Can you make cookies with cake flour

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Can you make cookies with cake flour

Whether or not you’re hoping for a little bit of a lighter texture in your cookies otherwise you simply need to know, “can you use cake flour for cookies?” as a result of that’s all you have got within the pantry, this information is for you!

Cake flour in cookies just isn’t unusual, however there are some common greatest practices about when and use it that we’ll go over.

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We’ve additionally obtained info under on the place to search out cake flour, make your personal cake flour, and extra!

For extra info on forms of flours to make use of in cookies, take a look at our information on utilizing bread flour in cookies, in addition to our cookie troubleshooting information.

What’s Cake Flour?

There are completely different sorts of flours, and often cookie recipes name for all-purpose flour.

Nonetheless, one other sort of flour known as cake flour.

Flours are sometimes differentiated by the share of protein in them.

Cake flour is a low protein flour, with about 7-9% protein versus the 10-12% protein in all-purpose flour.

Which means that there may be much less gluten shaped as you combine the dough, leaving you with a extra delicate and fluffy consistency after baking.

Can You Use Cake Flour for Cookies?

Sure, you should utilize cake flour in cookies!

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Sure, you should utilize cake flour in cookies! It’ll change the feel, however will nonetheless be scrumptious!

It’ll change the feel, if the recipe requires plain or all-purpose flour, however this could be preferable if you need a lighter texture.

Nothing unhealthy will occur for those who use cake flour in your cookie dough.

Why Would You Use Cake Flour in Cookies?

Utilizing cake flour as an alternative of all-purpose flour will make your cookies lighter, extra delicate, fluffier, and extra tender.

Some individuals use cake flour when making an attempt to make tender cookies.

This is sensible, because it seems extra “cake like” as an alternative of dense or chewy.

If you would like a scrumptious chewy or flat cookie, cake flour is often not your greatest guess.

Nonetheless, for those who solely have cake flour and no all-purpose flour, then you’ll be able to nonetheless substitute it and simply see how your cookies end up because it gained’t damage the batch however as an alternative simply change the feel.

How one can Use Cake Flour in Cookies

You’ve obtained two choices in the case of utilizing cake flours in cookies.

Firstly, you’ll be able to merely swap out all the all-purpose flour for cake flour.

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You possibly can swap quantity for quantity right here, which means in case your recipe desires 1 cup of all-purpose flour, then merely add 1 cup of cake flour as an alternative.

That is nice if you need a extremely tender, puffier, delicate cookie.

Secondly, you’ll be able to swap out half of the all-purpose flour for that quantity of the cake flour, or another sort of ratio like 25% cake flour and 75% all-purpose flour, or 75% cake flour and 25% all-purpose flour.

It is a higher choice if you wish to try it out or for those who simply need a bit bit extra softness to your cookies however nonetheless need to retain some chewiness.

The place to Discover Cake Flour?

You possibly can often discover cake flour in most grocery shops, although some bakers report that you simply’ll discover it within the cake combine aisle somewhat than with the opposite flours.

It sometimes is available in a field, somewhat than a bag.

You may as well order it off of Amazon.

How one can Make Your Personal Cake Flour with All-Goal Flour

For those who don’t have your personal cake flour, however need to attempt utilizing it in cookies, there may be hope!

You may make one thing much like cake flour at dwelling for those who even have cornstarch or cornflour sitting round (cornflour is best, however most individuals have cornstarch).

For each cup of all-purpose flour, take out 2 tablespoons of flour and change with 2 tablespoons of cornstarch.

Combine or sift collectively, after which use in your recipe.

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Can You Use Cake Flour for Cookies?

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