17 Most Effective Nutribullet Weight Loss Recipes

The Nutribullet Recipe Book is the ultimate guide to creating fat burning smoothies that are packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
17 Most Effective Nutribullet Weight Loss Recipes

Best Nutribullet Weight Loss Recipes

The most disturbing thing to bear everyday is the excess of weight and there is nothing more important than doing something to make yourself look slim and fit. You might have seen Nutribullet blenders along with some weight loss tips because of their excellent performance, and today we’ll guide you how to use Nutribullet for weight loss.

Nutribullet juicer is compact and stylish machine, and it uses special blades, a powerful motor, and a cyclonic action to blend everything easily. The blender is known to be the perfect nutrient extractors as it can easily convert whole fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts, and anything into juices.

The blender can completely breakdown the nutritious ingredients of foods and turn them into liquid fuel so they are easily absorbed by the body. If you’re in for weight loss, you must read this post and try these Nutribullet recipes to lose weight.

Nutribullet Weight Loss Plan

Nutribullet weight loss plan has been formulated for those who want to adopt a healthy life style and lose some extra fat too. If you’re one of those who want to become slim and make your body toned, you must give this Nutribullet diet a chance.

Nutribullet shakes for weight loss are very popular among people who love to keep themselves healthy and fit; however, most of them don’t know that these shakes and smoothies also keep them smart and active.

The best thing with these Nutribullet shakes for weight loss is that, you don’t have to sacrifice the taste for keeping yourself smart. You can make a Nutribullet recipe book and note down all these smoothie recipes for your ease. Following are the best Nutribullet recipes for weight loss:

Nutribullet Weight Loss Smoothies

Following are some of the most popular and healthy weight loss smoothies that you can try with your Nutribullet.

1. Fat burning green tea and vegetable smoothie:

The Fat burning green tea and vegetable smoothie is one of the best Nutribullet recipes for weight loss. It is particularly designed for people who want to burn fat and stay healthy and active at the same time. The green tea used in this smoothie is for increasing the metabolism and the veggies such as cauliflower and broccoli have enzymes that help in burning fat. Pineapple is also added in this smoothie to add flavor and also act as an antioxidant as it contains Vitamin C. You can even google fat burners for men to control your weight with a healthy diet.

2. Kiwi and pineapple smoothie (Protein Shake):

The Kiwi and pineapple smoothie is also called as a protein shake because it is full of protein power. The fruits add amazing flavor to the smoothie and the different ingredients together contribute to the weight loss. The good thing about this smoothie is that it keeps you fuller for longer so that you don’t start eating junk and gain unnecessary fat.

If you’re battling with excess weight issues, you must try this Nutribullet weight loss recipe and appear slimmer and smarter. The ingredients used in this protein shake act as weight loss compounds and help in losing the excess weight fast. Check out our recommended NutriBullet blender to easily make these recipes at home.

3. Melon berry milk shake:

This is one of the best Nutribullet shakes for weight loss. Berries are full of fibers and many other nutritional ingredients such as phytonutrients and Vitamin C. This shake also includes Chia seeds that are known to normalize the blood sugar and keeps the body hydrated.

This powerful Nutribullet weight loss recipe is ideal for losing weight as it contains all the ingredients that go well with each other to form a perfect weight loss supplement. It has a very tasty berry and melon flavor and a nice creamy and milky texture. If you want to lose weight fast, you must include this shake in your Nutribullet weight loss plan.

4. Orange and Carrot Smoothie:

The orange and carrot smoothie is one of the best nutribullet recipes for weight loss as it is used to detox the body of the drinker and helps in weight loss. The smoothie also contains lemons which are very beneficial for losing weight in a short time period.

The presence of Vitamin C from oranges and lemons help the body burn fats easily and also prevent excess fats to build up in the body. Carrot is also known to help in weight loss and it has very less calories in it thus there is no need to worry about the excessive calories in your smoothie.

5. Banana Berrylicious Smoothie:

If you want to follow the Nutribullet diet for weight loss, you must add this savory smoothie into your list. This smoothie is very healthy for you if you want to go for workout or for jogging as it boosts energy and makes the body fresh and active. Blueberries are very good for skin too and they have antioxidant properties to help maintain a healthy weight.

6. Bright Red Melon and Coconut Smoothie

This is one of the nutribullet recipes which is quintessential for weight loss. This smoothie ensures that your body achieve a state of detoxification, with the use of ingredients such as strawberries, beets, coconuts and watermelon. For a good number of people, watermelon is loved by many, as it grants the body beneficial water contents. There are also compounds such as amino acids which aid in the proper functioning of the arteries, and also for a seamless circulation of blood.

Also, in this healthy smoothie recipe for weight loss, there are vitamin C substances and electrolytes which are present as a result of the coconut.

7. Watermelon and Colourful Berries Smoothie

For those who require optimum delivery when it comes to exploiting nutrients from certain fruits, then this smoothie which is a mix of watermelon, chard and berries, should not pass you by. There are certain beneficial nutrients in this smoothie which are poised to give the body a great shape. This is one of the weight loss smoothie plans which makes this possible.

More so, the pith grants the smoothie proteins and fiber contents as well, which steps down the number of calories taken in by you. Furthermore, the fiber contents are responsible for keeping your body detoxified and ensuring your digestive tract is healthy.

8. Peach Protein Luxuriant Smoothie

This is one of the magic bullet smoothie recipes which can serve as a drink which you can take before any daily workout, and it supplies energy which could last you for the whole day. This smoothie is a mix of almonds, soy milk and Greek Yogurts, which deliver a great quantity of proteins and other nutrients.

In addition to this, the soy proteins are known for handling obesity, and this is a great benefit for those who take this smoothie. This protein-rich smoothie is known to deliver best when it is taken in the morning. There is also no cholesterol in this smoothie, and this is what makes it stand out amongst other meal replacement smoothies.

9. Blueberries and Kale Smoothie

Kale has been known to be a trusted depot of nutrients which help your body in losing weight. These nutrients contain Vitamins K, A and C. Also, Kale contains certain mineral nutrients such as Potassium, fiber in large quantities and Sodium. It has been proved that around 500 milliliters of Kale aid in helping the body gain weight at the appropriate rate.

With this, your headache of gaining too much weight, has been solved. Hence when Kale is combined with other weight-loss substances such as Greek Yogurt and Blueberries, it would be superb for people who have excess weight issues.

10. Spinach and Pineapple Smoothie

This green weight smoothie loss is beneficial in countering measures by the gut which tries to hinder the goal of weight loss. This smoothie is produced with a couple of natural ingredients such as Pineapple and Spinach. Pineapple is known to be one of such fruits which helps in weight loss, and Spinach helps in speeding up the efficiency of this smoothie.

The spinach contains Thylakoids which reduces the rate at which you get hungry. Hence, your gut is kept satisfied, and weight loss can be achieved alongside.

11. Bright Green Smoothie

The green colour of this smoothie, is gotten from substances which are known to enhance the weight-loss process, such as Peppermint, Cucumber, Spinach and Parsley. As we all know, the Green colour in a diet, speaks volumes of Positivity.

When you take green smoothies for weight loss, you are bound to attain your aim of achieving weight loss in no time. The ingredients of this smoothie aids digestion and ensures that gut issues are kept at bay.

12. Raspberry Yogurt Smoothie

This is an efficient smoothie for weight loss. This smoothie is a combination of Yogurt and Raspberry, and it can be taken at your pace during any time of the day. Yogurt has been scientifically proven to be a food substance which helps you to lose weight. Also, it ensures your body is kept healthy and your gut functions optimally

Furthermore, the Raspberry functions by providing raspberry ketones which are known to speed up the weight loss course.

13. The Mind-blowing Grapefruit and Kale Smoothie

This is a weight loss smoothie recipe which is known to be very efficient to aid your body achieve its weight loss goal. Grapefruit as it is known, is beneficial in reducing the extra fats in the body, and its combination with Kale, contributes to an excellent performance.

14. Spinach and Carrot Snack Smoothie To Keep Your Body Fit

Whenever the word Snack is mentioned during a weight-loss program, it could be puzzling for anyone who wants to lose weight. However, this snack smoothie aids your body to lose a considerable amount of fat, and still keep you healthy.

This smoothie is a mix of Spinach, Carrot, Banana and Berries. This variety of Snack is healthy, and it would certainly enhance the process of weight loss as against other meals which could aggravate it. Furthermore, this smoothie provides you with ample energy for the whole day.

15. Cucumber Low-Glycemic Index Berryliceous Smoothie

One essential step which must be taken in ensuring that the body is kept healthy, is to ensure that the quantity of carbohydrates consumed is reduced. If you need to meet up with your regular daily nutrients requirements, then you need to ensure that you do not consume in large quantities, and this is one of the nutribullet smoothie recipes which provides your body with the necessary nutrients.

Hence, you need to regularly check the glycemic index of the food in order to influence the amount of carbohydrates which is contained in your diet. Food products which have a high-glycemic index, are known to increase the risk of diabetes (Type 2).

Certain fruits such as berries, are known to constitute a low glycemic index which enhances how the body reacts to sugar, hence, the weight loss process is fostered.

16. The Fruitliceous Berry Kale Smoothie

One of the reasons why we take snacks which are largely considered as unhealthy between meals, is due to the fact that our stomach feels empty and sends a signal that it needs to be filled up. This is one of the proficient smoothie recipes for weight loss which steps in to ensure that you get filled up without having to ingest an unhealthy food substance.

Berries and Kale are a perfect match, as their combination perfectly combats weight loss and obesity problems. In addition to this, Strawberry is known to enhance the body’s metabolism which aids the process of weight loss.

17. Spinach and Kale Smoothie for Body Detoxification

The combination of Spinach and Kale gives a green smoothie for weight loss. It is one of those magic bullet recipes which you should try out.

The toxic substances present in the body are known to enhance the weight gain process of the body, and this is not healthy for you. There are certain ways by which your body can be detoxified, and one sure way, is by taking smoothie which contains enough nutrients. This is one of the green smoothie recipes for weight loss which is known to boost your health, alongside solving obesity and other weight-related problems.

This smoothie contains anti-oxidants which helps in combating free radicals in the body and ensuring that the enzymes carry out the detoxification process properly.


The Nutribullet juicer offers an easy and fast method of losing weight, and that is through nutria ninja recipes. One of the biggest problems that most of the people face during their weight loss routing is that they don’t get enough time to make such meals. The Nutribullet weight loss plan described in this post is very easy to prepare and it’ll take hardly 5 minutes to formulate it.

Using such quality smoothies to lose weight quickly, can be regarded as a fruitful expedition. In addition to this, they are very affordable, so it should not be an excuse for you.

The weight loss smoothies for Nutribullet listed here are one of the most effective ones and they are full of nutrients and flavors. The smoothies mostly use unsweetened yogurt, coconut milk, or almond milk so that you don’t have to worry about the caloric intake. So go ahead, grab your favorite fruits and veggies and get ready to lose weight in a healthy way.

Have something more to add in the list of Nuribullet recipes for weight loss? Don’t forget to share with our readers in our comment section.

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