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Ginger ale is a refreshing drink that can be made in a variety of ways. It can be mixed with vodka, gin, or rum to make an easy cocktail. It can also be added to lemonade for a more adult-friendly

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Drinks to make with ginger ale

Here are all the top ginger ale cocktails to use this bubbly drink mixer! These classic drinks pair it with whiskey, vodka, beer and more.

Ginger ale cocktail

It’s bubbly, it’s sweet, and it makes any cocktail taste better: it’s ginger ale! Ginger ale is a carbonated drink flavored with ginger that was invented in the 1850’s. Since it’s been around so long, it’s been used for hundreds of years to mix into cocktails. Mix it with any spirit and you’ll make a highball cocktail, a style of drink that has a larger ratio of non alcoholic mixer to liquor.

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There are many classic highballs that use ginger ale, from the whiskey highball to the Pimm’s Cup. Even everyone’s favorite mocktail, the Shirley Temple, was originally made with the stuff. So without further ado, here are the top ginger ale cocktails to make with a bottle!

And now…the top classic ginger ale cocktails to try!

Ginger beer is related to ginger ale, but the flavor couldn’t be more different! What’s the difference between ginger beer vs ginger ale? Ginger ale tastes mellow and sweet, but ginger beer has a pronounced ginger flavor and spicy finish. You can replace ginger beer in the above ginger ale cocktails, but it’s got such a different flavor that we consider it a totally unique mixer. Here are a few of our favorite ginger beer cocktails to try:

  • Mix up the most classic of them all, the Classic Moscow Mule
  • Try a Dark and Stormy with dark rum
  • Opt for a pretty pink Floradora
  • Taste mule variations like the Gin Gin Mule, Kentucky Mule or Mexican Mule


More cocktail recipes

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There are so many more to try! Here are 200+ cocktail recipes for every occasion:

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  • Fancy: Opt for the best in Craft Cocktails.
  • The Big 5: Try all our cocktails with Gin, Vodka, Whiskey, Tequila or Rum

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