5 Healthy Smoothies – Whole30 / Paleo with Low Carb Options

I love to drink a cleansing smoothie in the morning. It tastes good, calms my stomach and gives me energy for the day ahead. They are easy to make and can be made with any fruit you like.

5 healthy smoothies that taste good and are quick and easy to make with 5 ingredients or less. These easy smoothie recipes are simple to customize and perfect for breakfast or an after workout snack. Includes super foods, secret tips and all the fruit smoothie recipes are dairy free, paleo, Whole30, sugar free with low carb keto options.

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Updated July 2019


With the start of summer (AKA swimsuit season) and the beginning of the new year, most of us are looking to include more clean and healthy recipes after all the heavier meals and desserts over the holidays!

Nothing helps to kick start your morning like some delicious breakfast smoothies. Smoothies are one of my family’s favorite way to start the day especially during the summer when you want something cold and refreshing.

5 of the BEST tasting and Easy to make Smoothie Recipes that will help you with your healthier eating goal this year! All paleo, whole 30 compliant,, banana, dairy and refined sugar free!

Making smoothies at home is one of the easiest things since you can use whatever you have in your fridge or pantry. I love how versatile these healthy shakes are. You can easily swap in your favorite fruit, vegetables and other spices and add-ins you like.


Ever wondered will smoothies make me gain weight?

Some fruits smoothie recipes and smoothie bowls are loaded with sugar and other unnecessary ingredients that can actually make you gain weight.

So will smoothies make me lose weight?

By using the right combination of ingredients, you can create healthy smoothies that taste good and may even help you lose weight if that is your goal.


Today I am sharing FIVE easy smoothies that are perfect as part of a healthy breakfast, pre or post workout snack or a quick pick me up to help keep you full until your next meal.

These delicious smoothie recipes are all naturally vegetarian, vegan friendly, dairy free and Whole30 compliant but feel free to adjust the ingredients according to your dietary preferences.

  1. Green Smoothie with Avocado – click the link OR scroll to the bottom for the full recipe
  2. Orange Smoothie OR Lemon Smoothie for low carb – scroll to the bottom for the full recipe
  3. Blackberry Kale Smoothie – click the link OR scroll to the bottom for the full recipe
  4. Strawberry Smoothie – click link the link OR scroll to the bottom for the full recipe
  5. Spinach Smoothie – scroll to the bottom for the full recipe

5 of the BEST tasting and Easy to make Smoothie Recipes that will help you with your healthier eating goal this year! Paleo, Whole 30 compliant with no bananas, dairy and refined sugar free!

Most of these healthy fruit smoothie recipes are made with only 5 Ingredients or less. They are full of fiber, protein, and healthy fats and are also completely SUGAR FREE, banana-free, vegan/dairy-free.

And they’re also perfect if you are looking for recipes that are WHOLE 30 or paleo-friendly.

I’ve even included options and substitutions to make all of these easy smoothies low carb and keto-friendly if you’re following a keto diet


The recipes for these healthy smoothies for weight loss are sugar-free but depending on your diet and preference, you are totally free to add these refined sugar free options or any sweetener of your choice:

  • maple syrup
  • raw honey
  • ripe banana
  • dried dates
  • fresh grapes
  • coconut sugar
  • low carb sweeteners: monk fruit sweetener, erythritol, SWERVE or stevia


My personal preference is to prep the ingredients for smoothies and then blend them when you’re ready to enjoy.

All of these smoothie recipes can be made ahead of time if your mornings are pretty crazy like ours. Simply place the solid ingredients into a labeled clear resealable bag and store them in the freezer. Then in the morning, choose the smoothie flavor you feel like having that morning….add liquid and blend.


If you prefer to make your fruit smoothies ahead of time, blend all the ingredients and store in a mason jar and cover with the lid. Smoothies will typically keep in the fridge for 1-2 days. You may notice that the liquid separates so you can either shake the smoothie together or re-blend again.


If you prefer to store your blended green smoothies in the freezer, you can portion them out into ice cubes until frozen. Then pop the smoothie cubes out and store in a clear resealable bag or Stasher bag for up to 3 months.

Then when you’re drink your breakfast smoothie, simply thaw in the fridge about an hour beforehand in a glass cup.

You can also freeze the smoothies in a mason jar for up to 3 months. Be sure not fill the mason jar all the way to the top, otherwise, the jar can shatter. When you’re ready to drink your healthy smoothie, thaw the mason jar in the fridge the night before or a few hours beforehand.


You can also change up these easy smoothie recipes with any add-in choices that you like:

  • water
  • coconut water
  • matcha powder or brewed green tea
  • cocao powder
  • chia seeds
  • for dairy free: almond milk, soy milk or oat milk
  • ripe frozen banana (adds thickness as well)
  • water kefir


  • cauliflower – adds bulk
  • zucchini

If NOT Whole30, paleo & dairy is okay:

  • plain yogurt, Greek yogurt or vanilla yogurt – add to the freezer for 20 minutes and it tastes just like ice cream
  • peanut butter, almond butter or sunflower seed butter for extra added protein
  • oats for extra staying power



  1. ADD LIQUID FIRST: You’re going to start by adding the water, milk, coconut water, coconut milk to your high speed blender first. Adding the liquid first helps to make the other ingredients blend much faster.
  2. ADD GREENS OR SOFTER FRUIT & VEGGIES: Next, add any spinach, kale and other soft fruits such as fresh berries.
  3. FROZEN INGREDIENTS OR ICE:Finally, add the hard veggies, frozen fruits or ice.
  4. COVER WITH LID AND BLEND: Turn your blender on – the best part is, if you have a high powdered blender such as a Blendtec or a Vitamix, it whips all of these smoothies together in seconds.


Some affiliate links included:

High-powered blender such as a Vitamix OR Blendtec


Mason Jar (for storing)

Silicon ice cube tray (for freezing)


Green Smoothie with Avocado (includes option for low carb)

This green avocado smoothie recipe is loaded with a ton of antioxidants, vitamin-rich greens and tastes refreshing and delicious.

Thanks to the natural sweetness from the pineapple and green grapes AND the refreshing zing from the lemon and ginger, it doesn’t taste like you are drinking all those greens.

Main ingredients:

  • 2 cups of spinach
  • frozen pineapple chunks OR sub with star fruit for low carb / keto
  • green grapes OR sub with avocado for low carb / keto)
  • celery
  • ginger
  • lemon juice
  • water

Nutritional information:

Macros for one serving of the low carb smoothie recipe:

  • 71 calories
  • 6g Net Carbs = 12g Total Carbs – 6g Fiber
  • 2g Protein
  • 1g Fat

Skinny Orange Julius OR Lemon Smoothie for low carb

This refreshing fruit smoothie tastes like an orange creamsicle or a lighter version of the famous Orange Julius. It’s full of Vitamin-C and added protein from the protein powder.

Main ingredients:

  • 1/3 cup milk of your choice: we used almond milk
  • oranges / fresh orange juice OR Meyer lemons for low carb / keto
  • pure vanilla extract
  • vegan vanilla protein powder (optional) (affiliate link —> this is my favorite one)
  • ice

Macros for one serving of the keto smoothie recipe:

13 calories, 1g carb, 1g protein, 1g fat

Blackberry Kale Smoothie (options for low carb)

This great tasting and refreshing paleo smoothie is not only packed with a ton of anti-oxidants from the berries, it’s also got a sneaky serving of kale which you can’t taste at all (pinky swear) thanks to the sweetness from the tropical pineapple and blueberries.

Main ingredients:

  • blackberries
  • frozen blueberries
  • kale
  • frozen pineapple chunks OR sub with star fruit for low carb / keto)
  • water

Macros for one serving of the low carb Blackberry Kale Smoothie:

86 calories, 8g carbs, 3g protein, 1g fat

Strawberry Smoothie

This delicious strawberry smoothie recipe is so easy to make, delicious to drink and nutritious and satisfying to your body. It’s naturally sweet from the strawberries, raspberries and mango and has that added protein from the coconut cream to help fill you up.

Main ingredients:

  • frozen sliced strawberries
  • frozen mango chunks OR sub with cantaloupe for low carb / keto version
  • fresh raspberries
  • coconut cream
  • water

Option: You can add a frozen banana to make this a strawberry banana smoothie

Macros for one serving of the low carb strawberry smoothie:

156 calories, 10g NET carbs, 2g protein. 11 g fat

5 of the BEST tasting and Easy to make Smoothie Recipes that will help you with your healthier eating goal this year! Paleo, Whole 30 compliant with no bananas, dairy and refined sugar free!

Spinach Green Smoothie

This sweet, creamy and healthy Spinach Green Smoothie recipe is full of vitamins and tastes like a tropical vacation. Only 5 ingredients, and kids love it too!

Main ingredients:

  • spinach or kale (I used a mix of both)
  • pear OR chayote for low carb / keto
  • apple OR leave out for low carb / keto
  • frozen mango chunks OR sub with cantaloupe for low carb / keto
  • water

Macros for one serving of the low carb spinach green smoothie:

189 calories, 6g NET carbs, 3g protein, 15g fat


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Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipes

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