8 Tips for Freezing Apples for Smoothies

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Freezing apples for smoothies

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Freezing is a good way to protect apples, little doubt. However, with regards to making smoothies, freezing presents twofold advantages: recent apples don’t have an opportunity to rot, and so they grow to be softer on thawing. Softer apples make smoothie preparation simpler.

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So, when freezing apples for smoothies, how do you make sure you do it proper? What must you do? What must you not do?

Can You Freeze Complete Apples?

You’ll be able to freeze apples complete. That is maybe essentially the most simple strategy to freeze apples.

If you wish to freeze complete apples, wash them first, place them on a baking sheet, then switch into the freezer.

When the apples are frozen, take away them from the tray and place them in a freezer bag.

Freezing the apples individually earlier than bagging prevents the apples from sticking collectively. When the apples are frozen collectively, separating, thawing, and slicing them might be harder.

Can You Freeze Apples With the Pores and skin On?

When making smoothies, you shouldn’t have to take away the pores and skin, so it’s okay to freeze apples with the pores and skin on.

For those who don’t need the pores and skin, peel it off earlier than freezing. The apples might be a lot more durable to peel after freezing.

Additionally, when you peel the pores and skin of the apples off, you could get higher outcomes from freezing. With out the pores and skin, apples freeze sooner and are much less prone to flip soggy and brown.

Does Freezing Apples Break Them?

Apples in freezer

For those who freeze the apples correctly, they’ll probably not be ruined.

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Apples can keep frozen for as much as a yr with out going dangerous.

Whereas frozen, the vitamins are well-preserved, and the exercise of microorganisms is considerably minimized. However you need to attempt to keep away from leaving them frozen too lengthy as a result of they will lose taste with time.

Additionally, be sure that the apples are frozen as quick as potential. Slowly freezing them will almost certainly make them soggy and watery after thawing.

Attempt to preserve the freezer at low temperatures when freezing apples. Fluctuating temperatures can contribute to poor apple texture after thawing.

Tips on how to Put together Apples for Freezing

In case you are uncertain of tips on how to put together apples for freezing, right here’s a little bit information.

1. Wash the Apples

The very first thing you need to do is wash the apples totally. You don’t want germs on the apples earlier than you retailer them. If there are any labels on the apple, take away them.

2. Peel the Apples

Chances are you’ll select to peel the apple or depart the pores and skin on. However peeling could make freezing sooner and scale back the probabilities of browning.

3. Slice the Apples

Earlier than slicing the apples, lower them into half and take away the core. Then lower the halves into 4 – 8 slices.

4. Soak in Lemon Juice

This step is necessary to protect and forestall the apples from turning brown. Add 1 half lemon juice to 10 components water, and stir totally.

Then add the apple slices to the diluted lemon juice, and allow them to keep for five minutes. Make sure that every one of many slices will get submerged within the combination.

Apart from lemon juice, you too can use a fruit preserver or salt water for this course of.

5. Dry the Apples

After 5 minutes, dry the apple slices. You’ll be able to dry them by draining them in a sieve and patting them dry with a paper towel.

6. Place the Apples on a Baking Sheet

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Place the apple slices on a baking sheet. Chances are you’ll line the baking sheet with parchment paper earlier than you place the slices to forestall sticking.

Be sure the slices are well-spaced so they don’t stick collectively.

7. Place the Baking Sheet within the Freezer

Place the baking sheet within the freezer for 3-4 hours.

If the slices are skinny, freeze for 1-2 hours.

8. Switch the Apple Slices to a Freezer Bag

After the freezing interval, take the baking sheet out of the freezer and switch the apple slices right into a freezer bag.

You’ll be able to place the apples in giant freezer baggage or retailer them in smaller parts for single use.

Tips on how to Freeze Apples With Salt Water

Within the 4th step of the earlier part, we talked about how one can protect apples and forestall browning utilizing lemon juice. You can even use salt water when lemon juice is unavailable.

To arrange the salt water, add 1 tablespoon of desk salt to 4 cups of water. Stir the combination totally till the salt dissolves.

Add the apple slices to the salt water for a couple of minutes (1-3 minutes ought to do). Then proceed with steps 5 via 8.

Can You Freeze Apples With out Cooking Them First?

Sure, you may freeze apples with out cooking them. Freezing makes apples softer, so you could not get pleasure from consuming them uncooked after thawing. However they’ll do nice in smoothies.

Do All Kinds of Apples Freeze Effectively?

All forms of apples freeze properly. The number of apple you freeze and use in making your smoothie largely relies on the sweetness you need and what’s accessible.


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