Booster Juice The Original Smoothie Copy Cat Recipe

This is a list of the best smoothie recipes that you can make with your favorite fruit. They are easy to make and will give you all the nutrients that you need for a healthy day.

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Booster juice smoothies recipes

Booster Juice The Original Smoothie

I will be the first to admit I LOVE me some Booster Juice. When I lived in Toronto it was a tad harder for me to obtain one of their delicious smoothies as I didn’t have one near by. However when we moved to Richmond Hill I just happened to move right down the road for a Booster Juice. Now for a Booster Juice addict like myself that can be dangerous, after all a smoothie a day can put a BIG dent in this frugal mamma’s pocket book and I am not willing to give up needs for wants (sorry Booster Juice)! They are a special treat when I am out at the plaza, or shopping at the mall!

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Thankfully I have been long making my own smoothie, long before Booster Juice came to town, that funny enough tastes exactly the same! They may have sent spies to steal my recipe LOL! No worries Booster Juice, I won’t hold it against you!

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So I figured I would share one of my fave smoothies from their menu, ‘The Original’, with you all today as it is super easy to make and most of you will have the ingredients already!


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