The 10 Best Baits for Mice Traps and Stations

Mice are a nuisance and often cause major problems for homeowners. They can eat through walls, chew on wires, or leave droppings all around the house. The best way to get rid of mice is to use food that attracts them like

The ten Greatest Baits for Mice Traps and Stations

Mice are among the many commonest home and industrial pests within the UK, with the home mouse inhabitants regarded as over 5.4 million. Whereas mice pose no menace to us and are far much less prone to trigger the identical quantity of issues as rats, they’re nonetheless pests and might multiply shortly in the event that they grow to be snug in your house.

At AMES Group, we’ve been humanely eradicating and deterring mice from home and industrial properties for very 35 years and have trialled quite a lot of traps, deterrents and baits to qualify their usefulness.

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On this article, we shall be taking a look at a few of the finest baits in the marketplace that lure mice out of their nests so you’ll be able to catch and take away them out of your property. All baits are humane in addition to all trapping strategies we propose.

The 7 Greatest Mouse Lure Baits

  1. Peanut butter – ideally suited for each rats and mice, peanut butter is the right mix of excessive fats and sugar and mice are capable of scent this from far-off.

Seeds are the primary a part of a mouse’s pure weight loss plan, however this isn’t one of the best kind of bait in properties. As a substitute, strive utilizing meals which can be excessive in fats, sugar or each. This consists of:vCbgGnZJTgKI-Pv4q4G19WPVu1d0FOemjGxa8NoaJobiNtWEIbp0lmpuM3atEA_JONI2O1gv81FTikTBb-TeSjXsbsCg0nBvm-YJEQTGIaXHk2CxO0rGhLkK5jaNOJNXgajWQb8

  1. Cooked or uncooked meats – reduce up bits of scorching canine work nicely as mouse bait. When you’re utilizing snap traps, you’ll be able to push the tender meat onto the lure to make sure the mouse has to use strain to the meals to ensure that it to maneuver; in flip, releasing the lure.nXt_4RJ7og1Ooki2uHj8rQ1JPbn2bJGBesWV8jJwR6QiupefQuqiFxTQDvayiIwxM4CdCyB2NSLhHD5goIfdJ1yCYeXt8CydouHe_LSNyy_i7B4i5qu16ZQCqs_CmyuLScrSZ0Y
  1. Cheese – cheese has at all times labored nicely as mouse bait. If you will use cheese, strive to decide on one which smells, as it’ll have an additional attain than different varieties.


  1. Marshmallows/gum drops – sweets will at all times work nicely as mice bait resulting from their excessive sugar depend. Sweets are cheap and one or two ought to do the trick.

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  1. Chocolate – in the identical vein as sweets, mice additionally love chocolate. Small bits of chocolate hooked up to the lure or inside it (if it’s a dwell lure) shall be sufficient to lure the mouse inside.


  1. Pet meals – moist canine or cat meals has been confirmed to work on mice. Because it’s typically neglected within the night after feeding your pets, mice generally snack on it underneath the quilt of darkness


  1. Nest supplies – barely extra unorthodox however confirmed to be efficient, as a substitute of meals, place nesting supplies on/within the lure. Mice are at all times searching for supplies to construct their nest and the better they’re to supply, the extra possible the mice will method.


Examples are:

  • Dental floss
  • Cotton balls
  • String
  • Bits of carpet

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Prime tip: don’t contaminate the bait along with your palms! Mice have a very good sense of scent and can have the ability to detect your scent on a lure or the bait on the lure. It will make them assume twice about approaching the bait as they may hyperlink your scent to hazard. To sort out this, put on glasses and make sure the lure is positioned nicely away

What to Do When Baits Don’t Work

There are situations the place the bait you’re utilizing could also be proving ineffective. There are just a few causes this can be taking place, both the mouse merely doesn’t like that kind of bait or they’ve grown used to that meals supply and will not be desirous about exploring it additional.


Listed here are just a few options to think about:

  1. Change the bait – easy, if the mouse doesn’t take the bait, exchange it with one thing new.
  2. Change the lure – mice are clever creatures and a few will have the ability to recognise a lure and subsequently attempt to take away the bait with out getting caught (that is extra frequent in snap traps). In case your lure has been out for just a few days or per week with no outcomes, strive switching the lure. When you’re utilizing snap traps, strive utilizing dwell traps, for instance.
  3. Change the situation of the lure – lure placement is crucial when baiting mice, so ensure that it’s positioned in an space of excessive exercise or at entry factors. If it’s not working, strive shifting the lure to a different space the place you imagine the mouse has visited. We’ve an article on one of the best methods to determine rat presence which is simply as useful for recognizing mice, have a look right here.
  4. The bait is gone however so is the mouse – this isn’t an unusual downside, as acknowledged beforehand, mice are pretty clever and might recognise traps and can try to dislodge the bait to keep away from getting caught. If this has occurred, strive testing the set off of the lure to make sure it really works. If the bait doesn’t match securely on the lever, strive switching the pait to one thing that the mouse will wrestle to tear off, reminiscent of peanut butter, tender cheese or chocolate.
  5. Purchase a lure with delicate sensors – some mice (particularly infants) are very gentle and their weight will not be sufficient to set off normal snap traps. On this case, you’ll need to purchase a lure with a delicate set off to counteract the burden of smaller mice. Electrical mouse traps are extra delicate than basic snap traps

Nonetheless Having Mouse Issues?

Mouse traps and bait work very nicely when you’ve a small variety of mice in your own home. Nevertheless, in case you are fighting mice in a bigger home property, traps could also be tougher to put as a result of measurement of the realm. Moreover, when you have a mouse infestation, it’s possible you’ll require skilled intervention.

On this case, you’ll be able to contact AMES Group for skilled, humane and swift elimination of mice in industrial properties.

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Is your mouse bait not working? contact AMES right now for a FREE no-obligation quote!

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