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Pickles are a condiment that can be used to make relish. There are many types of pickles, but the most common is dill pickle.

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Can i use sweet pickles to make relish
Sweet pickle relish topping
Sweet pickle relish topping

Sweet pickle relish combines cucumbers, green or red bell peppers, and onions from the summer garden. This is the classic relish to enjoy on hot dogs and hamburgers.

Half-pint jars are probably the right size for canning sweet pickle relish. Once opened you’ll want to keep this relish refrigerated and use it up within two weeks.

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I choose pickling cucumbers that are odd-shaped to make relish—those are the pickling cucumbers that aren’t straight and not a great choice for the pickle jar. You’re going to chop up these cucumbers to make the relish, so set aside the odd ones.

My favorite pickling cucumbers (those are the short, compact cucumbers with tender skins) are County Fair, National Pickling, Pickle Bush, Regal, and Saladin. I grow at least one of these each year. So keep these varieties in mind for next year’s garden. (The long, slender slicing cucumbers are not well suited for relish making or pickling.) More on cucumber varieties: click here.

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