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A microwave hood is a device that covers the top of a microwave oven to protect users from microwaves. The microwave hood has an opening in the back where the exhaust fan can be placed for ventilation purposes. Some models have a filter on top
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The GE Profile PVM9005SJSS is a part of the Microwave ovens check program at Client Stories. In our lab checks, Over-the-range microwave ovens fashions just like the Profile PVM9005SJSS are rated on a number of standards, akin to these listed beneath.

Heating evenness This displays how evenly a mannequin reheated a dish of chilly mashed potatoes.

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Defrosting evenness That is based mostly on how nicely the automatic-defrost program defrosted one pound of frozen floor chuck.

Velocity of heating This rating is predicated on the temperature rise of water heated within the microwave.

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