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Best food for wild turkeys

Turkey hunting is a great way to preserve the wild turkey population and provide food for your family. Wild turkeys are becoming more and more rare, so it's important to harvest as many as you can. The best time to hunt turkeys

Up to date October 2021

The wild turkey is among the most recognizable birds in all of North America and an emblem of the vacation season. As these fascinating and adaptable birds have gotten more and more widespread yard guests and well-liked birdwatching topics, you may flip your individual yard or backyard right into a pure buffet to assist them.

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As an alternative of specializing in the turkey in your dinner plate, contemplate what meals sources you may supply wild turkeys and enhance your possibilities of seeing and having fun with them proper exterior your window. Right here’s tips on how to fill the wild turkey’s proverbial “plate” with meals year-round.

Feeding Wild Turkeys the Pure Approach

  1. Plant Native Oaks: Acorns are a key meals supply for wild turkeys. By planting native oaks, like crimson oak, chestnut oak and black oak, you’ll provide them with loads of acorns to eat. Turkeys eat acorns in fall and winter and in lots of oak forests you may even discover a V-shaped scratching within the leaf litter (a certain signal of untamed turkeys). Many different wildlife species depend on acorns as a meals supply, and oak timber are additionally vital caterpillar host crops and nesting areas for birds, so that you’ll be serving to out extra than simply turkeys once you plant native oaks.
  2. Plant Different Nut and Berry-Producing Vegetation: Along with oak acorns, different staples of the wild turkey weight-reduction plan embrace beech nuts, pecans, hickory nuts, crabapples, and hackberries. By planting native nut and berry-producing crops you’ll present turkeys with the pure meals they’ve consumed for hundreds of years. Different planting options embrace black cherry timber, blueberries, wild grapes and dogwood. Wild turkeys devour cacti fruits in arid areas and like many species of wildlife, will even devour poison ivy berries too.
  3. Provide Seeds and Browse: Turkeys browse on plant buds and shoots within the early spring and feed off fern fronds, membership mosses, and weeds similar to burdock, particularly when there may be numerous snow cowl and different meals are arduous to seek out. Grasses, sedges and plenty of wildflowers present wild turkeys with seeds to eat. We don’t encourage attracting turkeys with birdseed from feeders, largely as a result of artificially feeding turkeys causes them to lose their pure worry of individuals*.
  4. Grit and Gravel: Turkeys will swallow grit to assist them digest their meals. Provide grit by putting a shallow bowl stuffed with sand, nice gravel, sterlized floor eggshells or floor oyster shells. Or simply maintain a patch of sandy soil freed from crops.
  5. Cease Utilizing Pesticides: Apart from the direct hurt you may trigger wildlife through the use of pesticides, by not utilizing these chemical compounds you’ll guarantee that turkeys have loads of much-needed protein within the type of bugs. About ten p.c of an grownup wild turkey’s weight-reduction plan consists of small animals, together with bugs similar to stink bugs, grasshoppers, and floor beetles, in addition to snails, slugs, worms, spiders and different invertebrates. Turkey chicks, known as poults, start foraging shortly after hatching for invertebrates, which make up a big portion of their weight-reduction plan as they develop. Turkeys will really assist maintain invertebrate pests in verify for you, and there are lots of natural gardening strategies you too can use to manage pest outbreaks.
  6. Depart the Leaves: By leaving a few of autumn’s fallen leaves as a substitute of throwing all of them away, you’re offering habitat for the small animals which are a key a part of a turkey’s weight-reduction plan. Turkeys forage for invertebrates within the leaf layer and likewise get pleasure from consuming salamanders, frogs, snakes, and lizards that additionally reside within the fallen leaves.

Bonus Tip: Present a water supply along with offering pure meals sources. By offering a yard pond or perhaps a birdbath positioned instantly on the bottom you’ll provide clear consuming water for the turkeys.

This yr, study extra about turkeys than simply the very best recipes prepare dinner them. Uncover the intriguing pure historical past of the wild turkey, make turkey-inspired crafts and chuckle at amusing turkey trivia.

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*Male wild turkeys are territorial and may often grow to be aggressive, particularly through the spring breeding season. This typically occurs when wild turkeys are being artificially fed with feeders and have misplaced their pure worry of individuals, so keep away from doing that. If turkeys are cleansing up spilled seed from songbird feeders, take these feeders down. When you have loads of native crops in your yard, all of the birds can have loads of pure meals to eat.

When you encounter a turkey that’s received one thing to show, assert your dominance by standing your floor and chasing it away by strolling in the direction of it with a brush or rake or spraying it with a backyard hose to remind it the place it suits within the pecking order. Male turkeys are massive and intimidating and do have sharp spurs on their legs, however usually pose little precise risk of hurt to people. When you discover that the wild turkeys in your yard are an excessive amount of bother, we suggest placing computerized sprinklers in your yard to scare them off each time they present up. In addition they don’t like bigger canines and keep away from yards the place they’re current.

Join our free Backyard for Wildlife publication. You’ll get nice wildlife gardening ideas and discover ways to have your yard your backyard acknowledged as Licensed Wildlife Habitat.

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