Best way to ship frozen food

Frozen food is a popular choice for people who want to avoid the hassle of cooking and cleaning up after meals. However, shipping frozen food can be difficult because it takes up a lot of space and needs to stay cold. When shipping frozen

Bottom Line:

  • Some typical obstacles when delivering icy foods consist of: severe temperature levels, moisture, as well as wasting
  • Make certain to utilize appropriate delivery boxes as well as containers as well as prevent reducing edges when product packaging your icy foods
  • USPS, FedEx, as well as UPS can all deliver your icy food products securely as well as economically

Recognizing just how to deliver icy foodsis an essential element of your online company if associated with delivery numerous sorts of food. Whatever food you market as well as deliver, it’s important that it reaches the desired recipient in great problem while likewise being fresh as well as without any type of prospective contamination. Having your food turn up in inadequate problem will definitely cost your firm clients as well as profits.

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Prior to diving as well deep right into the globe of marketing as well as delivery food, you require to understand some essential ideas for delivering icy this article, we provide a fast yet in-depth consider seeing to it your icy foods are delivered with no significant concerns.

Frozen Fruits Ready to Be Shipped

Difficulties of Delivering Frozen Foods

As several eCommerce business owners currently understand, delivering almost any type of sort of icy food or chilly food features significant obstacles. Simply a few of these consist of:

  • Severe temperature levels

When the weather condition is really warm or chilly, it significantly impacts jam-packed as well as icy foods, particularly if they’re not appropriately loaded to stand up to the severe temperature level.

  • Moisture

Moisture, along with warm as a whole, is an additional significant hazard to icy foods.

  • Wasting

This is an additional difficulty that suppliers of icy foods deal with throughout delivery. When the food is not appropriately loaded with protected boxes as well as appropriate refrigeration, it significantly enhances the possibilities of the food obtaining ruined prior to shipment to its desired recipient.

Delivering Frozen Food Ideal Practices

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Recognizing just how to deliver icy foods with carriers without having them end up being jeopardized throughout the delivery is important for online sellers. There are numerous methods, as a whole, to function around these severe obstacles, consisting of:

  • Effectively intending your delivery timing
  • Making use of proper delivery boxes as well as containers
  • Communicating with a respectable delivery firm
  • Staying clear of reducing edges when packaging
  • Effectively cooling as well as loading food deliveries
  • Making unique messenger plans if essential

Just How to Ship Frozen Food with USPS, UPS, as well as FedEx


Right here are some standards you require to understand in order to deliver icy food with the USPS.

  • USPS does not provide certain refrigeration solutions for deliveries
  • Product packaging utilizing solidified carbon dioxide serves
  • Containers should be leakage evidence, as well as not create smells. They should NOT be air limited to enable condensation as well as co2 gas from thawing ice to run away.
  • Solidified carbon dioxide product packaging is not enabled International Delivery
  • A thick poly styrene box is suggested over low-cost styrofoam colders.
  • Bundles with solidified carbon dioxide should have a Course 9 DOT various unsafe product cautioning tag as well as should be plainly significant “Co2 Solid, Or Solidified Carbon Dioxide.”
  • The package must contain shipper’s declaration for dangerous goods prepared in triplicate, and attached to the outside of the package.
  • The package must be clearly marked with name of the food being cooled and contain the net weight of the dry ice.


With UPS there are some guidelines you’ll need to keep in mind, but overall it’s a great choice for shipping frozen food.

  • Try to keep shipment time under 30 hours. Next Day Air is ideal.
  • Use a think plastic liner for the inside of the package, and enclose the food in a plastic bag as well.
  • Thick insulated foam containers are suggested for keeping food as cold as possible.
  • Packaging using dry ice is acceptable. Gel packs are a good solution as well, but frozen water is not recommended.
  • There are restrictions for shipping more than 5.5 pds of dry ice when shipped via air.
  • If you ship dry ice internationally IATA regulations will apply.


Like UPS, FedEx is a good option for shipping frozen foods. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind.

  • Consider using FedEx Temp-Assure, a suite of temperature-control solutions.
  • FedEx offers cold shipping packaging
  • For US shipments, FedEx Express requires perishable packages withstand a minimum transit time of 24 hours greater than the delivery commitment.
  • Recommended to use insulated foam containers with a minimum of1-1/2″ (4-cm)- thick wall surfaces
  • When delivery with solidified carbon dioxide, right recognition, category, markings, as well as labeling on your external container
  • Foam containers must be put inside tough external containers.

Picking icy food delivery containers

When delivering icy food, it’s ideal to utilize the adhering to product packaging to maintain foods iced up throughout transportation:

  • Foam shielding food delivery containers such as Styrofoam
  • Solidified carbon dioxide boxes
  • Cardboard boxes with protected box linings to maintain temperature levels chilly

It’s ideal to select a delivery container that is a little larger than your thing so there suffices space to include cold pack or solidified carbon dioxide to maintain temperature levels reduced throughout delivery.

Just How Much Does It Price to Ship Frozen Foods?

When it concerns the price of delivery icy, disposable food from one area to the various other, there is no set cost. The financial quantity you invest in delivering your items is mainly identified by the range, period, weight as well as sort of icy food you’re attempting to deliver. You must likewise think about the truth that you’ll likely require to buy solidified carbon dioxide as well as packaging gel, the amount being identified by the weight of your items as well as the range to be covered prior to they’re supplied.

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In order to identify just how to deliver icy food inexpensively, it’s ideal to do a correct analysis of the products is needed to deliver it appropriately as well as the added solution expenses your messenger might bill.

As soon as you understand your numbers around packaging as well as delivery icy foods, you can resort to Easyship as an extremely helpful source. Our delivery calculator is a wonderful means to get exact delivery as well as shipment time approximates from our international messenger network, along with our assistance with producing tags, tracking deliveries abroad as well as a lot more.

Just How to Load Frozen Foods for Delivery

Prior to you obtain your icy food en route, it is essential to guarantee that its appropriately loaded as well as cooled. Right here are a couple of essential packaging ideas for icy as well as chilly foods to bear in mind:

  • Effectively wrap-up baked items with a closed seal that removes infiltration of warm as well as moisture.
  • Usage proper insulation choices for foods that should continue to be icy till supplied.
  • Leak-proof plastic must be utilized in product packaging items that are vulnerable to dripping.
  • Fish and shellfish must be double-bagged for added defense from severe weather condition temperature levels.
  • Usage tough, corrugated cardboard boxes for delivery, with the excess room completed with cold pack, bubble cover, loading peanuts or craft paper.
  • Make use of a sufficient quantity of solidified carbon dioxide as well as icy gel loads when evacuating your icy food deliveries. With solidified carbon dioxide, constantly make certain there’s some kind of air flow in package or container.
  • Especially, carriers will not approve solidified carbon dioxide in impermeable product packaging while some, consisting of the USPS, will not approve solidified carbon dioxide for global deliveries.
  • As a basic guideline, utilize one extra pound of gel pack for every single 3 extra pounds of meat.
  • When delivering cookies as well as various other deals with, constantly cover them in wax paper or cling wrap while likewise completing the void in each box with packaging peanuts, messed up papers or a comparable packaging product.
  • Think about utilizing unique chilly delivery boxes with protected cooling down to fit within conventional cardboard delivery boxes.

Whether you’re intending on utilizing icy food delivery containers, bags or anything else in between, constantly guarantee that the bundles are appropriately cushioned to prevent unneeded changing that may boost the possibilities of your items obtaining harmed.

Just How Easyship Can Aid

If you market disposable, icy or chilly food, it’s important to deliver them appropriately to make certain they show up fresh as well as without any type of hazardous impurities. From fish and shellfish to fruit to gelato to anything else in between, delivering icy food utilizing FedEx or an additional significant messenger is definitely feasible – if you comply with the appropriate packaging as well as delivery treatments.

If you require to learn even more concerning delivery choices as well as rates, Easyship is simply a couple of clicks away to make this simpler.

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