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A cast iron grill press is a kitchen essential for cooking bacon, burgers, and more. It can also be used to flatten cakes and breads before applying the icing.

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Cast iron grill press how to use

A perfectly grilled hamburger is one of the most irresistible meals for everyone! A grill press, also known as a steak weight or burger press, is used to speed up the cooking process of burger patties and other foods. It is a flat weight that is usually made from cast iron but can also be manufactured from aluminum or glass.

If you’re wondering how to use a grill press, then it’s really easy. The weight of a grill press flattens out the meat and makes sure that the heat from the stove is evenly spread to all areas. This way, the patties don’t get burned or overcooked from certain areas, while others remain uncooked.

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Most grilling Trusted Source Grilling – Wikipedia Grilling is a form of cooking that involves dry heat applied to the surface of food, commonly from above, below or from the side. Grilling usually involves a significant amount of direct, radiant heat, and tends to be used for cooking meat and vegetables quickly. Food to be grilled is cooked on a grill (an open wire grid such as a gridiron with a heat source above or below), using a cast iron/frying pan, or a grill pan (similar to a frying pan, but with raised ridges to mimic the wires of an open grill). enthusiasts would agree that a grill press makes grilling burgers easier and results in a better, evenly cooked patty. The grill stripes make it look appetizing. Those marks are all the work of a grill press. If you enjoy uniformly cooked patties or steaks, you definitely need to learn how to use a grill press for hamburgers.

How Do Hamburger Presses Work?

How to Use a Grill Press?

When it comes to making a hamburger by hand, it is not as simple as it seems to be. Especially when you are in a hurry, making hamburgers by hand can be time-consuming. Well, no need to worry because hamburger presses exist!

You can whip up perfectly round patties with a hamburger press in no time. A hamburger press is a hygienic way to make hamburgers as it does not require you to touch the patty to make it well-rounded. These presses are a versatile tool not just great for making excellent burger patties at home but also suitable for other kinds of meat.

They can be used for shaping turkey, kebabs, and fish for fish cakes and salmon burgers. Hamburger presses are an essential kitchen tool that is a must-have for all cooking enthusiasts.

We are convinced that everyone needs a hamburger press, and you can easily find some of the best burger presses to make preparation for your homemade meals easier. If you want a burger press or looking to replace your current one, you can consider the Weston Burger Express Hamburger Press.

Food Preparation Guide

Step 1: Preheat your Grill Press

If you prefer your patties searing from both sides, preheating your grill press will get the job done. Preheating allows for faster cooking and better-cooked burgers. You can also skip this step and simply place the grill press over the grates as they heat up.

If you’re making burgers on a stove, leave the grill press on the stove at a medium temperature for 10 minutes. Make sure not to heat the handle.

Step 2: Start Grilling the Meat

Place your food on the grill or a skillet to start cooking. Leave spaces between patties to prevent them from sticking to each other. This will also make it easier to turn over each piece.

Step 3: Take the Grill Press and Start Pressing

Use a kitchen mitt to pick up the grill press by the handle, especially if you have preheated the press. The handle heats up pretty quickly, so don’t touch it directly. Place the grill press over the food and push down. Start adding pressure immediately for even searing on both sides.

Make sure to apply pressure from the grill press evenly to all areas of the meat. Otherwise, the juices from the meat can spill over. This will flatten and sear your burger patties. If you are using a preheated press, you will be able to sear both sides simultaneously.

Step 4: Lift the Grill Press to Check Progress

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Take the press off to see if you have achieved your desired level of searing. You can flip the patties at this time to press on the other side; however, if you are using a grill, this step will not be necessary. Pressing it down for too long will result in a darker burnt crust and dry out your patties. You can also leave the press on the meat while it cooks without putting pressure with your hand.

Step 5: Remove the Press and Enjoy a Perfectly Seared Meal

Once you have achieved perfectly cooked and seared meat, you can remove the grill press and move it to the sink for cleaning. Turn off the heat and take the food off the grill. You are ready to serve your delicious grill pressed hamburgers!

How to Clean a Grill Press?

Using a grill press for making hamburgers doesn’t end with pressing patties. Cleaning up is an essential task after you are done using the grill press. It is important to do this properly and thoroughly to make sure that you don’t damage the tool or leave any residue food sitting in the nooks and crannies. Follow the steps below for cleaning your grill press the right way.

  1. Rinse with Warm Water

It is best to clean the grill press right away to avoid having to deal with stubborn buildup. As soon as you are done using the press, rinse it right away with some warm water. This will remove any food particles still sticking to the grill press plate.

You can also wash the top handle. Remember not to use soap or harsh chemicals to wash a grill press because these detergents can cause the cast iron material to rust.

  1. Dry the Grill Press Using a Clean Cloth

After you are done rinsing the grill, press, wipe it with a dish towel to remove any water droplets. Letting water sit on the metal tool will cause stubborn marks or cause rusting. If you still see any food particles on the grill press, spray some kosher salt on the surface and scrub it gently with the cloth.

  1. Re-season the Grill Press for Next Time

How to Use a Grill Press?

Take your now clean grill press and prepare it for seasoning. You can use any food-grade oil for this. Pour some vegetable or olive oil on a paper towel and wipe the grill press plate. Place the press plate in a cast-iron skillet and heat it for about 20 minutes on medium heat. This will season your grill press, making it ready for use again and saving you some seasoning time for the next time you make hamburgers. This will also protect your grill press from rust and damage.

How to Pick the Best Grill Press?

Now that you know how to use a grill press for hamburgers, it’s similarly important to know how to pick the best quality burger press. Choosing a burger press can be challenging, considering how there are several phony products out there that claim to be the best but don’t perform up to the mark.

Before you buy a burger grill press, make sure to consider the following features:

The Construction of the Burger Grill Press

The most important aspect to consider before buying any product that requires frequent usage is to check the quality of its construction. For a grill press, make sure to check the materials used to make the tool. These must be essentially made from a durable metal, which ensures long-lasting usage and makes for a good investment.

The material must also be food grade, which means that it is safe to use for preparing food intended for human consumption. Look for an interior that has a non-stick coating, which will prevent your hamburgers from sticking to the cooking surface and burning. Non-stick cooking tools usually come with a sticker to indicate it, so be on the lookout for this certification.

The construction also includes the handle of the grill press, which must be sturdy so it doesn’t break off easily. It should also be non-slippery for easy gripping. The best grill presses come with a non-slip, detachable handle, which allows easy portability and less storage space.

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If you are looking for a high-quality burger press, the Dragon Grill Press – BBQD270 is an excellent option.

Thickness and Size of the Interior

The thickness and size of a grill press determine the size of your hamburgers, so if you are particular about it, then you need to consider this feature before making a purchase. If you don’t like the standard size of burger patties and prefer smaller bite-sized or larger hamburgers, make sure to look at the dimensions of the burger press.

The thickness of the patty depends on the depth of the grill press; however, some presses can allow a variety of thicknesses. Sometimes you might want less thick patties that will cook faster, while other times, you want to make a filling meal with a thick burger patty. Ideally, you must get a burger grill press that lets you customize the thickness of your patties.

Number of Patties to Cook at Once

People often like to grill burgers for the family and have a picnic on Sundays. These events require grilling several burgers at once. If you are a single person who only cooks for themselves, you are good to go with just a single grill press. However, if you often grill burgers for your family and close friends, it is best to go for a grill press that allows you to shape more than one patty at a time. This will reduce your workload and keep the flow of your burgers steady at a party.

Ease of Cleaning

When buying a burger press, make sure to select one that does not require a complicated post-pressing clean-up. Burger presses that are the simplest to clean are ones that can be dismantled easily. Detaching all the parts of a burger press allows for proper, thorough cleaning, making sure that no residue of meat or grease is left behind.

If you let the buildup of meat or grease from the patties sit, especially in stubborn areas, it will aid the growth of harmful bacteria.

Check for Warranty

It is always best to find items that come with a warranty because it ensures you make a safe purchase. A warranty is like a manufacturer’s guarantee that the product will be up to the quality and functionality standards. The most durable and reliable grill presses come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Extra Tips

A grill press is not the only thing that you need for making great hamburgers. You also need a good hamburger patty recipe, a trustworthy charcoal grill for the perfect smokey taste, and an expert technique to grill burgers like a pro. You can press grilled cheese sandwiches Trusted Source How to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich – The Guardian This is one recipe that deserves to be perfect; after all, if you eat too many of the things, life really will be too short to bother with a bad cheese sandwich. press grilled cheese sandwiches, steak, and fish cakes using your trusty grill press!

Get a grill press with ridges or openings if you want grill marks on your patties. A flat surface will result in uniform searing. If you want a uniform sear, you can also use a cast-iron skillet to press your patties!

Make sure to follow the correct directions if you are reheating or grilling frozen patties.

Final Thoughts

A grill press is a handy tool when it comes to efficient and professional cooking. People love it for its ease of use, versatility, and time-saving characteristics. Sometimes using a grill press can be frustrating when you cannot figure it out.

However, if you know how to use a grill press, your life will become so much easier. To make your experience even better, look for the best performing charcoal grill that will help you make perfectly tender, smokey, and evenly cooked burgers. Learn how to properly grill steak on a charcoal grill to make your picnics memorable and have your guests gushing over the food you serve!

We hope you found this guide useful and wish you good luck with whipping the perfect hamburgers using a trusty grill press!

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