Elevate Your Grilling Experience with Family Cuisine’s Coleman Roadtrip Grill Accessories

One of the many joys of owning a RoadTrip grill from Family Cuisine is the availability of various accessories to enhance your grilling adventure.

While a great grilling experience can be achieved without any additional accessories, incorporating them can take your grilling game to the next level. Whether you wish to explore different cooking methods, save on fuel costs, or safeguard your investment, these accessories are the key to an even better grilling experience.

Mix and Match Grates

With a couple of extra grates for your grill, the possibilities are endless!

As mentioned in my reviews, one of my favorite aspects of owning a RoadTrip grill is the option to use accessory cooking grates. By default, these grills come with two half-sized grill grates that fit together on the grill. While this is sufficient for most people who enjoy grilling, there are those of us who like to mix things up a bit!

Thankfully, RoadTrip Grill owners have the opportunity to add variety to their cookout menus by selecting from a range of available grates.

The Stove Grate

Coleman Roadtrip Swaptop Stove Grate Accessory

For camping trips or any outdoor adventure, the stove grate is an absolute essential. The standard grill grates that come with the grill may not be suitable for use with pots and pans. This slim and sleek grate is designed to function like an electric stove element. Heat water for cleaning dishes or making hot chocolate. You can even whip up your favorite chili recipe!

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Available at Amazon.

The Griddle Grate

Coleman Roadtrip Swaptop Griddle Grate Accessory

As a lover of breakfast, the griddle grate holds a special place in my heart. Combining a griddle grate with a regular grill grate allows for the perfect breakfast setup. Cook pancakes on one side and breakfast sausages on the other. With two griddle grates, you can ensure that grease from frying bacon doesn’t mix with your eggs!

This half-sized grate is exclusively available in cast iron. While there used to be a cast aluminum version, it has been discontinued in favor of the sturdier cast iron alternative.

Click here to see it on Amazon.

Full-Sized Griddle Grate

Coleman Road Trip Full-Size Aluminum Griddle

Planning to cook a large batch of pancakes for a family reunion breakfast? Look no further than the full-sized griddle grate. You may wonder why you can’t simply use two half-sized griddles instead. The advantage of this griddle lies in the fact that it covers the entire grill surface without any gaps in the middle. While it’s perfect for breakfast, you can also use it to prepare chicken fajitas or a delightful stir fry. The griddle grate is currently available only in cast aluminum, as far as I know.

Available at Amazon.

Wheeled Carrying Case

Coleman Road Trip wheeled carry case

For those planning to take their grill on epic journeys or store it during winter, the wheeled carrying case is an absolute must-have. Not only does it protect your valuable investment, but it also conveniently accommodates all your other accessories, cooking tools, and even condiments!

Tall individuals will particularly appreciate this case, as it offers wheels and an extended length for easier transportation. Say goodbye to the struggles of carrying the grill alone.

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If you own a version of the RoadTrip grill with a built-in handle on the stand, make sure to extend the handle before attempting to fit the grill into the case.

Available at Amazon.

Adaptor and Hose for Refillable Tanks

Coleman 5 Ft. High-Pressure Propane Hose and Adapter

Many portable grills use disposable propane bottles, which some may find uneconomical compared to refillable tanks. Additionally, having to replace bottles midway through a meal can be bothersome, especially during tailgate parties or for regular grill users.

The adaptor hose conveniently allows your grill to run on any size refillable propane tank. This makes it an ideal accessory for those wishing to avoid spending money on disposable bottles. By the time you finish using your first 20lb tank, the savings from using this hose will have easily covered its cost!

Available at Amazon.

RoadTrip Grill Cover

Coleman RoadTrip Grill Cover

Whether your RoadTrip grill resides permanently on your balcony or accompanies you on overnight camping trips, it’s crucial to keep it free from dirt, dust, and rain. Maintaining the grill’s cleanliness and functionality is essential for top-notch grilling results.

This heavy-duty grill cover provides full protection when your grill is set up but not in use. It’s made with durable materials and designed to stay in place, preventing it from flying away even in windy conditions.

Please note that this grill cover is now marketed as the NXT grill cover, but it indeed fits RoadTrip grills.

Available at Amazon.

All the accessories featured in this article are specifically designed for use with LX, LXE, LXX, and Paul Jr Designs RoadTrip Grills, unless stated otherwise by the retailer. To learn more about the RoadTrip LX or the RoadTrip LXE, check out my reviews.

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Grilling enthusiasts, take your culinary journey to new heights with Family Cuisine’s Coleman Roadtrip Grill Accessories!

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