Troubleshooting Green Smoothies: Why Do I Feel Worse, Get Constipated, or Not Lose Weight?

Constipation is a common problem that can come from eating too much fiber. Fiber can cause discomfort, bloating, and pain in the abdomen. Smoothies are an easy way to get lots of fiber without adding any extra calories or causing const

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Can smoothies make you constipated

Troubleshooting Inexperienced Smoothies: Why Do I Really feel Worse, Get Constipated, or Not Lose Weight?

Inexperienced smoothies generally is a wholesome (and scrumptious) method to drop extra pounds. However for some individuals, transitioning to a plant-based, complete meals food regimen isn’t a stroll within the park.

What are you able to do when you aren’t seeing the burden loss outcomes and well being advantages you’d hoped for? What about constipation or gasoline?

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On this article:

  • Can Inexperienced Smoothies Make Me Really feel WORSE?
  • Understanding What the Fiber in Inexperienced Smoothies Does in Your Physique
  • How Widespread Are Inexperienced Smoothie Cleaning Reactions, and How Lengthy Will They Final?
  • My Private Expertise with Cleaning Reactions
  • Widespread Cleaning Reactions From Inexperienced Smoothies
  • Recognizing Potential Meals Sensitivities
  • Inexperienced Smoothies and Weight Loss
  • TLDR: Inexperienced Smoothies, Weight Loss, Constipation, and Different “Bad” Reactions

There’s no must worry-and most of those reactions are a part of a short lived cleanse interval as your physique adjusts to a brand new (and improved) food regimen. On this submit, we’ll troubleshoot a few of the commonest questions and considerations individuals have after adopting inexperienced smoothies!

Can Inexperienced Smoothies Make Me Really feel WORSE?

In the event you’ve lately made the leap to higher vitamin with inexperienced smoothies and are questioning if its regular to really feel WORSE than you probably did earlier than, the reply is completely sure (for a short time anyway, extra on that beneath!). Whereas some individuals (most, really) received’t expertise cleaning reactions, some individuals will. Take them for what they’re: a sign that your physique is making an enormous, desperately wanted adjustment.

As a rule of thumb, the extra dramatic the food regimen change, the extra probably you might be to expertise some cleaning signs. Why? There are two quite common causes:

Your Digestive Tract Is in Poor Form

In the event you’re transitioning from the SAD food regimen (customary American food regimen) of extremely processed, lifeless meals to a food regimen wealthy in fruit and veggies, your digestive tract is probably going in fairly poor restore with restricted biodiversity in your intestine flora.1 Out of the blue add a complete lot of fiber, vitamins, and biodiversity to your gunked up, leaky digestive tract, and issues can get funky and uncomfortable for a short time.

The Toxins You’ve Saved in Your Fats Are Being Launched

Whenever you put a harmful substance into your physique (which, when you’ve been consuming a variety of processed meals you’ve gotten been!) your physique tucks these toxins into your fats,2 the place they’ll’t harm your organs. That is a part of the rationale your physique is so immune to parting with these fats shops, when you’ve been consuming a crummy food regimen. Nevertheless, give your physique a variety of good gasoline, and also you’ll see these fats shops and toxins begin to flush — however not with out penalties. A part of the rationale it’s possible you’ll really feel dangerous throughout an introduction to a more healthy food regimen is that these saved toxins are being flushed out of your system.

Understanding What the Fiber in Inexperienced Smoothies Does in Your Physique

Consider the fiber in inexperienced smoothies as a brush: It really works by sweeping out the intestines and colon. That’s factor! However, as we’ve talked about, that stuff it’s sweeping out may cause some issues on its method out the door (your colon).

Relying on how a lot “dust” the fiber broom kicks up, your colon can get backed up and turn into sluggish.3 Identical goes to your kidneys, liver (ever seen anybody whose eyeballs are yellow?), lymph system (bulging, painful nodes in your neck), tonsils, coronary heart and arteries, and even your pores and skin (4 letters: Z-I-T-S).

The poisonous gasoline you’ve been consuming is 90% of the rationale why each single one in every of these organs will get weak and sluggish. Then, when the miracle occurs that you just change fuels to a excessive fiber, nutrient-dense, plant-based food regimen,4 they get backed up for some time.

How Widespread Are Inexperienced Smoothie Cleaning Reactions, and How Lengthy Will They Final?

First, the excellent news. Out of the 175 individuals who participated in my preliminary inexperienced smoothie examine (and radically modified their vitamin!) with the inexperienced smoothie behavior, solely 18% skilled very uncomfortable cleaning reactions (often known as Herxheimer reactions). That mentioned, everybody (together with myself, extra on that subsequent) is sure to expertise some gentle cleaning reactions every time food regimen considerably modifications or improves.

These cleaning reactions are commonest in the course of the first two weeks of adopting inexperienced smoothies into your food regimen. Nevertheless, they’ll additionally occur two months or six months and even six years later as your physique goes by means of new transformations. Bear in mind: In the event you’re like most individuals, you’ve been consuming processed, lifeless meals for much longer than two weeks. It’s going to take you longer than two weeks to actually “clean house!” Once more, the longer you’ve been consuming the SAD food regimen, and the weaker your inherited structure, the extra probably you might be to have tough detoxing.

My Private Expertise with Cleaning Reactions

In the event you’re coping with intestinal points, it might provide you with some consolation to know that the Inexperienced Smoothie Lady herself has been in your footwear.

On daily basis for 2 months, I drank 4 ozof wheatgrass juice (very potent and medicinal, and 4 ozis loads, like a pound of wheatgrass). In the course of the second week, I seen my pores and skin breaking out (a quite common detox response). A few weeks later, I acquired a mind fog and a slight headache. (I by no means get complications!) My mind fog was gentle and lasted about an hour. (The pores and skin breakout lasted just a few days.)

Was it enjoyable? Completely not. But it surely did assist me to acknowledge that these signs had been my neurological system attempting to course of a variety of elimination, because it had some new energy gasoline to work with. My level in sharing this private expertise is that everybody has the potential for detox symptoms-even when you’re consuming a really nutritious diet. We breathe polluted air, we expertise stress—each of which have bodily byproducts within the physique.5

Widespread Cleaning Reactions From Inexperienced Smoothies

In the event you’re experiencing any of the next cleaning reactions, there’s no must panic — or heaven forbid, take it as an indication that it’s best to cease incorporating extra fiber, bioavailable vitamins, and plant meals into your food regimen!

Keep the course, and know that “this too shall pass!”


In the event you’ve been consuming meals that comprise aspartame or monosodium glutamate (it’s all over the place, in potato chips for instance!) you’ve been getting a gentle dose of neurotoxins. Whenever you swap to a more healthy, nutrient-dense food regimen your physique works to flush these saved chemicals-and headache is a quite common symptom. You may additionally discover a headache as a part of withdrawals from sugar or caffeine.6

Irritation and Pores and skin Breakouts

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Just like headache, it’s possible you’ll discover irritation flaring up in your joints, muscle tissue, and pores and skin as totally different toxins make their method out of your physique and cross by means of your system within the blood, tissues, and neurological pathways.

Fatigue or Feeling Chilly

As your physique works towards a more healthy “new normal,” a variety of totally different processes are happening beneath the floor of your pores and skin. Your system is utilizing its new wealth of vitamins to filter out micro organism, mildew, and broken cells. And your cells are rebalancing their focus of salt, water, and potassium. This intensive restore work, mixed with shifting electrolyte ranges may cause short-term muscle fatigue, or feeling chilly at totally different instances.

Gastrointestinal Signs (Gasoline, Bloating, Nausea, Cramping)

“Leaky gut syndrome” can develop when a low-fiber, low-nutrient, extremely processed food regimen wreaks havoc in your digestive tract over time and triggers an autoimmune response. This syndrome can really trigger tiny holes to develop in your intestinal tract, as your physique struggles to find out pal from foe,7 whereas digesting your meals with out the gasoline it really wants.

Whenever you abruptly add a variety of fiber and vitamins to a digestive tract in poor restore, signs like gasoline, bloating, nausea, and cramping might be the short-term value of therapeutic.


Out of the blue including a variety of further fiber to your food regimen can quickly trigger some roadblocks (actually) for a digestive tract that isn’t in prime situation. In the event you’re coping with constipation, be sure to’re ingesting loads of water. You can even strive a espresso enema or a colon therapeutic massage to assist unclog issues!

Stalled Weight Loss

Like we talked about earlier, when you’ve been consuming a less-than-healthy food regimen for some time now, your physique has been tucking toxins and chemical compounds into your adipose tissue to guard your organs from harm. It’s no surprise your physique is reluctant to launch them again into your system! It’s additionally doable that your hormone ranges aren’t in fine condition, or that you’ve got meals sensitivities. Preserve studying to be taught extra about find out how to assist your physique by means of this detoxifying course of and shed these undesirable kilos (and chemical compounds!).

Recognizing Potential Meals Sensitivities

If a Herxheimer cleaning response to inexperienced smoothies lasts longer than 2 weeks, you could have a meals sensitivity. And when you suppose “Oh, I’m not one of those people!” suppose once more. Meals sensitivities at the moment are epidemic8 due to the quite a few methods we degenerate the intestine.

Genetically modified grains and spraying Roundup on crops (even on already harvested wheat) has led to an explosion in gluten intolerances. And the a regular American food regimen that features far an excessive amount of animal protein and too little plant fiber has created an epidemic of irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s illness, leaky intestine, fibromyalgia, persistent fatigue, Epstein Barr syndrome, and different fatigue and degenerative intestine points.

What to Do If You Suspect Meals Sensitivities

So, what must you do when you suspect meals sensitivities? There’s no want to right away schedule a panel of pricey blood exams. I’ve personally taken a handful of those exams. And each single time, my “food sensitivities” are completely totally different.9 My pal Alan Christianson, who has generally despatched the identical bloodwork from the identical affected person to 2 totally different labs, will get totally different outcomes 80% of the time — not significantly better than random likelihood.

So, once more, what SHOULD you do? In the event you can determine a sample of which meals are inflicting you grief, be happy to again off them as you proceed to do the work of serving to your intestine and organs heal, remove chemical compounds and frankenfoods out of your food regimen, and fill your pancreas, thyroid, digestive tract, kidneys, liver, coronary heart, and blood pathways with actual meals and vitamins. Many individuals are shocked to find that what they thought was a gluten intolerance was really an intolerance to Roundup10 — and that after they’ve considerably improved their food regimen (and stopped consuming genetically modified, sprayed wheat) that intolerance goes away.

Inexperienced Smoothies and Weight Loss

I get just a few messages alongside these traces:

Pricey GreenSmoothieGirl, I’m ingesting inexperienced smoothies, and also you mentioned they had been low calorie and excessive in vitamin! Why have I gained two kilos within the final two weeks?

Right here’s the quick reply: Most individuals shortly drop extra pounds on inexperienced smoothies, and most of the people’s digestion shortly improves (mentioned in depth in The Inexperienced Smoothies Eating regimen). Which is sensible, since ingesting a excessive quantity of low calorie, excessive fiber meals (solely about 200-400 energy per quart) bumps out different meals which might be invariably greater in energy, and considerably improves digestion. So, what are just a few causes you may not be seeing weight reduction such as you’d hoped?

You’re Self-Sabotaging with Treats

Holding all different issues fixed, easy physics demand you might be rising your metabolism in some ways — you might be burning fats, and you’ll drop extra pounds. Word that the sentence started, “keeping all other things constant.”

Nevertheless, when you’re rising your consumption of junk meals since you really feel your new inexperienced smoothie behavior justifies it, that might be one purpose why you’re not shedding weight. It’s straightforward to justify further treats with “Because I’ve been so ‘good’ all day!” however keep away from the temptation — particularly as a result of, energy apart, that junk will solely proceed to gunk up your digestive tract!

Your Colon Is Backed Up

In the event you’re feeling plugged up — and also you’re not shedding weight as well — it might be that your physique is attempting to course of a lot particles (after a closely processed food regimen) that your colon is getting backed up. Earlier than you get away from bed within the morning, deeply therapeutic massage your transverse colon (ideally with a tennis ball, however your arms will work), beginning decrease proper in your pelvis, straight as much as the extent of your navel, throughout to a few inches contained in the left hip bone, and down.

Your Hormone Ranges Aren’t in Putting Vary

In the event you’re nonetheless not shedding weight after just a few weeks, it’s best to think about a full blood panel workup at a hormone clinic specializing in bioidentical hormones (fairly than artificial) to find out the well being of your endocrine system, particularly your thyroid.

In case your thyroid isn’t working, with its advanced interaction of hormones, you possibly can’t metabolize meals successfully and drop extra pounds.11 In actual fact, I’ve written a complete submit on utilizing explicit substances in inexperienced smoothies to help your thyroid and even quiet Hashimoto’s signs.

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You need to know that even when your physician informed you that your TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) was within the “normal” vary, it’s possible you’ll want a broader spectrum blood check. Get each the exams for thyroid antibodies. In the event you’re a girl over 40, ask your practitioner about balancing progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone. Take a look at your vitamin D ranges,12 too!

Your Physique Is Defending Your Fats Shops

Like we talked about earlier, your physique could also be defending your fats shops — as a result of there’s some dangerous stuff hidden away in there. Be sure you’re getting loads of relaxation and ingesting LOTS of water to assist in giving your physique a method to really flush these toxins out of your physique.

You can even try my video on completely reducing your weight setpoint – it’s video quantity 2 on this masterclass sequence of 6 movies you could entry totally free proper now. Be taught why your physique protects fats, particularly when you’re a girl and particularly across the center. And be taught what to do about it!

You Want Extra Time

On the finish of the day, it’s possible you’ll want to smile and bear the complicated weight plateau for a short time, figuring out that your physique is doing good, obligatory work. You’re burning fats, regardless of what the dimensions says quickly, and the discomfort or plateau in weight reduction is short-term.

Needless to say water retention (as your fats cells refill with water to “hold the place” of fats you’re dropping in case you wish to replenish these shops) could make the numbers on the dimensions look worse earlier than they appear higher. So can gaining muscle (which weighs greater than fats). Give it time, and take note of how you’re feeling — greater than what the dimensions says.

TLDR: Inexperienced Smoothies, Weight Loss, Constipation, and Different “Bad” Reactions

Whereas it’s straightforward to take sudden or “negative” reactions to altering your vitamin as an indication that it’s best to cease, keep the course! These cleaning reactions aren’t nice, however they’re a powerful indicator that your physique desperately wanted this modification, and is working laborious at cleansing home with a brand new provide of unpolluted meals and fiber.

Fortunately, reactions like constipation, nausea, complications, pores and skin breakouts, and stalled weight reduction usually final two weeks or much less. Do not forget that this, too, shall cross. It’s an immutable regulation that if you exchange high-calorie meals with low-calorie, high-nutrition meals (inexperienced smoothies!), weight reduction and general well being will observe.

Did you expertise a cleaning response or stalled weight reduction if you began ingesting inexperienced smoothies? What was your expertise? Share within the feedback part!

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Photograph of Robyn Openshaw, founder of Green Smoothie Girl

Robyn Openshaw, MSW, is the bestselling writer of The Inexperienced Smoothies Eating regimen, 12 Steps to Complete Meals, and 2017’s #1 Amazon Bestseller and USA In the present day Bestseller, Vibe. Be taught extra about find out how to make the journey painless, from the nutrient-scarce Commonplace American Eating regimen, to a whole-foods food regimen, in her free video masterclass 12 Steps to Complete Meals.

Why Do I Get Constipated Or Not Lose Weight On Green Smoothies?


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