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Do pickles make your face break out? This question is often asked by people who are unsure whether they should try the beloved condiment. However, there is no definitive answer. Some people find that pickles do not cause acne while others

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Do pickles make your face break out

Horrible heat, high pollution (despite odd-even), engulfing dust and allergens all around puts body’s largest organ at stake – “your skin”. People from all ages, encompassing puberty prone teens to hormonally disturbed pre-menopausal women to stress struck males suffer from them, the ugly zits.

These sufferers are perpetually on a lookout for over the counter solutions to cure those obnoxious pimples buying myriad of gels, creams, ointments and herbal concoctions burning a big hole in their pockets but to no accord.

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If you’ve done everything under the sun to salvage your once beautiful skin, time now to revisit the cause, your daily diet. Interestingly, the cause is also the solution.

How diet causes acne

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We’ve known for ages that fried and spicy foods like oil based pickles, samosas, chole bhature etc, are regarded as culprit for causing acne as oils clogs skin pores making them a breeding haven for acne causing bacteria.

Recent researches took the story ahead and proved that foods high in glycemic index (GI) indicates have a major impact on a person’s blood glucose level. Foods like sugar-rich soda pops, white flour-based burgers, sugar candies, cakes, pastries, sweets and white chocolates elevate serum insulin levels which in turn stimulate sebum production leading to inflammation of skin causing acne. In short, foods that give you sugar rush trigger the production of hormone insulin to help absorb that extra sugar. To top it, foods that lack fibre and antioxidants make the breakouts inevitable.

Is daily diet the solution for combating acne?


Include low GI foods such as fibre rich whole grain & legumes, seasonal fresh veggies, citrus fruits, et al in your diet and following it to a T. Don’t forget to hydrate; drink around two-three litres of water daily without fail for effectively flushing out skin irritants and acne-causing toxins.

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Top it up with a daily dose of antioxidant-rich food to dampen the effect of inflammation-causing free radicals. And, voila! You get a flawless, glowing and acne-free skin.

Therefore, it’s not only GI that matters but also the complete package of nutrients and how our metabolism works in fighting the acne demon.

Here are four skin-friendly foods to fight acne better:

1. Papaya

Bursting with beta-carotene (a form of vitamin A) papaya is your go to food for achieving healthy skin. Papaya has a medium GI of 59 with low glycemic load is rich in many other skin-friendly nutrients.

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