fruit and veggie smoothies for toddlers

Fruit and veggie smoothies for toddlers are a great way to get your little one's daily dose of fruits and vegetables. They're also a fun, healthy treat that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

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Fruit and veggie smoothies for toddlers

This delicious Peach Pie Smoothie recipe is a perfect healthy breakfast or snack for toddlers, kids and adults. Quick and easy to make, it has two veggies that no one will even know are there!

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Peach Pie Smoothie

When it comes to breakfast, smoothies are always a great choice👍!

Reading: fruit and veggie smoothies for toddlers

Quick and easy!

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This one just so happens to be loaded with nutritious and delicious fresh ingredients – peaches, bananas, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, cinnamon, vanilla, honey and milk.

Smoothies are one of my favorite ways to sneak 🙈 in some extra veggies into the little one’s diet – as they blend right in and no one is any the wiser!

Even with those sneaky veggies, this smoothie tastes just like a peach pie🍑!

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My kiddos devour this smoothie every time I make it!

Reasons to Love this Smoothie for Kids

  • toddler and kid-approved
  • great for picky eaters
  • hidden-veggie (your kiddo won’t even taste the cauliflower and sweet potato)
  • simple ingredients
  • 5-minute prep time
  • nutrient-dense
  • can be served for breakfast, snack, lunch or dessert
  • naturally gluten-free and nut free
  • can be made dairy-free
  • no added refined sugar
Spread of ingredients for smoothie.


  • Peaches: are loaded with antioxidants, nutrients and are super-rich in vitamins and minerals. They add a great natural sweetness and flavor to each sip. I recommend using frozen peaches as they will result in a thicker smoothie, but you can also use fresh peaches if you add in 4-6 ice cubes as well.
  • Banana: helps to make these smoothies wonderfully creamy as well as providing fiber, vitamins and potassium. It’s best to use frozen bananas but you can also use fresh.
  • Cauliflower + Sweet Potato: use frozen. I found a riced cauliflower and sweet potato mix at the store, which works great. I also saw several brands of frozen riced cauliflower and sweet potato not mixed together. If you can’t find frozen sweet potato, you can use frozen cauliflower instead.
  • Oats: are a great ingredient to add to smoothies. They are high in antioxidants and fiber and will keep little bellies nice and full. If you or your little ones have a gluten intolerance, be sure to use GF certified oats.
  • Cinnamon: gives this smoothie the peach pie taste! Plus, cinnamon is known to boost brain functions.
  • Honey: is a great way to sweeten a smoothie naturally. You can also use maple syrup or agave syrup if you prefer.
  • Milk: you can make this smoothie using any milk you prefer – regular or any plant-based milk such as almond, oat or soy.


Here are some of our favorite smoothie add-ins that deliver a big nutritional boost! I would recommend you pick one or two per smoothie (don’t add them all in;).

  • hemp seeds: an easy way to get in extra protein into a smoothie as hemp seeds contain 33% by weight and sustainable source of Omega-3s, amino acids, fatty acids, protein, and minerals. Can add in 1/2-2 teaspoons into this smoothie recipe.
  • bee pollen: bee pollen contains over 200 compounds, minerals, vitamins and essential amino acids. I find bee pollen is an easy way to ease symptoms on seasonal allergies for my family. Can add in 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon to this smoothie.
  • chia seeds: are loaded with protein, antioxidants, essential omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and fiber. Can add in 1/2 – 1 teaspoon into any smoothie.
  • coconut oil: a great way to get in some extra healthy fat into your smoothies, which will help keep your kiddos fuller for longer. Can add 1 teaspoon – 1 tablespoon to any smoothie.
  • probiotics: helps with promoting balanced and healthy digestion. Add in 1/2 – 1 serving of liquid or powder probiotics.
  • blender full of peach pie smoothie ingredients
  • Blended smoothie for toddlers and kids
  • hidden veggie smoothie for kids with kids hands holding the cup with a list of healthy smoothie ingredients on the side.


  • Place all ingredients into a high-speed blender and blend until smooth – roughly 1-2 minutes on high.
  • Pour and serve.


You can easily have your kids help you make this smoothie.

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  • Toddlers can help measure and pour the ingredients into the blender.
  • They can help put the lid on the blender and push start. Note: make sure to talk about not touching the blender blade while making something in the blender, as it can be sharp.
  • Have them pour their smoothie into their own cup.


  • You can pretty much let older kids make this recipe by themselves.
  • They can pick out and measure all of the ingredients. Note: make sure to talk about not touching the blender blade while making something in the blender, as it can be sharp.
  • Have them pour the smoothie into their own cup as well as a second cup for you!
Kids hands holding up smoothie cup.


  • Smoothies are best served as soon as you have made it. But you can store any leftovers covered in the fridge for up to 24 hours.
  • For a thicker smoothie, use frozen peaches and bananas. If using fresh, add in 4-6 ice cubes.
  • Make sure you blend for at least 1-2 minutes or until everything is completely broken down. No kid wants a mouthful of frozen cauliflower, so make sure it’s smooth before pouring.


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  • Blender
  • Toddler & Kid Smoothie Cup (similar)


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