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Food that starts with n

Nachos, Noodles, Nutella
Food that starts with n
Foods That Start With N

There will not be that many meals that begin with N! For those who’re questioning what a few of them are, we’ve obtained a listing for you. You’ll discover all the pieces from fruits to desserts and a few that you just most likely haven’t heard of earlier than!

Listed here are 22 meals that begin with N. However… earlier than you dive in, what number of meals are you able to title that start with the letter N. Check your self and see what number of you get.

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I used to be solely capable of get a number of earlier than doing the analysis. However after you learn this text, you’ll know at the least 22 🙂

Naan Bread

1. Naan Bread

Naan bread, also referred to as Nan, is a flat bread that’s frequent in Western Asia. It’s delicate and chewy and often made with yogurt which is what offers the bread that pillowy texture.

Some components that go nicely with Naan bread are garlic, cheese, and curry.

Easy Homemade Nachos

2. Nachos

This Mexican dish is a well-liked snack all around the world. A mattress of crunchy tortilla chips will often be topped off with floor beef, cheese, salsa, olives, bitter cream, and guacamole.

Pike Dumplings With Nantua Sauce

3. Nantua

A classical French sauce named after town of Nantua. It’s Bechamel-based and is made with cream and crayfish butter. It may be utilized in many dishes nevertheless it pairs finest with seafood!

Nashi Pear

4. Nashi Pear

I’m positive you’re conversant in pears however have you ever ever heard of the Nashi pear? This fruit is frequent in East Asia and ‘Nashi’ is definitely the Japanese phrase for pear! It has a definite spherical form, which is why it’s typically mistaken for an apple.

Nasi Goreng With Egg

5. Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng is maybe the most well-liked Indonesian dish on the earth. This easy rice dish is often made with rooster, shallots, carrots, inexperienced beans, tomato paste, and rooster or shrimp on a mattress of rice.

Spanish Natilla

6. Natilla

Natilla, also referred to as Natillas de Leche, is a creamy custard that originated in Spain. It’s wealthy and milky and made with vanilla. Many Spaniards think about this a consolation meals that they bear in mind from their childhood!


7. Natto

One other N meals from Japan is Natto. Like many Japanese dishes and components, Natto is made with fermented soybeans and is a typical breakfast ingredient.

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Some even say this sticky paste tastes just like bleu cheese however with a sweeter and barely bitter taste.

Navel Oranges

8. Navel Oranges

Do you know that navel oranges have been named after the human navel? It is because this widespread fruit’s pores and skin has indentations that resemble a stomach button!

Candy and juicy and filled with Vitamin C, navel oranges are one of the well-known kinds of oranges on the earth.

9. Navette

Actually which means ‘shuttle’ in French, this cylindrical cookie is made with simply 5 components; flour, sugar, eggs, butter, and orange blossom flavors.

It’s mostly eaten in France throughout Candlemas, a Christian vacation celebrated yearly on February 2nd.

Dry Navy Beans

10. Navy Beans

The navy bean goes by many different names together with haricon, pearl, boston, and white pea. It’s a small bean that’s white in coloration (typically confused with common white beans) and has an oval form. They’re often made as soups.


11. Nectar

This sugar-packed liquid present in flowers is what retains the bees busy! Nectar is the principle sweetening agent of honey and it’s additionally used as a sweetener for fruit juices and desserts.

Ripe Nectarines

12. Nectarine

Talking of nectar, the nectarine fruit is definitely named after the candy liquid!

Nectarines are a part of the peach household. These scrumptious fruits have low caloric content material, are wealthy in fiber, and are a wonderful supply of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and even potassium.

Baked Turnip

13. Neep

One other title for turnip, neeps are an in depth cousin of cauliflower, brussels sprouts, and broccoli. They’re candy and earthy when cooked and have a starchy flesh. Have them steamed, roasted, mashed, or pickled.

Negus Wine

14. Negus

This distinctive Ethiopian drink is product of wine, sizzling water, sugar, and a citrus fruit like orange or lemon. Negus, which is served sizzling, is known as after its creator, Francis Negus, a colonel within the English military.

Nesselrode pudding

15. Nesselrode

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For those who’re searching for a brand new dessert, you would possibly wish to give Nesselrode pudding a attempt! This frozen candy deal with is just like ice cream and is made with Cognac, egg yolks, raisins, sugar, vanilla, cream, and the star of the present, chestnuts!

Egg Noodles

16. Noodles

Noodles are loved by foodies all all over the world! They’re a staple in nearly all Asian cuisines and may be made with quite a lot of totally different components.

Egg noodles, rice noodles, and ramen noodles are a number of the hottest. Versatile and filling, they’re wonderful as a stir-fry or with a broth.

Dried Seaweed Nori

17. Nori

That black sheet that wraps sushi? It’s referred to as nori! Product of dried seaweed, nori is important in Japanese delicacies. It’s utilized in so many dishes in Japan that roughly 8 billion sheets are made annually!

Norman Tart

18. Norman Tart

One other delectable dessert that begins with N is Norman tart… also referred to as French apple tart! Just like apple pie, this candy deal with from Normandy is made with skinny slices of French apples, a skinny crust, and topped off with creamy custard.


19. Nougat

This well-known confection is straightforward but extraordinarily scrumptious! Nougat’s important components are sugar, nuts, and whipped egg whites.

They’re recognized for his or her chewy texture and a fundamental nougat recipe can simply be made at house. Eat it by itself or add to totally different desserts.

Crispy Fried Nuggets

20. Nuggets

Nuggets are a favourite all throughout the nation. These bite-sized battered rooster items are often deep fried or baked. They have been invented within the 1950’s and at the moment they’re a staple in lots of quick meals eating places. These savory bites are finest loved with a dip.


21. Nutella

Few spreads are as addicting as this excellent mix of cocoa and hazelnut. Nutella was first made in Italy and at the moment it has change into a breakfast favourite in lots of properties within the US.

This candy unfold is often eaten with bread, added to muffins and ice lotions, and is even part of the Starbucks Secret Menu!

Bowl of Nutmeg

22. Nutmeg

No spice rack is full with out nutmeg. It’s utilized in many various cuisines however this widespread ingredient truly originated in Indonesia. Nutmeg has quite a lot of totally different makes use of and may be added to each savory and candy dishes.

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