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Fermented pickles are a great way to add some zing to your diet. They can be made with any vegetables, and they’re also a good way to preserve the harvest for the winter months. You can make them in

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Can i make fermented pickles with garlic scapes

These Brine-Pickled (Fermented) Garlic Scapes have a gorgeous, deep garlicky flavor complemented with a pleasant sourness. You’ll find garlic scapes at the farmers market, and in some grocery stores, in the late spring and early summer.

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Garlic scapes in a glass jar

What is it?

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Garlic scapes are the serpentine flower of the garlic plant. In late spring and early summer, farmers cut away the stem and flower which forces the plant to send its energy downwards – toward the root. As a result, the garlic plants produce bigger bulbs.

The flower, or scape, has a delicate garlic flavor that’s less pronounced than the flavor of the mature cloves. It also offers a fresh, green edge reminiscent of scallions. You can eat them raw, sauté them as you would garlic cloves, grill them – or pickle and ferment them, too.

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