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Making pickles is a simple enough process that anyone can do. However, there are some things to keep in mind when you're getting started. Pickles are best made with cucumbers, vinegar, and salt. The cucumbers need to

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Can i make pickles without vinegar

When we look for a good source of probiotics, we typically think about yogurt or kefir. But pickled vegetables can also be a great way to boost of these beneficial bacteria. Most of the pickles found on the supermarket shelf have been prepared with vinegar and sterilized. Both of these procedures kill all the microorganisms including probiotics.

Natural fermentation, on the other hand, produces copious amounts of lactic acid bacteria that has been shown to have numerous benefits, from improved digestion to lower risk of certain types of cancer.

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Home made pickles are incredibly easy to make. They take only about 24 hours to obtain the tangy crispiness that is a great addition to any dish, from burger to mashed potatoes (my personal favorite).

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Do not discard the marinating liquid – it has very pleasant taste and is bursting with good bacteria. Additional benefit of home made pickles is a much lower amount of added salt and sugar than the canned variety found in stores.

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The recipe below comes directly from my mom’s recipe box. She uses dill seed from her garden instead of the leaves but I could not find it in stores here. Make sure to add just right amount of salt. If you add too much, lactic bacteria will never survive. Too little salt, on the other hand, means that other bacteria will have an opportunity to grow and spoil the pickles. It is also important to put them away into a fridge or basement when they start tasting how you like them, in about 24 hours. Lower temperature will slow down the fermentation. If you prefer them more tangy, leave them at room temperature for a few more hours.


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