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Chester's Fries Flamin' Hot (Viewer Request - Shout Out) FritoLay Website Snack Locations Search (Video #1)
Andy Capp's Hot Fries vs Chester's Flamin' Hot Fries, FoodFights Cheep vs Expensive Challenge Review (Video #2)
Twofull containers of Pringles Half a big bag of hot fries and 32 ounces of water new world record (Video #3)
Hot Fries Blind Taste Test: Andy Capp’s vs Chester’s (Video #4)
The French Fry King Of Rio de Janeiro | Street Food Icons (Video #5)
Try And Eat A Whole Bag Of Hot Fries (Video #7)
Hot Fries Challenge with my Dad & Sister! (Video #8)
The MOST ADDICTIVE Snack: Flamin' Hot Cheetos (Video #9)
10,000 Calorie FLAMIN' HOT CHEETOS Challenge!!! (Video #10)
Cheetos Flamin Crunchy vs Chester's Hot Fries What is the Hottest to Buy - FoodFights Snack Review (Video #11)
Mexican Moms Rank Flamin' Hot Snacks (Video #12)
...hot fries challenge eating a whole bag! !!!! (Video #13)
XXtra Hot Cheetos Challenge |7 BAGS| (Video #14)
I Rank the BEST Flamin' Hot Snacks (Video #15)
Alternate Universe Snacks Taste Test (Video #16)
The Flamin' Hot Lie (explained) (Video #17)
Dad & Daughter Eat the Biggest Bag of Hot Fries Ever! (Video #18)

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