Deliciously Extra: 7 Egg White Recipes for Dessert

almond cookies egg white

Lots of recipes use only egg yolks, leaving you wondering what to do with the leftover egg whites. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with more than half a dozen ideas. These seven recipes, gathered from expert food bloggers around the web, will transform those extra egg whites into delectable desserts. We’ve listed them in order based on the number of whites required. Feel free to adjust the proportions to fit the number of eggs you have. Note that egg white volume can vary, so if you want precision, use a kitchen scale to measure the whites (Homemade in the Kitchen provides more guidance on this).

Egg whites are prized for their ability to whip into a delicate fluff, which many of these recipes take advantage of. When whipping egg whites, be sure to separate them carefully from the yolks and ensure your bowl is squeaky clean. Any traces of fat can hinder the eggs from achieving their full fluffiness.

Some of these recipes, especially those that don’t require a standing mixer, are easy enough to make while you’re working on the original dish that called for the yolks. However, if needed, you can freeze the whites. According to SaveTheFood, simply place the egg whites in an airtight container, leaving about an inch of headspace.

A big thank you to the featured blogs for sharing their mouthwatering photos!

Small batch egg white chocolate cookies

egg white chocolate cookies

Do you crave chocolate but don’t want to use your standing mixer? Do you have a single egg white to use up? Carla from Homemade in the Kitchen suggests making Egg White Chocolate Cookies. Her flourless recipe only requires a bit of hand whisking, yields 4-6 cookies, and offers a sinfully fudgy taste that won’t make anyone miss the flour.

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Italian almond cookies (Ricciarelli)

almond cookies egg white

A combination of almond and orange flavors creates a soft cookie that will transport you straight to the rustic streets of Siena, as described by Inside the Rustic Kitchen. This low-prep and easy recipe does require the dough to rest for several hours or overnight. With two large egg whites, you can make around 18 cookies, but feel free to adjust the recipe to suit the number of whites you need.

Angel Food Cupcakes

egg white angel food muffins

Carla from Homemade in the Kitchen also presents Angel Food Cupcakes, a perfect way to utilize two extra egg whites. Instead of using a special angel food cake pan, Carla takes the cupcake route. She provides tips on substituting vinegar or lemon juice if you don’t have cream of tartar on hand. Be aware that this recipe requires a mixer to achieve the fluffy texture of the egg whites.

Flourless fudge cookies

egg white fudge cookies

Here’s another variation of chocolate egg white cookies, this time with a larger quantity. Kate Dean from I Heart Eating mentions that mixing the dough by hand will yield cookies with crisp edges and fudgy centers, while using a mixer will result in meringue-like cookies. Her recipe suggests adding vanilla extract, but you can experiment with other flavors like mint extract. (For a different take on flourless chocolate egg white cookies, check out Good Things Baking, who adds a white chocolate dip and freeze-dried raspberries.)

Kokosmakronen (German Coconut Macaroons)

coconut macaroon egg white cookie

With just a few ingredients, these German Christmas cookies are perfect for using up your egg whites throughout the year. Vanessa from Maple + Mango describes them as a combination of coconut macaroons and meringue cookies. The recipe is easy to follow, but you’ll need a standing mixer to whip the egg whites into an airy fluff.

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Mini Strawberry Pavlova

If you have a standing mixer, a large piping bag, and some extra time on your hands, consider turning your egg whites into mini pavlovas. These light meringue dessert bases are typically filled or topped with fruit and cream. Visit Rich and Delish for the recipe, which includes tips on turning regular sugar into caster sugar and how to properly clean the bowl for optimal egg whipping.

Egg White Fruit and Nut Bundt Cake

This recipe from Where Is My Spoon not only uses up 7-8 egg whites but also provides a flavorful home for any leftover dried fruit, candied citrus peels, and nuts you may have. The recipe involves whipping the egg whites, sifting the flour and baking powder, and optionally adding a glaze. But trust us, the beautiful cake is worth the effort!

Looking for even more ideas? Homemade in the Kitchen has a bunch of small-batch recipes to help you use up those leftover egg whites!

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