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Wine has a wide range of uses beyond just drinking. It can be used to make a refreshing summer drink, or it can be mixed with other ingredients to create a variety of alcoholic drinks. The following are some drinks that you might want

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Drinks to make with wine

Here are all the best wine cocktails to try! Wine is perfect for delicious mixed drinks like sangria, spritzers, frosé and more!

Wine cocktails

Turns out you don’t need hard alcohol to make delicious cocktails. Grab a bottle of wine for some of the best mixed drinks out there. It doesn’t matter if it’s red, white or rosé: or even champagne! There are tasty ways to mix up each varietal into a flavorful, refreshing drink.

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Here are all the best wine cocktail recipes to try! There’s the New York Sour, one of the best classic mixed drinks there is. There’s fruity sangria, full of bold flavor, or bubbly wine spritzers that are ideal for summer sipping! There are rosé drinks and champagne cocktails. Really, there’s a wine drink for everyone.

And now…the best wine cocktails!


More types of cocktails

Wanna break out the hard stuff? There are so many more great cocktail recipes to try! Here are some of our best drink collections:

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  • Sour Cocktails All the very best sours: Whiskey Sour, Sidecar, Mojito and more,
  • Lemon Cocktails or Lime Cocktails All the tangy and citrusy drinks!
  • Vodka Cocktails Try the greats like the Gimlet and Mule.
  • Gin Cocktails All the classics: Gin Fizz, Tom Collins, Gin & Tonic, etc.
  • Bourbon Cocktails Try these bourbon greats, like the Old Fashioned and Manhattan.
  • Campari Cocktails Brilliant red cocktails starring this bitter liqueur.
  • Highball Cocktails Easy to drink and even easier to make!
  • Cointreau Cocktails All the great drinks using this orange liqueur.
  • Champagne Cocktails These cocktails are light and bubbly! Perfect for celebration.
  • Cranberry Cocktails Cranberry cocktails are so refreshing, like the Vodka Cranberry.

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