black dessert how to make ultamit weapons

This is a guide on how to make the best black dessert weapons in the game.

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Black dessert how to make ultamit weapons

In this guide, we will be going over how you can make your gear ultimate and the benefits of doing so.


As a new player is particularly crucial to ultimate your gear because you have four armor slots; helmet, top, shoes, and gloves. That’s 20 extra gear score right there, plus the Extra Damage Reduction. You can also gain a decent amount of additional AP.

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You can only upgrade either green or blue gear to ultimate versions, using an ultimate reform stone. It then gains additional properties, usually a bit of extra basic stats, so AP or DP, as well as a bit of an extra sub stats. This means that in the case of armor, Extra Damage reduction, in the case of Sub Weapon it gains Extra Special Attack Damage plus 1 (so more damage when crit, back attack, air attack, down attack, and all that) and in the case of awaking weapons it just gains pure AP.

Benefits from Ulting Gear

For example, regular PRI Grunil Shoes have 36 DP and 18 plus 1 damage reduction, but the ultimate version has 41 DP and 23 damage reduction. Ulting any piece of Grunil, will give you an extra 5 DP and an additional five damage reduction. This is a beneficial effect, especially as you get higher and higher in your enhancement levels.

BDO Black Desert Weapon Reform Stone (Ultimate Gear)

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Another example is the regular TET Grunil shoes, which regularly have 49 DP. Their ultimate version has 54 DP; that’s an extra 5 DP just for using an ultimate stone, which is only 5 million silver.

You will also want to ult your sub-weapon, if you are using a green one, such as Saiyer Knot. Ultimate White Horn Warrior bow has 14 AP, 28 DP, for example, an extra special attack and additional damage plus 1 level.

As you can see, you will get a lot of benefits from ulting your items, and doing it is easy.

How To Ultimate Your Gear

All you have to do is grab an ultimate reform stone, and there a few ways to do this:

BDO Black Desert Weapon Reform Stone (Ultimate Gear)
  • The easiest way to get one of these stones is through Hunter’s Seals. If you take a look at it, you will see that you can exchange them for weapons and armor reform stones.
  • The recipe to make an ultimate stone is as follows: you will need to heat together Grade 3 Weapon Reform Stone x10 and Sharp Black Crystal Shard x1 to get an ultimate armor reform stone, and if you heat 10x Weapon Grade 3 Stone and 1x Sharp Shard that will leave you with an ultimate weapon reform stone.
  • You can also buy it from the central marketplace for around 5-10 million silver.

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To use it, you only need to the right click it, the black spirit will come up, and the item reform will automatically be applied. Take it off, put it then, and then just like enhancement, it goes ahead, but it’s guaranteed to succeed.

BDO Black Desert Weapon Reform Stone (Ultimate Gear)

Ulting Awakening Weapons

Ulting your main weapon, in the case that you’re using a green weapon, is also very important. As an example, comparing mine, the Rosar Blade which is already ultimate and a regular +15 Rosar Blade, you will realize that I’d lose 2 AP, 40 accuracy which is a lot. I lose the additional effect as well, which is an Attack speed +1 and Critical Hit +1. So ulting your main hand weapon if you’re still using a green weapon is very important.

BDO Black Desert Weapon Reform Stone (Ultimate Gear)

Finally, if you are using a blue awakening weapon, you’ll also want to upgrade that one.

If you go to the Crescent Blade section, you’ll find, for example, the DUO Iron Crescent Blade, Ultimate Immaculate Crescent blade, which is the blue version. In short, ulting those is pretty much just an AP boost, it doesn’t do much else, but as you know, any AP boost is worthwhile and essential since the higher that your AP is, the more damage you will be able to do. So as it is getting pure AP for 8 million, silver is worth it.

That’s ultimate stone and how and why you should use them. To summarize, you can get yourself some Hunter’s Seals by doing any relic runs. For example, follow the recipe with the Shards, and that will get you your ultimate reform stone.

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