Betta Fish Feeding Guide

fishBetta fish are one of the most popular freshwater fish to keep as pets. They are easy to care for and can be kept in any size aquarium, but they do need live food. Some common live foods for betta fish include
Best live food for betta

Pellets or flaked meals?

As a newbie, it’s not a nasty concept to feed bettas pellets, however most bettas are typically fussy in terms of flaked meals. Bettas don’t have a tendency to love flaked meals as a result of when it sits on the floor of the water it’s comparable in look to clutter. Pellets additionally sit on the floor of the water, however they give the impression of being extra like bugs. Within the wild, bettas typically eat small bugs that land on the water, so naturally, pellets are more practical.

Something between 4 to six pellets a day is an effective quantity to feed a betta. This measurement can differ as manufactures produce differently-sized pellets, so take this measurement as a rule of thumb. Purpose for about 1.8 grams value (for an grownup betta) in case you are uncertain.

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One other variable to contemplate is the scale and age of the betta. Youthful bettas will want much less pellets, older greater bettas extra. When reaching the tip of their life span, some bettas will begin consuming much less as they lose their urge for food, so don’t put too many pellets within the aquarium in the event that they’re not going to eat them. The fish will both overfeed or the pellets will sink to the underside, decompose after which trigger extra waste.

One thing else to have in mind is your model of fish meals. Some pellets immediately sink to the underside of the aquarium as quickly as they hit the water. Most manufactures that produce particularly for bettas will create pellets that float – this might be specified on the pellet packaging. Aqua One Betta Pellets are a model that we’ve got been impressed with and used for our bettas.

When deciding which pellets to present your fish, it’s a good suggestion to have a look at the elements. They’re often written someplace on the meals packaging. You wish to be sure your betta is getting the best vitamins. Pellets manufactured particularly for bettas often comprise the best elements, however some pellets are identified to be higher than others. Search for the extent of protein given within the pellets; bettas are carnivores so protein is without doubt one of the most vital nutritional vitamins for them. Good pellets will truly comprise dried meats like brine shrimp, krill or fish. A minimal of 30% protein is what you need to purpose for.

Stay Meals

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Stay meals often consists of aquatic bugs like bloodworm, brine shrimp and daphnia; just like what bettas would eat within the wild, thus making dwell meals among the best choices in your betta. Stay meals could be purchased in three completely different types: dwelling, frozen or freeze-dried. Dwelling or frozen meals are the best choice in your fish — at the least one in all these will often be offered in any good fish/pet retailer.

Dried or freeze-dried variations (for instance, freeze-dried bloodworm) is nice, however shouldn’t be used to often feed your betta. It lacks vitamins in comparison with different dwell meals and might trigger constipation. When feeding dwell meals to a betta, purpose to present it about 1.8 grams every day.

Simply to clear up any confusion about terminology: ‘Live food’ refers to the kind of meals, i.e. bugs. This ‘live food’ is obtainable in three completely different types: dwelling, frozen, or freeze-dried. It could appear a bit redundant referring to dwell meals as being dwelling, however it’s so we will simply distinguish between the three completely different types, which we’ll now have a look at in additional element.

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