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SAN FRANCISCO — Say goodbye to Fry’s Electronics, the beloved tech haven for enthusiasts seeking obscure parts. This well-known chain, famous for its extravagant store themes like Aztec and “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” announced its permanent closure due to the insurmountable challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Wednesday, February 24th, all Fry’s Electronics stores ceased operations, marking the end of an era. After being a one-stop-shop and online resource for high-tech professionals for nearly 36 years, the company has made the difficult decision to shut down its operations permanently. The retail industry’s changing landscape and the impact of the pandemic were determining factors in this heartbreaking decision.

The company stated that it is currently reaching out to customers and consignment vendors, providing support and guidance in navigating the aftermath of the closures. Customers with ongoing equipment repairs are instructed to email [email protected] to coordinate the return of their items. Additionally, those needing repair under a performance service contract can call 800-811-1745.

While it is undeniable that Fry’s Electronics enjoyed a competitive position in the market for an extensive period, industry expert Burt Flickinger III believes that they ultimately fell behind due to the expansion of other retail giants like Best Buy, Costco, Target, Walmart, and especially Amazon, who all ventured into the consumer electronics realm. Flickinger also points out that Fry’s missed the opportunity to install rooftop solar systems at their stores, which could have mitigated the rising costs of products and employee wages. In contrast, Amazon has fully embraced solar energy, enabling them to reduce expenses while increasing wages.

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Over the years, Fry’s Electronics closed several stores, including the Anaheim location in March 2020. Twitter became an outlet for fans to share their memories, both positive and negative. One person nostalgically recalled visiting an empty Fry’s store with haunting renditions of the Wii shop theme playing on the loudspeakers. On the other hand, Brianna Wu fondly remembered the joy of going to Fry’s in Palo Alto, describing it as “nerd Disneyland.”

Founded in 1985 by John Fry, David Fry, and Randy Fry, Fry’s Electronics opened its first store in Sunnyvale. Initially focused on the West Coast, the chain eventually expanded to encompass 31 stores across nine states.

While the pandemic undoubtedly dealt a severe blow to retailers, Fry’s Electronics was already struggling due to online competition and the fierce battle between industry titans Best Buy and As part of the closure process, the company’s online presence has largely been shut down.

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