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Best perennial food plot for deer

Perennial food plots are a great way to attract deer to your property. They can be planted with any type of food source that deer like, including corn, clover, soybeans, and many more.
Best perennial food plot for deer

One of the primary traits of a deer forage that basically lays the muse of a meals plot program is the time of yr it’s out there and the way lengthy it lasts. Whenever you perceive the variations between annual and perennial forages, you’ll be higher capable of determine which is finest and most cost-effective in your wants, your soil varieties and the dietary deficiencies of the deer habitat the place you hunt.

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Separating Annuals From Perennials

Annual forages behave simply because the title implies. They germinate from seed, develop for a number of months, produce new seed, after which die in lower than one yr. Some examples of annual forages embrace the cereal grains – wheat, oats, rye, triticale – crimson clover, arrowleaf clover, berseem clover, balansa clover, rape, kale, turnips, Austrian winter peas, soybeans, corn, and cowpeas. There are lots of others, however these are a few of the extra widespread species planted for deer.

Some examples of perennial forages which can be generally planted for deer embrace varied white clovers, crimson clover, alsike clover, alfalfa and chicory.

Word the annual development attribute is just not based mostly on a calendar yr, nonetheless. For instance, among the many annual species listed above, some are planted within the spring for warm-season manufacturing whereas others are planted within the fall for the cool season. These planted within the spring or early summer time will develop and persist via the summer time and fall however will probably be killed by a tough frost the identical calendar yr, thus offering forage for roughly 4 to 6 months or extra relying on the species planted and the size of the rising season the place you might be positioned. Conversely, the cool-season annual forages which can be planted within the fall will develop via the autumn, winter and spring after which die the next summer time. Though the cool-season annuals span throughout two calendar years, the overall life span of the forage is lower than one full yr.

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Perennial forages are totally different from annuals as a result of they may proceed to develop from a longtime root system for a couple of yr. Perennials sometimes persist for 2 or extra years, relying on the species together with a wide range of components that affect development and longevity, equivalent to geographic location, soil kind, climate, bugs, illness, deer shopping strain and so forth. Some examples of perennial forages which can be generally planted for deer embrace varied white clovers, crimson clover, alsike clover, alfalfa and chicory.

Benefits and Disadvantages

From a deer administration and searching perspective, there are benefits and downsides of annuals and perennials. The time of yr that high quality forage is accessible for annual and perennial forages may be very totally different and may weigh closely on the administration technique in your searching land.

For instance, annual forages sometimes present extra high quality forage in the course of the two major stress durations for deer, which happen throughout late summer time and late winter and are related to low pure meals availability. Late winter can also be related to post-rut restoration. Thus, warm-season annuals present extra forage in the course of the late summer time stress interval whereas cool-season annuals present extra forage in the course of the late-winter stress interval. There may be not an annual forage that satisfies each stress durations with a single planting apart from soybeans, the place the soybean forage can be utilized by deer in late summer time and the standing soybean grain can be utilized in late winter whether it is nonetheless out there.

Annuals sometimes present extra high quality forage in the course of the two major stress durations for deer, which happen throughout late summer time and late winter and are related to low pure meals availability.

Conversely, forage availability from perennial species is often biggest in the course of the spring and summer time, which is a vital season for development and growth for whitetails. Nonetheless, relying on the geographic location of your property, some perennial species could produce little to no forage in the course of the late-summer or late-winter stress durations. This is a vital consideration if you’re making an attempt to fill particular dietary gaps or growing productive plots to hunt over.

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For instance, in case your searching space is within the northern two-thirds of the U.S. or Canada, don’t anticipate to have the ability to hunt over perennial forages throughout winter because the onset of chilly climate will trigger these species to go dormant and be unproductive till spring. Alternatively, in case your searching space is within the Deep South the place the climate typically will get scorching and dry throughout summer time, don’t anticipate to have lush perennial clover out there in the course of the late-summer stress interval to offer high quality vitamin for antler development and lactation. Perennial clover merely can’t face up to scorching, dry circumstances and can go dormant and even die out throughout this time. Thus, contemplating these two eventualities, annual crops can be extra necessary to have so as to fulfill these goals.

Which is Most Price-Efficient?

One other widespread comparability amongst annual and perennial crops is the general prices related to planting and upkeep. As a result of perennials typically persist over the course of a number of years, many meals plotters assume they value lower than annuals in the long term and require much less labor for upkeep. Nonetheless, when contemplating all the prices and steps wanted to attain optimum forage availability from perennial species all through a given yr, this is probably not the case.

Some food-plotters assume perennial forages contain much less work as a result of they last more. Nonetheless, they solely final so long as you management weeds and keep soil vitamins, which implies work.

There are lots of variables that affect the prices related to managing annual and perennial plots. Whereas the strategies used to plant annual and perennial plots are comparable, follow-up administration actions will differ amongst these forage varieties. Seed value could also be cheaper for some perennial forages as a result of much less seed is required per acre. Nonetheless, perennial plots typically require a number of journeys to the sector in the course of the summer time to spray or mow weed competitors. Summer season annual plots sometimes solely want one herbicide therapy if any after planting, and mowing isn’t vital, thus saving money and time.

Moreover, perennial plots will sometimes must be fertilized in spring and fall for optimum manufacturing, whereas summer time and fall annual crops can be fertilized as soon as per yr. One other consideration is the time it’s important to dedicate towards managing your plots. Should you lack the time wanted to handle your perennial plots all through the summer time as wanted, annual plots could also be higher suited to you since they sometimes require much less upkeep.

As you may see, there are lots of variables to contemplate – seed, fertilizer, herbicide, gasoline, tools, variety of visits to the plots wanted to handle correctly – when figuring out which technique is most value efficient for you or most closely fits your schedule.


Sadly there isn’t a one-size-fits-all utility for deer hunters on the subject of managing meals plots on a given space. Every tract of land is exclusive and presents totally different challenges. This is the reason it is very important establish probably the most limiting components in your space from a vitamin standpoint and develop an efficient plan to deal with them. A mixture of each annual and perennial forages is usually wanted to fill these voids, and figuring out the very best ratio of annual to perennial plots will be achieved with a bit apply and endurance.

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