can you make celery juice in a blender

Celery juice is a refreshing drink that can be made in the blender. This recipe is for one serving, but if you want to make more than one, just multiply the ingredients by however many people are drinking it.

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Can you make celery juice in a blender

This celery juice recipe in a blender is so easy!

I’m working to start my mornings with some healthier-for-you habits, and celery juice is my newest love.

Reading: can you make celery juice in a blender

I held off making it for years, because I thought you needed a fancy juicer. That’s definitely not the case! It’s easy to make celery juice no juicer required!

I make the most delicious, refreshing, celery juice in my blender. Even better, the batch I make a batch is enough for a few days, making morning so easy.

In the morning, I just open my fridge, grab a glass of ice cold celery juice, and start my day. I’m a huge fan of fruit and veggie juices, like this strawberry matcha smoothie, a layered mango berry smoothie, and this almond milk berry smoothie, so juiced celery fits right in!

I can’t believe I held off for so long! This recipe is even vegan and gluten free!

What do you need to make celery juice?

All you need is a celery, water, a blender, cheesecloth, a bowl and elastic (to hold the cheesecloth), and about 10 minutes.

Make sure your celery is as fresh as possible! The fresher the celery, the better the juice!

There’s nothing but fresh, healthy celery juice at the end!

What’s the best blender for celery juice?

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This recipe is even faster if you have a higher powered blender, like a Vitamix!

I make my celery juice in a Vitamix, but making celery juice in a blender with any other high powered blender, like a Nutribullet, would work well. Nutribullet celery juice is delicious, too!

You can use a regular blender with this recipe, but the actual blending time will take a bit longer.

I use the base model Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender. It’s a true powerhouse, and it perfect for this recipe!

If you want to save a little money see prices for a refurbished Vitamix Explorian on Amazon.

Vitamix celery juice is amazing.

Can I freeze celery juice?

Yes! Celery juice freezes beautifully.

To thaw, just leave on the countertop, or defrost on low in your microwave.

You may see a bit of sediment on the bottom, but that’s just pure celery goodness! Just stir and enjoy!

Is blending celery the same as juicing?

Yes and no. We strain the celery juice in this recipe with a cheesecloth, so it’s really similar to celery juice made in a juicer.

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If you decided to skip the straining step, and leave in the pulp from the celery juice, then you get the added goodness of all the celery fiber, and the polyphenol phytonutrients that are attached to the fiber.

Honestly, though, I find the unstrained celery puree pretty hard to enjoy, even when I mix it with extra water. It’s just way too thick, even with the added water. If I wanted that, I’d just eat raw celery.

straining celery juice with a cheesecloth

What can I add to celery juice to make it taste better?

I get it – plain celery juice doesn’t work for everyone.

To change up the taste, try adding apples, lemon, pineapple, cucumber, or ginger before blending. You can even experiment with a 1/2 teaspoon of agave syrup. These additions help make celery juice taste less bitter.

How to juice celery in a blender

Here’s how to make celery juice in a blender.

Wash and cut your celery into two inch pieces.

cutting celery

Add celery and water to blender, and blend until the mixture turns into a mush. Add more water, if necessary.

Strain through cheesecloth into a medium bowl.

You can use a wire strainer with small holes, too, and your celery juice will be a little bit cloudier, but still delicious!

Store in the fridge until you’re ready to use.

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