5 Best practical benefits of cloud computing for businesses in 2022

Cloud computing has significantly and fundamentally changed the market backdrop of IT infrastructure globally. There are numerous cloud service providers, and selecting the best one which matches with the demands for your business can be a struggle.

If you are seeking for the best cloud computing service providers in 2022, this is the right place to find out what you should keep an eye on and how they compare to other services. In this article, we have listed the 5 best cloud computing service companies you can select from.

Further, we also show their pros and cons based on cloud users’ reviews, thereby you may have a better understanding of these services and find out your suitable one.

Top 5 Best Cloud Computing Service Providers in 2022
Top 5 Best Cloud Computing Service Providers in 2022

#1 Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS Cloud, a cloud computing service of Amazon.com is one of the most used cloud computing services and also the largest cloud service provider globally. It is also estimated as the leader in IaaS and branching out.

This cloud service provider can be used independently or together for a broader experience. From its data centers, the business provides over 200 fully featured services including compute, storage, and database and currently has 26 regions and 84 availability zones in operation.

AWS cloud offers three different packages, consisting of ‘Pay as you Go’, ‘Save when you reserve’ and ‘Pay less using more’. The cloud services provider also offers a free 12-month tier and users must cancel their subscription or buy a plan when their trials period has expired.


  • AWS provides many applications such as cloud operations, cloud migration, content delivery, data lakes, database migrations, analytics, edge computing, and front-end web & mobile development.
  • Elastic Compute Cloud may be applied in any industry, consisting of marketing, media, advertising, entertainment, retail, industrial, financial services, etc.
  • AWS’s Elastic Compute Cloud is easy to set up and adapt for beginners and may be applied for organization, enterprise, startup, or public sector.


  • Errors might occur in some data source integrations and underlying infrastructure.
  • Call patterns in AWS Lambda may be complex for some cloud users.
  • AWS needs improvement in storing queries.

#2 Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure, released nearly a decade ago, in 2010 and now is the second largest cloud service provider globally, present in 60 regions and 116 availability zones in operation. This leading provider provides a wide array of solutions suitable for all types of industry. Also, Microsoft Azure delivers a consistent hybrid cloud experience, developer productivity, artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, and security & compliance. Microsoft Azure also offers a 12-month free tier for new customers. Even when you choose a Microsoft Azure’s plan, the prices and plans are still very competitive with respect other providers. Pros

  • MA offers a free tier which includes access to all popular services, and over 25 ‘Always Free’ services.
  • Azure’s SQL database offers managed and clever SQL in the cloud application.
  • It provides cloud applications for web and mobile possible with its hybrid cloud services.
  • It provides a straightforward interface and makes the cloud application functional.


  • It would be better if there were more room for Operating System support.
  • There are still some drawbacks and deficiencies in Virtual machine console access.
  • It should support more platforms for users.

#3 IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud
IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud is one of the most used and reasonably-priced cloud providers. This solution comprises a set of cloud computing services offered by the eponymous tech giant IBM. It is estimated as a fast and secure cloud platform for businesses with virtual and hardware-based servers, composed of public, private, and hybrid environments. This cloud computing solution mainly focuses on IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS services. Pros

  • Providing a full server customization platform, you can use it in accordance with your business needs.
  • Offering top-performing cloud communications services.
  • Your data integrity and the ROI of your business can be enhanced with data migration solution.
  • IBM Cloud seamlessly integrates with many other platforms, thereby making cloud computing functional.


  • The queries might run slow sometimes for some cloud users.
  • It might be a bit complex and difficult to use for beginners at first.

#4 Google Cloud

Google Cloud
Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform (GCP), as a part of Alphabet Inc, is estimated as one of the largest cloud service provider globally, providing enterprise-ready cloud services. This solution allows developers to build, test, and deploy applications with its distributed and scalable infrastructure. Further, user can utilize the service’s capabilities in security, data management, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI). There are many tools offered by Google Cloud, consisting of: Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, App Engine, Container Engine, and Big Query. They ensure consistent performance and management. Especially, it is easy for businesses to migrate to virtual machines with flexible pricing. Google Cloud also offers a free 12-month trial for new users. Pros

  • Google Cloud is among the most convenient cloud computing providers.
  • Being a user-friendly cloud-based service with a straightforward interface.
  • The level of security in Google Cloud is outstanding.
  • It is one of the security-oriented cloud computing services.
  • Including smart analytics to allow users have better insights into their data at any scale.


  • This pricing is quite expensive with some individual users.
  • There is a need of improvement in documentation of Google Cloud Platform.
  • The dependence if Google Cloud on a third party might not be ideal for some cloud users.

#5 Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud
Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is another cloud service from a computing behemoth, Oracle Corporation. This solution is a hybrid cloud service that can be used by both development teams and IT administrators. Offerings may include: IoT, OLTP, microservices, along with applications dependent on AI and machine learning with two main service provisions available: cloud architecture, and storage data. This solution is primarily aimed for driving big data analytics for business intelligence insights and also provides a wide range of SaaS platforms such as HCM, EPM, SCM, and social media tools. Cons

  • Offering a free service tier which includes unlimited access to two autonomous databases
  • Having a cloud backup and disaster recovery, thereby ensuring your cloud safe and easy to manage if an error occurs.
  • You can build multi-cloud environments via Oracle’s FastConnect feature.
  • Cloud users can store their data practically through Hybrid cloud and multi-cloud strategies of Oracle Cloud.
  • The user interface is straightforward to use for beginners.
  • Offering easy migration of the data for cloud users.


  • Customer support is not good enough.
  • Oracle Cloud should increase the storage capacity and enhance data transfer speed.
  • The price of this cloud service is a bit expensive.


Together with the ultrafast development of general technology, there are more and more cloud computing service providers in the market. Thus, it is very vital that you highlight your cloud service needs and align them with the type of service you are seeking. Hopefully, The best cloud computing service providers in 2022 we recommend above is suitable with your business’s demand, storage capacity also your budget.

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