking of Kodama Koi Meals with an different model Koi meals.

Feed effectivity is a measure to find out how feed vitamins are transformed to the fish meat.

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TESTING THE FOOD – Feeding effectivity = enhance of weight / feeding quantity x 100

72% – Kodama Koi Meals Shade Up Sinking 71% – Kodama Koi Meals Shade Up Floating 68% – Kodama Koi Meals All Season Floating

62% – Different home model Koi meals Floating

Take Kodama Shade Up sinking meals for example, 1 lb of Koi meals changed into 0.897 lb of koi fish meat.

From this check, you possibly can inform, though our all season floating meals exhibits significantly better end result than the opposite meals, the sinking meals is even increased. 89.7% vs 74.1%. It’s greater than a 20% enhance in effectivity. Sinking meals will make Koi develop greater and quicker. Why? Koi are higher at consuming meals on the backside. Koi in nature are bottom-fed fish. Their mouth faces down in order that they’ll eat meals like worms in mud.

There are a number of demerits for sinking meals. At first, it is going to take away the enjoyable of feeding. Additionally, it’s tougher to look at their consuming actions. So if any Koi aren’t doing effectively, it’s possible you’ll simply overlook that. If water shouldn’t be clear like mud ponds, you can’t inform simply.

When Ought to I Feed My Koi Fish?

Decide the frequency of feeding by observing the temperature of the water.


All the time take measurements and don’t base it off the climate forecast or the air temperature. As you will note on this chart, when the water is under 55° F you need to be feeding as soon as per week after which subsequently proceed with a number of feedings per day. Yellow signifies the water temperature to feed koi.

Overfeeding can be problematic to the well being of your koi and water high quality.

  • The best quantity of meals shall be consumed by the koi inside 5-10 minutes.
  • Ensure that there are not any leftovers dissolved within the water. It will pollute water and trigger the meals to lose its dietary efficiency. That is significantly the case with soluble nutritional vitamins that shortly dissolve in water.

What Are The Greatest Sorts of Koi Meals for Development and Shade?

There are a lot of forms of koi meals obtainable and we’ve got tried lots of them to our dissatisfaction. Growing the colour and development of koi is without doubt one of the major elusive goals of champion house owners.

Spirulina will improve the colour of your koi in addition to enhance their immune system. This dietary complement enhances the colour crimson and also will make the flesh (pores and skin) of the koi extra lovely.

Wheat germ oil is a serious well being meals in a koi weight loss plan. It will assist with the general well being of the fish and assist it develop to its most dimension. There are a lot of parts that every one come collectively to type a wholesome, lovely, and show-ready koi.

What Are The Components of Kodama Koi Meals?

The elements to Kodama Koi Meals are Tremendous Premium grade fish meal, Spirulina, Fishmeal, and Bio Stone.

Fish-meal is the primary ingredient in lots of koi meals as the primary protein supply. Due to this fact high quality of fish meal may be very crucial. Kodama Koi Meals makes use of solely the most effective fishmeal referred to as “Super Premium grade.”

Solely the fish meal that’s examined as little as 500 ppm Histamine or decrease. Histamine signifies the freshness of fish meal. As a result of it’s so contemporary, it has very low Ethoxyquin, which is an antioxidant used as a meals preservative. Low preservative ranges guarantee much less well being issues down the street.

wheat-germ-koi-foodWheat germ oil is a broadly recognized well being meals for people and the residual, depleted wheat germ is most incessantly utilized in koi meals. Nevertheless, Kodama makes use of FRESH Wheat Germ with the health-boosting oil nonetheless in it. It retains the koi wholesome whereas bettering it’s pores and skin high quality.

Kodama additionally makes use of high quality high quality Spirulina as a dietary complement. This floating micro algae is an efficient supply of protein, nutritional vitamins, and minerals to assist enhance immunity and flesh high quality of the koi.

spirulina-koi-foodThis ingredient makes the meals extra digestible whereas enhancing the vibrancy of koi colours. Spirulina is especially used to boost the crimson coloring of koi with its pure carotenoid content material. Kodama at all times strives to seek out Spirulina with excessive concentrations of carotenoid.

Bio Stone is a mineral that includes silicon aluminum. It’s used on this meals as a result of it not solely acts to maintain koi wholesome but additionally absorbs ammonia within the pond for higher water high quality.

Kodama Koi Meals additionally incorporates different complementary nutritional vitamins and minerals that meet the excessive calls for of koi vitamin.

How Do I Retailer Koi Meals from Kodama?

When storing koi meals, maintain it packed in an aluminum bag and it’ll have a shelf lifetime of three years from manufacturing date. As soon as the meals has been opened, maintain the koi meals in a cool and dry place out of direct daylight. Publicity to excessive temperatures or daylight might compromise the vitamin of the elements. It’s endorsed that you simply repackage your meals into smaller parts to feed your koi. Separate it out into each day feed quantities that will help you higher maintain related feeding patterns. Consistency will cut back stress of fish round feeding time.

Purchase Koi Meals Designed by Analysis in Niigata

It has been our honor to win a number of Grand Champion titles on the All Japan Nishikigoi exhibits. Mamoru Kodama has visited Niigata greater than every other particular person we all know and makes a speciality of many lovely koi bred with pure mud ponds in that area of Japan .

Featured on our meals label is without doubt one of the Kohaku champions we raised. With confidence, we will say that the particular recipe fed to these champion winners was a big contribution to their success.

“The job was not an easy one. Finding the right ingredients alone took a few years. Writing recipes…test-feeding…and checking the results…all were time-consuming processes. Finally, I found the recipe and the ingredients that meet my standards to raise beautiful Japanese Koi.” – Mamoru Kodama

Utilizing a twin sort extruder machine, for knowledgeable manufacturing of the meals pellets, we’re in a position to obtain a koi meals that’s excellent for digestion and absorption. The dual extruder kneads the elements extraordinarily effectively, perfecting the floating capabilities of the koi meals, which in flip helps to maintain the water clear & wholesome.

“My fish have historically been very picky eaters. EAShow, Blackwater, HiSilk, and others that come high recommended as being very palatable have received very ho hummm reviews by my herd. When the Kodama food hit the water the results were almost instant, ALL the fish were up to the top scarffing it up. I have NEVER seen my fish act like that! It really is fun to feed them now!” – Learn Different Opinions on familycuisine.internet Discussion board

Advisable Koi Meals For Champions

Kodama Koi Meals is developed by Mamoru Kodama for elevating giant and wholesome koi.

Mr. Kodama’s 45 years of expertise with koi has led him to make a meals that he’s lastly happy with to feed his personal koi and yours as effectively. Every ingredient in Kodama Koi Meals Shade Up and All Season-Wheat Germ is of the very best high quality.

Whenever you feed with the most effective koi meals, there are various advantages to bettering the wonder and peace they create to your backyard. Strive many types to see how the koi react to your choice. These are our formulation after a few years of analysis on Kodama Koi Farm and dealing with Niigata, Japan breeders.

Academic Koi Books by Mamoru Kodama

Filled with priceless insights that will help you make knowledgeable koi shopping for selections. Study what the specialists search for when evaluating koi. Get to know the Niigata breeders and their ardour for koi in these instructional books written by Mamoru Niigata koi specialist. educational books by mamoru kodama

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