Best food to eat when hungover

If you're hungover, the last thing you want to eat is greasy food. Instead, try one of these healthy options to help ease your hangover symptoms.
Best food to eat when hungover


Eggs are supply of vitamins and include easy proteins which are significantly light on the abdomen.

This can be particularly essential the morning of a hangover, when an individual might expertise nausea and digestive upset.

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Folks ought to keep away from consuming eggs with oily meals, resembling butter, oil, or greasy meats. Oils might additional upset a delicate abdomen.


Bananas include quantity of potassium. Consuming a banana will assist to replenish the physique’s potassium ranges after an evening of heavy consuming.

Bananas additionally include fiber and sugar. Fiber promotes digestion and might alleviate digestive signs; sugar offers the power an individual wants to start out the day.


Avocados are one other glorious supply of potassium and energy for anybody needing a lift within the morning. Nevertheless, some individuals might discover that the fats in avocados irritates their digestive system.


Many individuals take into account oats to be the right hangover meals. It is because oats include most of the vitamins that alcohol depletes from the physique.

Because the USDA Nationwide Nutrient Database be aware, oats include vitamins and minerals resembling:

  • calcium
  • magnesium
  • iron
  • B-vitamins, resembling niacin and folate

Oats additionally include useful anti-inflammatory fibers known as beta-glucans. Meals which have anti-inflammatory properties might assist to scale back the irritation related to a hangover.

Including bananas, dates, or honey to porridge will present additional power for the day forward.

Darkish, leafy greens

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Darkish, leafy greens are amongst a number of the most nutritious meals obtainable. They include quite a lot of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals. These assist the physique to get well from the consequences of alcohol.

Darkish, leafy greens additionally are usually supply of fiber. Fiber may help with a number of the digestive points, resembling diarrhea or constipation, that heavy consuming may cause.

Including spinach to an omelet is a fast and easy approach to eat greens on the morning of a hangover.

Healthful carbs

Carbohydrate snacks are sometimes straightforward for individuals to digest and supply the physique with a fast supply of power. That is significantly useful throughout a hangover, when an individual might really feel queasy and drained.

Some easy carbohydrates, resembling toast, bagels, or plain crackers, present power whereas being light on the abdomen.

Nevertheless, individuals needs to be cautious to keep away from overly salty or oily carbohydrate meals, resembling chips. These can upset a delicate digestive tract.


Alcohol acts as a diuretic, which means it causes an individual to urinate extra. This extra urination can simply result in minor dehydration.

Dehydration may cause disagreeable hangover signs, resembling a headache and extreme thirst. Staying hydrated is among the finest methods to forestall and alleviate a hangover.

Glowing water

A 2016 examine investigated whether or not consuming sure non-alcoholic drinks alongside alcohol would enhance alcohol metabolism in mice. Soda water was one of many drinks that sped up alcohol metabolism and helped to forestall alcohol-induced liver harm.

Soda water helps the liver to interrupt down alcohol by-products throughout the physique. Ordinarily, these by-products result in hangover signs.

Pure glowing water additionally comprises sodium and different minerals. These assist to replenish electrolyte ranges following dehydration.

Inexperienced tea

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If an individual has an upset abdomen the day after consuming, they might need to keep away from their morning cup of espresso. Extremely caffeinated drinks can additional irritate an upset abdomen. Inexperienced tea could also be a a lot better different.

Inexperienced tea was one of many non-alcoholic drinks that sped up alcohol metabolism within the 2016 examine, above. Like soda water, it additionally helped to forestall alcohol-induced liver harm.

Fruit or plant juices

Contemporary fruit and vegetable juices not solely include water, however additionally they include excessive ranges of vitamins, antioxidants, and electrolytes. These could also be particularly useful for the physique because it recovers from an evening of consuming.

A 2016 examine investigated the consequences of various fruits on alcohol metabolism in mice. Mice that consumed lemon, starfruit, or pear juice whereas closely intoxicated on alcohol confirmed diminished concentrations of alcohol within the blood.

The researchers prompt that these fruits might assist to forestall hangovers and different unwanted effects of extreme alcohol consumption.

A 2018 examine discovered {that a} particular mixture of fruit and vegetable juice diminished some hangover signs in wholesome adults. The juice combine consisted of:

  • pear juice
  • inexperienced grape juice
  • ashitaba juice, which is a plant within the carrot household

One group of members drank the juice combine half-hour earlier than consuming alcohol, whereas a management group drank water. Contributors who drank the juice combine have been much less prone to expertise a headache and thirst. Additionally they confirmed considerably decrease ranges of blood alcohol compared to the management group.

It isn’t clear whether or not these fruits are useful the morning after a heavy bout of consuming. Nonetheless, the water, sugar, and minerals in fruit will assist to alleviate dehydration.

Electrolyte drinks

Throughout a hangover, many individuals flip to rehydration drinks, resembling Pedialyte. These are wealthy in electrolytes.

For comfort, some individuals flip to electrolyte drinks and sports activities drinks, resembling Gatorade and Powerade. Like Pedialyte, these include important electrolytes, resembling sodium and potassium. Nevertheless, most sports activities drinks may even include a big serving to of sugar and energy.

As a more healthy different, individuals can strive pure coconut water. A 2012 examine discovered that coconut water and sports activities drinks have been equally efficient in treating dehydration.

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