dont waste the fruit for mulled wine make dessert

I love to make mulled wine during the holidays. It's a tradition that my family has passed down for generations. But I'm not going to waste the fruit in the jar by cooking it down into a delicious drink. Instead, I

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Dont waste the fruit for mulled wine make dessert

A decadent twist on a classic French, this mulled wine creme brulee is silky, rich and delicious. Made with gingerbread cookie crust, silky smooth mulled wine creamy filling and boozy fruit. Decorated in a festive fashion with snowflake royal icing cookies.

Creme brulee tart with mulled wine flatlay

The perfect winter Creme Brulee Tart

Winter is the perfect season to indulge in delicious treats that make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. From mulled wine hints, to fruit packed with alcohol, this creme brulee tart will hit all the sweet spots! The gingerbread cookie crust works gorgeously with the filling, giving it a much needed crunch.

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Creme brulee tart with mulled wine with cut slice

Nothing says ‘winter’ like a decadent gingerbread cookie. The deep molasses make a beautifully sharp and crispy cookie, beloved all over the world.

The gingerbread crust is the same as any gingerbread cookie recipe, minus the baking soda. We want the crust to have a good crunchy snap to it, so baking soda or powder must be left out.

Silky smooth mulled wine creme brulee filling

Creme brulee is a deceptively easy recipe to follow. The ingredients are mixed together, then they are cooked until slightly thickened. Following this, the blind baked tart is filled with the cream, and everything is baked until set.

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What gives the creme brulee its signature crunchy crust is the caramelised layer of sugar on top. The only way to achieve this look is by using a kitchen blowtorch (carefully!) and melting the sugar. Multiple layers of sugar will be needed to achieve a better coverage. It is best to do this before serving the tart, as the sugar will start dissolving if left for too long.

Snowflake gingerbread cookies

I have used the same dough to make the snowflake cookies on top. This gives a crunchy cookie with a good snap. If you prefer a slightly softer cookie, make an additional 1/2 of the recipe provided below and add 1 tsp baking powder.

Decorated royal icing snowflake cookies
Hand decorating tart with snowflake cookies

The silkiest creme brulee tart EVER!

Let’s be honest here, creme brulee is amazing. And this mulled wine flavour elevates it even more by adding subtle hints of spice. The alcohol will evaporate through cooking and baking, but the flavour of the deep red wine will remain.

The filling, if baked as indicated, will be smooth, creamy and absolutely delicious. I hope you enjoy this tart with a healthy sized mug of mulled wine!

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Close up of slice of creme brulee
Creme brulee tart with mulled wine

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