can i make tea with cashew milk

I love drinking tea and I always make it with milk. But there are times when I'm out of milk, or want to try something new, so I've started using cashew milk instead. It's a great substitute for people who
can i make tea with cashew milk

This Cashew Milk Tea Latte recipe is one of the 14 original recipes you’ll find in Alexis Siemons‘ new tea inspired journal, with tea. In this cooking with tea journal, Alexis shares her steeped creations from the kitchen and does a great job at showing how simple it can be to use tea as an ingredient. As a long time fan of Alexis’ work, I jumped at the chance to buy her second journal once I heard it was released. My first impression of this tea journal was that it is well-organized with a clean, yet elegant design. The hard part was deciding which tea infused recipe to make first, because they all looked fabulous.

This cooking with tea journal is digital format, making it easy to purchase and download immediately to your computer, phone or tablet. You’ll find drink recipes like this Cashew Milk Tea Latte, but also savoury and sweet recipes for breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner. Each recipe begins with a story and also includes a stunning photo of the completed creation, which I think is very important. I love being able to see what a recipe I’m making should actually look like when it’s finished. Some recipes in this digital recipe book that really stood out to me are the Roasted Oolong Tea Pancakes, Matcha Avocado Toast and Masala Chai Baked Pears & Whipped Cream. Is your mouth watering yet?

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Cashew Milk Tea LatteFor this Cashew Milk Tea Latte recipe, Alexis says to “consider this a delicious shortcut to making a more flavorful hot or iced tea latte. Rather than leisurely waltzing through the process of making homemade nut milk (soaking and blending nuts with water, straining the milk, heating the milk, infusing it with tea), this tasty trick lets you skip a step and sip in a jiffy. Swap plain water for a concentrated cup of tea and simply blend with nuts. Cashews add a creamy, dreamy texture and rarely need to be strained.”

A big thanks to Alexis for allowing me to share this recipe from with tea journal ii! Enjoy!

Spruce Up Your Cashew Milk Tea Latte

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Give the cashew latte an upgrade by mixing in sweeteners, spices and extracts.

Sweeteners (swap out maple syrup and add below to taste): • Honey (approx 2 tablespoons) • Pitted dates (we recommend 2 but suggest you add and taste after blending to determine if you would like it sweeter)

Spices and Pure Extracts: • Ground cinnamon (approx 1 teaspoon or more to taste) • Ground green cardamom or broken green cardamom pods (approx. ½ to 1 teaspoon or more to taste) note that you may need to strain the milk if you use the whole pods • Pure vanilla extract (approx ½ to 1 teaspoon or more to taste) • Orange Blossom Water (approx. 2 teaspoons or more to taste)

Savory additions: • Tahini (which will add a savory taste and make the latte a very rich)

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Cashew Milk Tea Latte

If you want more delicious tea infused recipes created by Alexis, be sure to download with tea journal ii. Use coupon code “cupoflife” at checkout for $1 off.


Also, if you purchase a copy, Alexis is offering a free bonus recipe! Simply direct message her on Instagram (@teaspoonsandpetals) to let her know you learned about the journal through The Cup of Life and your free gift will be on your way!

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