Best hot sauce for mexican food

I am a lover of hot sauce. I like to eat Mexican food, so I always make sure that my dining partner has the right hot sauce on hand. For me, the best hot sauce for mexican food is Tapatio.

Mexico is residence to many scrumptious Mexican dishes. However one of the conventional meals in Mexico is its scorching sauces.

The most effective Mexican scorching sauce recipes available on the market are often crafted to protect the integrity of the meals you eat whereas kicking it up a notch.

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The several types of chiles which can be utilized in these sauces permit for the completely different meals flavors to return via.

The 8 finest Mexican scorching sauces embrace Huichol and El Yucateco. El Yucateco is the one inexperienced sauce on the listing however it certain does pack a punch from the habañero peppers. Valentina and the Salsa Búfalo scorching sauces can even make an look as Valentina is taken into account the very best Mexican scorching sauce available on the market.

Beneath we’ll discuss concerning the historical past of Mexican scorching sauces in addition to taking a deeper dive into every of the new sauces on the listing.

There are additionally particular directions on how one can make Mexican scorching sauces that we’ll have a look at and the numerous ways in which you need to use these sauces.

What Makes Mexican Sizzling Sauce So Spicy?

Mexican peppers and hot sauce and pepper seeds
Mexican Sizzling Sauce, Peppers & Seeds

There are several types of scorching sauces all around the world. The traditional Mayans have been utilizing all types of peppers blended with water to make both a paste or a sauce.

As different civilizations began to find the daring flavors of those hotter peppers, they started to breed them.

The blending of those peppers led to distinct flavors that grew with the breeding of those peppers.

Some scorching sauces are supposed to improve the flavors of your meals.

Different scorching sauces are made nearly to take away your style buds and check your warmth consumption.

Many of those scorching sauces include a wide range of components, however core points to a Mexican scorching sauce embrace:

  • Chiles
  • Salt
  • Vinegar

With Mexican scorching sauces, they’re made with smoked or dried chile pepper pods to make the flavour extra intense. Attempting to deal with warmth just isn’t one thing that may be a precedence in the case of these kind of scorching sauces.

Understanding what makes a Mexican scorching sauce so spicy will permit you to perceive the Scoville Scale and the way scorching it may be.

How Sizzling Can the Scoville Scale Be?

Scoville Scale Pepper Heat Scale
Scoville Scale Pepper Warmth Scale

You might be accustomed to the Scoville Scale. The Scoville Scale was invented in 1912 by scientist Wilbur Scoville.

The Scoville Scale is used as a measurement for spicy substances that have been created in 1912.

The unit of measurement of this scale is Scoville Warmth Items (SHU). The size ranges from 0 to 16,000,000 SHUs.

Just a few ranges of pepper varieties on this scale embrace:

  • Pure Capsaicin: 16,000,000 SHUs
  • Ghost Pepper: 1,000,000 – 1,500,000 SHUs
  • Serrano Chiles: 10,000 – 23,000 SHUs
  • Pepperoncini: 100 – 500 SHUs

Now that you’ve an concept of how scorching Mexican scorching sauce could be, what are the very best Mexican scorching sauces?

What Are The 8 Greatest Mexican Sizzling Sauces?

Shopping Basket for Best Mexican Hot Sauce
Searching for Greatest Mexican Sizzling Sauce

The Mexican scorching sauces which can be part of this listing are the very best sauces available on the market.

You possibly can attempt all 8 sauces to seek out out which one is your favourite. All of them have completely different flavors and ranges of warmth that adjust from individual to individual.

One particular person might really feel as if a scorching sauce with 11,000 SHUs is delicate.

One other particular person might have used a Mexican scorching sauce that sits at 2,000 SHUs and assume it’s the spiciest factor on earth.

Subsequently, it is very important at all times perceive your restrict. And worse case state of affairs, you possibly can at all times cool off your tastebuds with some Mexican aguas frescas.

1. Valentina Sizzling Sauce

Salsa Valentina Mexican Hot Sauce
Salsa Valentina Mexican Sizzling Sauce

When you have ever stepped foot inside a Mexican restaurant, you could have greater than seemingly seen Valentina Salsa Picante. This family-owned enterprise began in 1960 by the founder Don Manuel Maciel Mendez.

The ingredient on this Mexican scorching sauce that may both make or break the spice stage is the puya chiles.

Their Scoville Warmth Items vary from 5,000 – 30,000. The Tamazula Group has determined to supply two completely different labels. The yellow label has a small quantity of spice. The black label is taken into account further scorching.

Each variations of the Valentina Sizzling Sauce are noticeably thicker than different scorching sauces. Together with the distinction in thickness, some people establish a tart and vinegar style to it.

On the identical time, the others might really feel prefer it has a candy and bitter style that sits in your tongue and builds the warmth up.

There are two different Valentina merchandise within the type of seasoning for fruit or snacks and seafood particular scorching sauce.

As a result of that is the preferred Mexican scorching sauce available on the market, it is available in varied sizes like the next:

  • 4.9 oz.
  • 5 oz.
  • 12.5 oz.
  • 34 oz.
  • 1.1 Gallon

Nonetheless, for the time being, the Tamazula Group that owns the Valentina Sizzling Sauce just isn’t able to promote smaller portions to particular person shoppers or retailers instantly.

Which means solely wholesalers and distributors can put their palms on this particular Mexican scorching sauce.

Though, you possibly can nonetheless buy your bottle via a center man like Amazon.

2. Cholula Sizzling Sauce

Salsa Cholula Mexican Hot Sauce
Salsa Cholula Mexican Sizzling Sauce

Cholula is one other staple in the case of Mexican scorching sauce.

This scorching sauce is made in Chapala, Jalisco with native árbol and pequin peppers. The Scoville score for Cholula is between 1,000 to 2,000 SHUs.

Over 20 international locations exterior of Mexico promote Cholula. You can too buy Cholula via its web site. The next eating places in the US have Cholula available:

  • IHOP
  • California Pizza Kitchen
  • Denny’s
  • Cracker Barrel
  • Taco Bueno
  • Salsarita’s

Cholula is acknowledged by its signature wood cap. The girl on the label is La Chila who occurred to cook dinner for the Cuervo household and who’s accountable for Cholula.

She got here up with a few of the authentic recipes of the dishes which can be included with the new sauce within the restaurant situated in Tequila, Mexico.

Cholula has different flavors of their model that embrace:

  • Cholula Sizzling Sauce Unique: That is the unique sauce of their model that everybody is most accustomed to. It has a medium warmth stage that’s appropriate for anybody.
  • Cholula Sizzling Sauce Inexperienced Pepper: This taste holds daring jalapeño and poblano peppers. This scorching sauce pairs properly with salads and fried hen.
  • Cholula Sizzling Sauce Candy Habanero: Pineapple and habanero peppers make this scorching sauce one in all their hottest. Cholula suggests that you simply use it in a cocktail to convey out extra of the flavour.
  • Cholula Sizzling Sauce Chipotle: Milder than the Unique, this Chipotle Sizzling Sauce brings out smoky flavors. These flavors work finest with meats like pork and hen.
  • Cholula Sizzling Sauce Chili Lime: The Chili Lime is the mildest of all of them. This can be a nice introduction for many who are usually not used to scorching sauce and it’s nice with seafood.
  • Cholula Sizzling Sauce Chili Garlic: Since this scorching sauce has garlic infused with it, your savory meals pair properly.

3. El Yucateco Sizzling Sauce

Salsa El Yucateco Mexican Hot Sauce
Salsa El Yucateco Mexican Sizzling Sauce

The following finest Mexican scorching sauce available on the market is El Yucateco Sizzling Sauce. It receives its inexperienced coloration from the inexperienced habañero peppers.

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Mr. Priamo Gamboa created this sauce in 1968 and now contains 7 scorching sauces of their lineup.

The 7 scorching sauces of their lineup are:

  • Jalapeño Sizzling Sauce: A inexperienced scorching sauce that delivers 1,270 SHUs because the gentlest of the 7 EL Yucateco sauces.
  • Chipotle Sizzling Sauce: Chipotle peppers collect smoky flavors for a extra intense style. Really helpful for grilled meats and fuller dishes. This scorching sauce sits at 3,400 SHUs.
  • Caribbean Habañero Sizzling Sauce: Has a extra orange coloration to it as it’s made with yellow habañero peppers and carrots. It’s thought-about to have a sweeter style than the others with a 5,400 SHU stage.
  • Pink Habañero Sizzling Sauce: This sauce sports activities a vibrant purple coloration as it’s made with habañero peppers and purple tomatoes. The Pink Habañero Sizzling Sauce is barely hotter than the Caribbean Habañero Sizzling Sauce at 5,790 SHUs.
  • Inexperienced Habañero Sizzling Sauce: The second inexperienced scorching sauce is constituted of habañero peppers and garlic. That is made for extra savory dishes and takes a big leap to 9,000 SHUs.
  • Black Label Reserve Habañero Sizzling Sauce: Like Chipotle Sizzling Sauce, the Black Lebel Sizzling Sauce delivers a smoky style. The one distinction is that the smoky taste comes from precise fire-roasted habaneros, the place it sits at 9,285 SHUs.
  • XXXtra (XXX Kutbil-lk) Sizzling Habañero Sauce: The most popular scorching sauce in El Yucateco’s lineup at 11,600 SHUs. Claiming to observe the recipe of the traditional Mayans, it has a reputation within the Mayan phrase, ‘Kutbil-lk,’ which means ‘crushed chili.’

Whether or not you’re a retailer or simply a person buyer, you possibly can place your on-line order right here. You possibly can create your personal 6- or 12-pack with complete bottles of scorching sauce.

You might even need to purchase the small particular person packet by the caseload with 300 packets inside. Nonetheless, the small packets are solely obtainable within the Inexperienced and Pink Habañero Sauce.

For those who occur to like this Mexican scorching sauce a lot, you should buy a 2-pack case of 68 oz. bottles of the next:

  • Pink
  • Inexperienced
  • Black Label Reserve
  • XXX Kutbil-lk

4. Salsa Búfalo Sizzling Sauce

Salsa Bufalo Mexican Hot Sauce
Salsa Búfalo Mexican Sizzling Sauce

Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico, has been the house of the Salsa Búfalo Sizzling Sauce since 1933. Manufacturing nonetheless carries on to this present day in the identical metropolis and is taken into account one of many oldest Mexican scorching sauces available on the market.

There are two scorching sauces of their enterprise: the Búfalo Salsa Picante Clasica Sizzling Sauce and the Búfalo Chipotle Sizzling Sauce. Each of those sauces have the identical if not a thicker consistency because the Valentina Sizzling Sauce.

The Búfalo Salsa Picante Clasica Sizzling Sauce makes use of the guajillo pepper to herald many of the warmth. It’s largely candy, with a bit of warmth and lime.

The Búfalo Chipotle Sizzling Sauce sports activities a deeper coloration because it comes from chipotle peppers.

5. Tapatío Sizzling Sauce

Salsa Tapatío Mexican Hot Sauce
Salsa Tapatío Mexican Sizzling Sauce

The consideration of calling this a Mexican scorching sauce is usually iffy.

The household that produced this scorching sauce is from Guadalajara, Mexico, however it’s at present produced in Vernon, California.

Mr. Jose-Luis Saavedra positioned this scorching sauce into the market in 1971.

Most people consider that Tapatío Sizzling Sauce is an entry- to the mid-level scorching sauce as its Scoville Warmth Unit sits at 3,000. The primary contents of the sauce are made up of:

  • Pink Peppers
  • Vinegar
  • Garlic

There is just one kind of scorching sauce obtainable, however you should buy it instantly from Tapatio with out the necessity for a intermediary. You may have the next choices to select from:

  • 500 Small Particular person Packets
  • 24-Pack of 5 oz. Bottles
  • 12-Pack of 10 oz. Bottles
  • 12-Pack of 32 oz. Bottles
  • 4-Pack of 1 Gallon Jugs
  • Burlap Reward Set of 5-Pack of 5 oz. Bottles
  • 3 Holster Set with 3 mini 1.6 ouncesBottles

6. Huichol Sizzling Sauce

Salsa Huichol Mexican Hot Sauce
Salsa Huichol Mexican Sizzling Sauce

Some might not know concerning the authentic growth of the Huichol Sizzling Sauce, however in 1949 Roberto Lopez utilizing empty Pacifico beer bottles as the unique containers.

The rationale behind using empty beer bottles was as a result of they didn’t have another logos on them, they usually have been cheaper to seek out.

Roberto Lopez used his spouse’s recipe to create the new sauce we all know at the moment. The components within the Huichol Sizzling Sauce include the next:

  • Cascabel Peppers
  • Cumin
  • Salt
  • Vinegar

The Scoville stage sits between 1,000 to three,000. The warmth is supposed to reinforce the flavour of your meals and linger for a second.

Due to its delicate tone, you possibly can put loads of this in your meals directly. Huichol has a little bit of an earthy taste and is match to placed on extra savory meals than candy.

The identify and colourful label of Huichol honors the indigenous individuals that may be discovered close to the mountains of Nayarit, Mexico.

That is an space that sits proper exterior Jalisco, Mexico, the place different well-known Mexican scorching sauces have been produced.

The manufacturing of Huichol continues to be properly inside the household. Roberto Lopez’s two grandsons and daughter proceed to work within the household enterprise.

The household boasts that the new sauce can keep contemporary for 3 years when you open it. You’ll find it on Amazon.

7. La Guacamaya Mexican Sizzling Sauce

Salsa La Guacamaya Mexican Hot Sauce
Salsa La Guacamaya Mexican Sizzling Sauce

Coming in with a steep Scoville stage of 8,400 SHUs, the La Guacamaya Mexican Sizzling Sauce was based in 1948 in El Rosario, Sinaloa. There are a whopping 8 completely different scorching sauce flavors which can be:

  • Conventional
  • Habanera
  • Lemon
  • Inexperienced Habanera
  • Chipotle
  • Ying Wu
  • Salsa combine
  • Chamoy

There are makes use of of purple and inexperienced habañero peppers and dried chili peppers all through every of those flavors.

So as to make this scorching sauce the standard manner, there’s using a stone grinder and a handbook star corn mill.

The unique sauce throughout its time of manufacturing was made via dried chiles and spices. You should buy a 5.07 oz. of La Guacamaya right here.

8. Mayanik Mexican Sizzling Sauce

Salsa Mayanik Mexican Hot Sauce
Salsa Mayanik Mexican Sizzling Sauce

Mayanik was produced within the Nineteen Nineties and the manufacturing plant could be present in Merida, Yucatan.

This plant’s location leads in direction of the identify because it was the place that the traditional Mayans as soon as lived. Habañero peppers are used all via their three scorching sauces:

  • Inexperienced Habañero
  • Orange Habañero
  • Pink Habañero

The extent of warmth depends upon when the pepper was picked and used for the sauce.

So, whenever you style a scorching habañero sauce, the pepper might have been picked later than the inexperienced habañero sauce.

Due to the quantity of vinegar on this scorching sauce, its consistency is watery, and it has a powerful acidity.

What Are the Completely different Methods You Can Use Sizzling Sauce?

Mexican Hot Sauce in a bowl with hot peppers and chili powder
Sizzling Sauce, Peppers & Powder

Most people put Mexican scorching sauce in savory meals, however there are different meals that you could put a dab of scorching sauce in.

Possibly take a while to experiment with scorching sauce on different meals that aren’t on this listing. You by no means know what might shock and delight your style buds.

Attempt Out Your Italian Sauces

Since Italian sauces are primarily based round tomatoes and sun-dried peppers, including a splash of scorching sauce to the combination is a superb mixture.

Something like pasta or pizza with a standard purple sauce is ideal. Most Italian dishes can take further warmth with out taking away from the integrity of the dish.

Use It on Asian Dishes

Most Asian dishes are geared up to deal with the warmth. Stir fry or ramen are nice dishes to do that on. Some Asian dishes name for one-pots. That is the place all the things is cooked in the identical pot however completely different phases.

The veggies and rice that could be put into your one-pot dish can maintain as much as the new sauce and the flavors is not going to conflict.

For those who plan on placing sauce on this dish, you possibly can add a few dashes of scorching sauce.

Your Snacks Are a Nice Candidate

Snacks are a dime a dozen. From popcorn to potato chips to fruit. Including a splash of scorching sauce can brighten these snacks up.

A purple sauce can be higher to placed on popcorn or French fries due to the vinegar than a inexperienced sauce.

Who Doesn’t Love Spicy Seafood?

Shrimp & Cocktail (Hot) Sauce
Shrimp & Cocktail (Sizzling) Sauce

Whether or not its shrimp or lobster, scorching sauce will stick with seafood. Generally with out correct seasoning seafood can start to style like nothing.

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Nonetheless, utilizing scorching sauce both instantly or within the cocktail sauce can convey your seafood again to life.

Use it with shrimp scampi or on chilly clams. A seafood chili has a ton of different added seasonings that may profit from the added warmth.

Herald a little bit of lemon or lemon zest for a contemporary taste.

Combine It with a Cup Of Sizzling Chocolate

Hot Chocolate & Hot Sauce
Sizzling Chocolate & Sizzling Sauce

Mexican scorching chocolate can convey you much more heat through the winter months. Most people who put scorching sauce of their scorching sweets use a habañero-based scorching sauce.

Habañero could be paired properly with chocolate and whipped cream. These are the 2 principal components for warm chocolate.

You might need to add a sprinkling of cinnamon to lend your scorching chocolate one other depth of taste.

Wake Your self Up In The Morning

Eggs & Hot Sauce
Eggs & Sizzling Sauce

What higher technique to wake your self up within the morning than by dousing your eggs in scorching sauce?

You possibly can add scorching sauce to your bell peppers or your avocado toast.

For those who eat fruits within the morning otherwise you make smoothies, you may also add scorching sauce.

You possibly can eat your fruits the way in which they’re, or you could possibly bake one thing like apples and pears with brown sugar and melted butter.

Earlier than you set them within the oven add scorching sauce to the combination. Eat it as quickly because it leaves the oven and it’s certain to convey some further heat to the beginning of your day.

Convey Out the Greatest In Your Company

If you end up internet hosting a celebration, you need your company to have a good time.

You need the meals to make them blissful and full, and also you need them to be entertained properly.

You possibly can add scorching sauce to your marinades or your dips.

Use the new sauce within the guacamole or the marinade you might be utilizing for meats.

For the marinade, you possibly can add all types of different issues like garlic or lime juice.

Spice Up Your Weight loss plan

Diets can turn into boring after some time. Including scorching sauce into the combination is bound to liven issues up.

If you end up figuring out and also you want to reduce weight, utilizing scorching sauce can increase your metabolism.

Your blood begins to pump increasingly energy are burned even if you end up sitting down.

Add scorching sauce to your salad’s dressing like a French dressing or a creamy dressing.

You can too add scorching sauce to Greek yogurt or oatmeal as unusual as which will appear.

Zing Up Your Cocktails

Bloody Mary & Hot Sauce
Bloody Mary & Sizzling Sauce

Cocktails are already made with the intent to make your drink rather less boring.

Now, add a little bit of scorching sauce to a Bloody Mary, and that cocktail is now amplified.

There are just a few mixtures that you could pull off with scorching sauce:

  • Vodka and scorching sauce is known as Dragon’s Breath
  • Margaritas can use both purple or orange habañero-based scorching sauce
  • Crème de menthe, vodka, and scorching sauce is called the Polar Bear Chunk

The cocktail mixtures above are just some solutions that you could attempt.

Bear in mind, in the case of cocktails and scorching sauce you simply desire a bit of warmth.

The purpose of including scorching sauce is to not see how a lot you possibly can take however to only add a little bit of taste.

Soups Are Great to Spice Up

Chicken Gumbo & Hot Sauce
Rooster Gumbo & Sizzling Sauce

Add scorching sauce to not solely to your favourite Mexican soup.

Soups come from each a part of this world and including scorching sauce to a soup dish will solely improve the flavors. You possibly can add scorching sauce to the next soups:

  • Pho
  • Ramen
  • Bisque
  • Gumbo
  • Beef Soup

The listing goes on and on. With soup, there is no such thing as a restrict to when you possibly can add scorching sauce.

Even a creamy soup-like clam chowder will take to the new sauce higher than you assume.

Vegetable-based soups should be on this listing because the greens come alive with a contact of chile peppers.

Despite the fact that you possibly can place Mexican scorching sauce on most of your meals, it’s best to know what scorching sauce does to your physique.

What Does Spice Do to Your Physique

Most individuals love to boost their meals even when the elevated spice stage that’s eaten impacts the physique. Listed here are a number of responses to your physique attributable to scorching spices:

  • Blood Stream Enhance: Despite the fact that it’s possible you’ll not be capable to really feel it, your physique’s blood is pumping. Your metabolism is rising, and your coronary heart fee will rise.
  • Grow to be Completely happy: For a number of people, scorching spices will launch endorphins that trigger happiness. We might start to eat extra of the new meals that’s inflicting us ache.
  • Brings Blood To Your Abdomen: As you eat these scorching spices your physique is registering all the things. Extra fluid will construct up and be prepared to depart your physique. The capsaicin within the scorching sauce alerts your ache receptors and your physique now needs to take away the issue.
  • Ache Receptors are Heightened: When your tongue comes into contact with a scorching sauce it might probably decide the temperature and the quantity of ache it’s feeling.
  • Physique Temperature: As a result of your physique now understands the quantity of ache it’s feeling, your physique temperature will rise. Your nostril might start to drip, and your brow will perspire.
  • Reside Longer: The extra scorching sauce you eat the longer you could possibly stay. Just a few research present that consuming scorching sauce just a few occasions every week can result in fewer well being dangers.

As you possibly can see from the listing above, not all unwanted side effects from scorching sauce are damaging. One of the best ways to remain protected consuming scorching sauce is to know your restrict.

When you have abdomen ulcers or a delicate abdomen, it could be finest to keep away from these sauces. Afterall, all Mexican meals don’t need to be spicy!


Bottle of Mexican Hot Sauce
Mexican Sizzling Sauce

Mexican scorching sauces have a wealthy tradition behind them. These 8 Mexican scorching sauces will permit you a small glimpse into the meals tradition of Mexico.

Simply do not forget that every Mexican scorching sauce will convey out a distinct taste in your meals.

Smoky flavors are constructed into these sauces they usually assist to construct up the meals profile that you simply apply it to.

So, whichever Mexican scorching sauce you choose simply know that you’re in for a deal with.

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