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Can you freeze angel food cake

Can you freeze angel food cake? Yes, you can. Angel food cake is a sponge cake that is typically made with egg whites and sugar, which makes it very light and airy. It is often frosted with meringue or
Can you freeze angel food cake
Angel Food Cake with Strawberries

Image this: you simply baked essentially the most heavenly angel meals cake, however there are solely three folks at house to get pleasure from your masterpiece. Regardless of how scrumptious it’s, you guys in all probability can’t eat all of it straight away, so that you retailer it within the fridge.

All through the remainder of the week, you baked different desserts as properly, so you bought distracted with different treats. Figuring out that the cake gained’t last more than per week within the fridge, what do you do?

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Does this imply it’s a must to throw out your masterpiece? Or is there maybe one other approach to preserve it round longer?

Properly, fortuitously, angel meals cake freezes superbly! In actual fact, it would final 4 to six months within the freezer.

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Not like most truffles, angel meals cake just isn’t loaded with butter and oils. Due to this, it loses moisture and dries out a lot sooner. That’s why it’s essential freeze it as quickly as doable, to maintain its tender, moist, and ethereal texture.

Freeze Angel Meals Cake

Right here’s how:

  1. Slice the cake in particular person items. Wrap every slice in 2 layers of plastic wrap and/or aluminum foil. A double layer of safety will assist stop freezer burn (that terrible strategy of meals absorbing the odor of things close by).
  2. Place the wrapped slice in freezer-safe baggage. Squeeze out extra air and seal the luggage.
  3. Label the luggage with the present date to understand how a lot time it has left. Angel meals cake will preserve properly within the freezer for as much as 4-6 months.
  4. Place the luggage in a plastic container comparable to a Tupperware and freeze. It will stop the truffles from getting squished by different objects within the freezer.
  5. Eat the cake inside 6 months.

This methodology works not only for home-baked truffles, however for store-bought as properly. In actual fact, baked in-store truffles are almost definitely shipped frozen, in order that they’re high quality to refreeze.

If you wish to freeze freshly baked angel meals cake, it’s higher for those who freeze it with out the icing. Icing, together with another toppings, will weigh the cake down whereas it’s freezing.

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You should definitely enable the cake to chill to room temperature earlier than freezing. A great two hours will do.

Defrost Angel Meals Cake

If you happen to’re able to have a slice of that gorgeous cake, defrost it within the fridge for a couple of hours, or simply till it has thawed to room temperature.

Eat thawed angel meals cake straight away, or else it would dry out, making all of it crumbly and bland.

In case your angel meals cake turns into too dry, treatment it by topping it with sauce or fruit slices so as to add moisture. You can too attempt microwaving it for a couple of seconds to revive a few of its moisture. Don’t refreeze thawed cake.

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Suggestions & Tips

  • If you happen to don’t intend on conserving angel meals cake round for 4-6 months, simply put it within the fridge. It should preserve properly for per week in there, so long as you wrap it in foil or plastic wrap. It will assist preserve its moisture in, stopping it from drying out.
  • If you happen to retailer angel meals cake at room temperature, it would preserve recent for 1 to 2 days.
  • Whereas these storage suggestions ought to preserve you protected, it will probably’t damage to test the freshness of the cake earlier than consuming it. Test the looks. When you see mould, it’s time to go. You may give it a sniff as properly. If you happen to scent a bizarre odor coming from it, simply discard it.
Can You Freeze Angel Food Cake

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