does orange juice make your teeth yellow

I am a big fan of orange juice and I always drink it. But recently, I noticed that my teeth were turning yellow. Is this normal?

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Does orange juice make your teeth yellow

drinks high in tannin are particularly staining

Everybody knows that coffee and wine stain teeth. But you don’t have a diet that consists solely of coffee and wine (if you do, you may want to consider changing that diet), so what other foods might you be eating or drinking that could stain your teeth?

1. Tea

Tea seems innocent enough. Water flavored by leaves, what could be lighter than that? But tea can actually be worse than coffee when it comes to staining teeth. This surprising fact is due to the elevated levels of chromogen and low levels of tannins. Black tea is the worst. Green and white tea won’t stain as much.

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2. Berries

This is pretty obvious actually, but it’s easy to think fresh fruit = healthy and not consider any possible adverse effects. Blackberries and blueberries are indeed healthy, and delicious, but don’t forget that they can easily stain your teeth.

3. Balsamic Vinegar

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Again, healthy foods for your body are not also healthy foods for your teeth. Any salad with balsamic vinegar-based dressing can wreck your smile, because the balsamic vinegar sticks to your teeth and discolors it over time.

4. Soy Sauce

Berries, salads, sushi… why can’t anything good for your body also be good for your teeth? If you’re dipping your sushi in a lot of soy sauce, be sure to take sips of your drink between each bite to wash the dark sauce off your teeth.

5. Tomato Sauce

The red color stands out, and also there are acids in the tomato that can cut through enamel and set some nasty stains. If you eat some spinach before the spaghetti, you can add a layer of temporary protection and mitigate the damage done by a heavy dose of tomato sauce.

6. Orange Juice

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Any fruit juice, with their bright colors and sticky residue they leave in the mouth after a sip, is bad for the color of your teeth. Citrus juices, orange juice being the most popular among them, are particularly bad because of the acids.

There are a few ways to limit the discoloration from orange juice, or other beverages that stain, like soda, wine, and coffee. You can use a straw, which allows you to transport the liquid from your cup right to your tongue and down your throat without making any contact with your teeth. Another technique is to not let staining foods linger in your mouth, swallowing whatever you got as fast as you can. It’s an easy enough method for liquids, but make sure you don’t choke when you try it with food.

Don’t worry. We know a lot of people need coffee to get up in the morning, and they’d like a glass of wine to relax with dinner. It isn’t necessary to cut off all these foods cold turkey, but is does help to consume them in limited quantities if you truly are concerned about the color of your teeth. You can call Kennewick Dental for a teeth whitening appointment at (505) 374 – 4077.

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