does juice plus make you poop

Juicing is a popular trend that has been gaining momentum in the last few years. It's not just for health benefits, but because it can help with weight loss and increase your energy levels. But what about the other effects? Does juice

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Does juice plus make you poop

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Everyone always wants to know what to expect when they start something new, and rightfully so! So what can you expect when you start taking the powdered gold known as Juice Plus? In reality, this all depends on YOU and YOUR specific situation. Some people see big things fast, while others might not. But what’s typical? Let’s break it down.

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Juice Plus is an adjustment to your routine

Probably the first thing you’ll notice is that taking 6-8 capsules or 6-12 chewables is an upset in your normal routine. Just like adding in exercise, a prescription medication, or a vitamin you have to actually TAKE IT in order to see any changes. It sounds silly to say, but this is where many of my customers struggle the most. So you can expect a little bit of juggling the first week or two while you determine how best to remember to take it. I suggest setting an alarm on your phone, putting the bottles next to something you already do daily or hiring a carrier pigeon to bring you a reminder note every day.

Juice Plus might send you to the potty more than usual

It’s a fact of life: we all poop. Some of us more than others, but we all do it. One thing many people notice within their first month of taking Juice Plus regularly is that they might be hitting the throne room a little more often. Sometimes even with a little urgency. DO NOT PANIC. This is normal. If you are one of the unlucky few who get a little gas or cramping, please be patient. Your body might not be used to such rich, bioavailable, and clean nutrients. If that’s the case, there is an adjustment period as you re-calibrate to fruits and veggies vs. burgers and fries. Trust me, it’s worth it.

If you are bothered by this hiccup one thing you can do is cut back to a half dose for a week or so, and then increase from there. Very few people need to do this, however. Unfortunately, our bodies get used to working incredibly hard to process the crap we eat, so if we suddenly give it the good stuff it’s like opening a door you thought would be heavy. Awkward. But you WILL adjust and be happy with your new bathroom routine because it’ll be EASIER and MORE PREDICTABLE! HOORAY!

Juice Plus might make some stuff grow

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Mainly your hair and nails. Especially if you are taking the omegas in conjunction with the trio, you might notice that your hair and nails are growing a bit faster, thicker, and stronger. This one is kind of cool especially for nail biters like me because I CAN ACTUALLY GROW OUT MY NAILS NOW!

You might also notice that your skin is brighter, smoother, and more clear. Again, this isn’t true for everyone immediately, but if you take a picture at the beginning and a few months in, I’d be VERY surprised if you looked worse.

Juice Plus might make it easier to think

Brain fog. It’s real and it sucks balls. Forgetting words, wandering aimlessly from room to room looking for the glasses on your face, or reading the same thing over and over. Not that any of those things have ever happened to me of course. (HA!) But a lot of us experience this. When we eat like typical Americans (shitty), sleep like the average person (shitty), and exercise like most people (never) we’re creating the perfect environment for this lovely phenomenon.

Many people, including myself, notice that the brain fog begins to dissipate when we take our Juice Plus on the regular. It might not be SUPER obvious. Just like the fog out of your window slowly fading away throughout the morning. But if we think back, the change is usually quite substantial. So if you want to calculate the waiter’s tip in your head again, you might want to try taking Juice Plus regularly.

Taking Juice Plus might make Fruits and Veggies Sexier

This is one of my FAVORITE effects. Especially in terms of my children (Who get theirs FREE BTW). Something about getting in the good stuff from over 30 Fruits, Veggies, and Berries on the regular makes our bodies go ‘Oh, yeah! I like this stuff!’ and start to ask for it more. Sugary things might be TOO sweet, and that carrot suddenly looks better than those pretzels. I’m not going to say that we never eat crap anymore, we do, but we frequently crave produce now too. Which is really cool!

You might notice some pep in your step

Energy. We literally fight wars over this shit. We all want more of it! We drink coffee, down energy drinks, try and trick our bodies into performing more and more… and it doesn’t work. There are only a few ways to truly boost your energy: eat clean, sleep well, get fit, and de-stress. GAH! It sounds so simple, BUT IT ISN’T! If anyone has figured how to do these things successfully without any drawbacks, let me know. I need to pay you money to show me how.

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For real though, what Juice Plus can do in the war for more personal energy, is tackle the ‘eat clean’ portion. We’re SUPPOSED to get in 7-13 servings of fruits and veggies a day. Which, of course, is super easy to do in between the 38,947 other things we need to do with our only free 5 minutes of the day. I mean, who isn’t cooking 3 fresh meals every day?! That’s right, no one. This is why I personally take Juice Plus. Because it helps with this one part of the energy battle without a huge hassle.

This is one thing that my customers most often report: an increase in energy. I’LL TAKE IT!

You might not notice anything at all

You read that right, you might take your Juice Plus daily for MONTHS and notice not a damn thing. This is also very normal. Let me ask you this? Do you feel your arteries clog? Fat cells growing? Toxins build up in your system? No? Then you’re not going to feel the level of cellular repair and absorption provided by Juice Plus. Not to be snarky here, but we tend to expect results RIGHT NOW and real health improvements just don’t work that way.

The thing here is to just. keep. going. Just like paying for your health insurance, don’t stop! If you feel like NOTHING is changing, track some stuff. Do you know your blood pressure, weight, or cholesterol? Maybe how fast you can run a mile? What is your resting heart rate? Go ahead and google any other biomarkers you want, but track SOMETHING, usually something that is currently non-ideal, and check it every few months.

I typically suggest that everyone commit to Juice Plus for at least a year before claiming it does nothing for them. Do you eat one salad and immediately look like Cindy Crawford circa 1995? No? Welp, Juice Plus happens to be food just like that salad, albeit Jetsons-style capsule food.

So is Juice Plus worth it?

Abso-freakin-lutely! Seriously y’all, this stuff is the bee’s knees. It’s proven to make some amazing improvements in our overall health whether we FEEL it or not. Everyone in the family needs Juice Plus honestly. Regardless of what conditions you may be battling, or health/fitness goals you may have, Juice Plus is for you. Its Fruits and Veggies guys! It’s really that simple! So what are you waiting for?! Get started TODAY to see what your results will be!

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