Top 58 Coolest Cake Decorating Classes At Michaels Today

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Top 58 Coolest Cake Decorating Classes At Michaels Today

Top 17 videos of Cake Decorating Classes At Michaels

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Buttercream stencil technique | Cake decorating tutorials | Sugarella Sweets (Video #1)
Satin Ice Buttercream with Michael (Video #2)
5 Steps to Using Ready-Made Fondant or Store-Bought Fondant for Cake Decorating Beginners (Video #3)
My 10 Favorite Cake Decorating Supplies! (Video #4)
Cake Decorating for Beginners | How to Frost a Cake (Video #5)
How to Prepare & Cover a Cake with Icing / Fondant (Video #6)
Piping Tutorial! Learn How to Pipe 8 Designs using Wilton 1M Tip! | Homemade Cakes | Mintea Cakes (Video #7)
Michael's Easter Cake Decorating Supplies (3-2-19) (Video #8)
Top 5 Questions from a Cake Decorating Class! (Video #9)
Cupcake Icing Techniques | Bluprint | Michaels (Video #10)
How to Decorate Your First Cake (Video #11)
How To Use Cake Acrylic Disks For Smooth Buttercream, Icing and Ganache (Video #12)
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Easy Marbled Fondant | Bluprint | Michaels (Video #14)
Cake Decorating and Baking Supplies JOANN Fabrics and Crafts (Video #15)
Easy Buttercream Cake Tutorial | Craftsy | Michaels (Video #16)
Simple Gum Paste Bow | Craftsy | Michaels (Video #17)

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