Green Smoothie Recipe…that actually tastes good!

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Great tasting green smoothies

Green smoothies can be intimidating to make, but I assure you, with this recipe, you’re going to make a green smoothie recipe…that actually tastes good!

With the summer of smoothies and salads fully underway (weeks 1, 2 and 3 menu and shopping lists are live!!) I’m finding myself looking forward to our morning smoothie. Something I honestly never thought would be something I’d be jazzed about.

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How to make a green smoothie that tastes good

In the mornings I’m holding my son Ben as I zoom around the kitchen trying to get everything done before leaving. Without prep and making the smoothie bags/having them ready to go in the morning, smoothies would not happen! Anyway, Ben is super curious about whatever I’m drinking and so I’ve been giving him little tastes of the smoothies.

He loves them! So much so, that I’ve been giving him a little cup with his breakfast of whatever smoothie we’re having.

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I feel so good about the fact that he loves the fruit and veggies in these smoothies as much as I do. It’s a proud mom moment! Also, I still cannot believe he is 1 already, I shared a post with some thoughts on the first year of motherhood to mark the occasion.

The best recipe for a good tasting green smoothie

Green smoothies are such a fantastic way to get in extra fruit and veggies and so many amazing nutrients that come along with the ingredients (here are just a few):

  • Mango- vitamin C, A, fiber, folate
  • Spinach-vitamin K, manganese, vitamin B6
  • Pineapple – Vitamin C, thiamine, magnesium

Now that I’ve had a bunch of green smoothies, and I can tell you, not all green smoothies are created equal. I like when they’re fresh and bright and tropical. I don’t like when they’re milky and bland. I want that bright green color!

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The most delicious green smoothie

In the mornings, I always ask my husband which smoothie he’d like me to make, and much to my surprise he’s always asking for ‘that green one that tastes good’! lol!

If you’re looking for a refreshing, delicious morning smoothie, this green smoothie is definitely recommended.

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The most amazing green smoothie

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