Garlic Dill Pickle Recipe


This exceptional GARLIC DILL PICKLES RECIPE produces an irresistible treat that will undoubtedly become one of your favorites. Make sure to save this page and pin the image attached to this story on one of your beloved Pinterest boards.

This recipe has gained popularity among friends and family, sparking numerous conversations. These pickles offer unforgettable flavors while maintaining their shape and impeccable appearance. Not only are they crispy and crunchy, but they will also fill you with immense pride for creating something so delectable!

What to Expect and Consider

Home canning jars


Canning vegetables is always a rewarding endeavor. Check out our post about canning here and watch the video of us making another fabulous recipe, our BREAD & BUTTER PICKLES here. Oh, and don’t forget to buy the BIG JARS!

Ingredients for garlic dill pickles


As we’ve mentioned before, every exceptional pickle recipe starts with top-quality cucumbers. For this recipe, we used #2 Kirby cucumbers, renowned for their crunchiness. The number 2 denotes their size, about 2 inches in length, making them ideal for whole pickles.

Look for #2 Kirby cucumbers at a local farmstand or farmer’s market. Occasionally, you may even find them in larger supermarkets during the late summer pickling season.

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We purchased a half-bushel of cucumbers and ended up with 15 1-quart jars. That’s a substantial amount of deliciousness for a little bit of effort!

Cucumbers washed and then stacked by size


This was the first time my friend Carol and I made DILL PICKLES together. While she prepared the dill weed and garlic, I washed the cucumbers (remember to thoroughly wash them before starting the recipe). Carol was curious why I took the extra time to organize the cucumbers by size.

Although I bought #2 cucumbers, they still varied slightly in size. Sorting them into tiny, medium, and full size makes it easier to stuff them into the sterilized jars. Filling the jars is like solving a pickling puzzle, where you need the perfect-sized cucumber to fit. Having them pre-sized helps!

Jars stuffed with pickles, filled with brine


We always recommend using pickling vinegar instead of white vinegar for canning recipes. The higher percentage of acetic acid is essential for shelf-stable canning. In this recipe, we also used pickling salt and a touch of sugar, an old family secret that takes the edge off the vinegar without making the brine sweet.

Jars of garlic dill pickles. Hurray!

Please note that you’ll need twice the amount of pickling brine to fill all the jars. Instead of doubling the recipe, we recommend doing it in two sessions to prevent excessive water evaporation during the ladling process.

Finished jar where you can see the dill and garlic in each jar


Using conventionally grown fresh dill from the supermarket won’t suffice. Look for dill weed at the market when purchasing your cucumbers. It’s crucial to use the head of the dill plant and add a few dill stalks for an extra flavor boost.

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Don’t be shy when adding sliced garlic to the jars. After all, they are garlic dills. The peppercorns also contribute a subtle spiciness to the pickles.

Spicy bird


On a whim, I decided to add whole bird’s eye chili peppers to some of the jars, and I’m glad I did. It’s always exciting to experiment and try new things when testing a recipe.

The added heat of the peppers creates an entirely new taste sensation. Follow my lead and add a pepper to a few of your jars. Let us know what you think in the comment section at the bottom of this post.

Garlic Dill Pickles Recipe


Here comes the tough part: as any experienced home canner will tell you, wait three weeks before opening a jar and indulging in the fruits of your pickling labor. This period allows the pickles to mature in their salty brine and gives you time to decide who you’ll be sharing a jar of your own GARLIC DILL PICKLES with.

Garlic Dill Pickles

Enjoy these pickles alongside our PEACHES AND CREAM PANINI, CLASSIC DAGWOOD SANDWICH, or SIRLOIN ROAST. They’ll pair perfectly with any dish!

GARLIC DILL PICKLES RECIPE – The Crunchy Beloved Condiment!

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