Cosmic Bliss Ice Cream: The Ultimate Indulgence

After 17 years of delighting vegans, Coconut Bliss has undergone a cosmic transformation, rebranding as Cosmic Bliss and introducing a new dairy-based ice cream line. This heavenly dessert claims to be “humane,” “grass-fed,” and “the most sustainably made and clean-label brand on the market.” Let’s dive into the cosmic realm of Cosmic Bliss and explore the reasoning behind their daring move.

Why “Sustainable Dairy”?

Cosmic Bliss ignited a fiery debate on their Facebook page when they announced their new dairy line. Many loyal customers were taken aback by the brand’s decision to venture into animal-based products. However, Cosmic Bliss passionately explained that their mission to build a more sustainable agricultural system extends to organic, grass-fed dairy ice cream. They want to prove that dairy consumption can be done responsibly and ethically.

The brand acknowledges that dairy is not for everyone, and they respect different dietary preferences. Their goal is to offer better options regardless of whether you choose dairy or vegan delights. While opinions may differ, Cosmic Bliss hopes to shed light on their perspective and values.

Greenwashing Backlash

Cosmic Bliss faced a wave of customer comments accusing them of greenwashing. These passionate individuals argued that marketing dairy as “sustainable” is a deceptive ploy to present their products as environmentally friendly. While the brand appreciates their customers’ concerns, they maintain that their expansion into dairy is rooted in a genuine desire to provide more sustainable choices.

Improving Dairy-Free Offerings

While some may view Cosmic Bliss’ decision as a step back, it’s important to recognize the larger landscape. Major brands are increasingly realizing the environmental and ethical consequences of dairy production. For instance, Ben & Jerry’s—a renowned ice cream brand with over 40 years of experience—has been expanding its dairy-free range to improve sustainability and cater to diverse preferences.

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Simultaneously, vegan brand So Delicious has unveiled innovative dairy-free products, such as the Wondermilk line, which closes the gap between traditional dairy drinkers and plant-based beverage consumers. By employing new technology, So Delicious aims to create dairy-identical products that mimic the taste, texture, and appearance of dairy milk.

Furthermore, cutting-edge startups like Perfect Day are leveraging precision fermentation to create dairy-identical products without exploiting animals. In their process, microflora replace cows as they produce animal-free whey, resulting in proteins that are indistinguishable from those found in dairy foods.

The Cosmic Journey Continues

Cosmic Bliss stands firm in their commitment to progress sustainable life practices. They warmly welcome consumers of all dietary preferences, aiming to provide delectable desserts that are made in a more sustainable way. By expanding their offerings and embracing the cosmic possibilities of dairy, Cosmic Bliss invites us to explore a universe of flavors and make conscious choices that align with our values.

For more cosmic delights and to learn about the downsides of dairy, visit Family Cuisine.




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