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I have been using this kettle for over six months. Luckily it is not my only kettle. First, the tabs that hold the kettle were made off center, so when you hold the kettle by the handle it tips to the side. Next, the silicone coating on the handle is inadequate; while only heating water for coffee it heats up so much you need a glove to hold it. When you try to pour the hot water, the lid must be held in place or it will fall out. While that is not terribly unusual, with this type kettle I would normally extend my index finger to hold down the lid. You can’t do that with this kettle since the tiny coated wire lid for the handle is too small. So it is a two handed affair, both requiring gloves to avoid getting burned. I much prefer my two Trangia kettles.

I bought this thing before a camping trip last year through Tennessee. Since then it’s accompanied me on many backpacking and camping trips. I’m the type of person who eats a ton of dehydrated food while backpacking so all I really need is a stove and something to boil water in. This is perfect, lightweight and cools down really fast so you can pack it back up faster. So far it’s held up amazingly- minor scratches if anything. I hope this little thing lasts forever. I highly recommend this kettle.

My daughter and I bring this backpacking. I pack a fuel canister, lighter, snowpeak giga power stove and a small bottle of campers soap inside and wrap it in a bandana to keep it closed in my pack. It’s the perfect size for boiling 2 packs of ramen or 2 portions of other dehydrated meals yet it’s not overkill (in size or weight) for solo trips. The shape allows you clean it and eat out of it easily without a yard long spoon. The handle “clicks” in the upright position so there’s no reason that the orange coating should melt if your cooking on a stove. You can’t beat the weight for a durable pot of this capacity and just look at this thing- it’s freakin’ adorable!

This kettle works great! It’s low and wide, so you don’t waste a lot of fuel heating the sides of the pot.I’ve been using a lot of the methods[@]so all I really need to do is boil water, pour it in the bag, and wait. This pot is perfect to boil 1.5 to 2.5 cups of water. On my cannister stove at 9,000 ft, the water would usually boil in about 3 minutes. Not a JetBoil, but look at the weight differential!I now only carry one pot, and the 8 oz. fuel cannister fits right inside it. The lid won’t fit with the fuel cannister inside, but I see where MSR has just come out with a 4 oz. cannister. Perfect for my weekend trips!

I am quite obsessive about my backcountry gear. I plan extensively and purchase gear often for my trips as a vicarious activity when work keeps me off the trail.

This is a cooking kettle, not just for boiling water- One liter is a large main meal for three people- The weight knocks out the need for titanium – The wide base catches the flame pattern of any type of stove for a much faster boil- Also the squat design makes the center of gravity lower on a stove making it much more stable and less wobbly than the taller narrower pots- Save more weight, remove the SS handle and replace with picture hanging wire-

It’s way to big and bulky for hiking, No thanks. Four days later I had it in my pack. Why you say, Stunningly beautiful English girl entered my life. No Tea..No Date..Needles to say that launched the most intensive Tea/Kettle pot research deployment in American History to find the best of the best. Found this and NEVER has a man been happier.

A friend and I just got back from a trip to the Smokies. We usually carry the soloist on our trips and use it for all our cooking. On this trip we decided to try and use this kettle for all cooking and leave the soloist at home to save weight. Let me just say that I am sold on our new cooking system. This kettle is super light, durable and stable. The snow peak stove fits right inside and the spout on the pot makes pouring hot water into a pouch into a one man job. We were able to free up tons of time with this little pot and didn’t miss out on any other luxuries.

I downgraded this tea pot because the handle uses inexpensive orange tubing which melts when exposed to heat. At some point, if you don’t want to burn your fingers, you will be using a glove to pick up this teapot. It might have cost a few cents more, but the manufacturer could easily have used tubing with a higher melting point. I fixed my pot by stripping off the orange tubing and sliding high temperature heat shrinkable tubing over the handle (which was not easy due to the shape of the handle), and then using a heat gun to shrink the tubing.

I originally received this as a gift, passed it on to a friend abroad, and bought another exactly like it. It is the perfect cooking tool for backpacking – so much easier to use than a traditional pot with lid. The handle doesn’t get hot and the top is easy to remove even when the kettle is still warm. I use it on trips to heat water (it retains heat well); I use the water for coffee in the morning and for dehydrated meals at night. The spout makes it easy to pour and it doesn’t spill the way traditionally shaped pots do.

I don’t like to cook when at home. I certainly don’t want to cook when camping. So- my needs involve freeze dried or freezer bag cooking, or boiling to purify water or to make a hot water bottle for a sleeping bag. Boiling and pouring. Boiling and pouring. The GSI kettle does both extremely well. If you needed to, you could hang the kettle over a fire or coals from the handle. And if you HAD to cook in it, the opening is big enough to do so. If your needs involve mostly boiling and pouring, the GSI kettle is as light as a comparatively sized titanium pot. It’s also cheaper and more practical.

My wife and I were looking for a little more volume in our next cook pot when we came across the GSI Kettle at our local REI. 4 cups (1 quart) fills it to the bottom of the spout and it pours perfectly. It’s short and squat with a lot of surface area along the bottom for excellent heat transfer. Perfect for our style of backcountry cooking which amounts to no more than preparing boiling water for freeze-dried meals and hot beverages. Also, while this may sound strange for a tea kettle review, it’s a great looking piece of gear. Our last cook pot was anodized aluminum as well and this kettle should last years and years. Its design caught our eye, and its lightweight (and light price) sold us.

Great product. It boils water fast, weighs almost nothing and is durable enough to take a beating. It’s all that is needed for 1-2 people for food rehydration and hot drinks. What’s not to like?

One of my best pieces of kitchen gear. Boils fast is light weight. I know all you do is boil water with it but it rocks. Simple to use pours great and is super light. I honestly didn’t think I would use it much but I have boiled hundreds of gallons in one of these.

This kettle is spacious enough for my Primus Classic Trail Stove to fit inside and also big enough to boil enough water for three noodle packages. I took this backpacking last week just below Hoover Dam and it fit into my backpack perfectly. While others were burning their fingers using uninsulated pots, the protected handles on the lid and the kettle made for easy pouring. Also, the nice spout made pouring into cups a snap while others on the hike were sloshing water from pots with no spouts.

I have to admit I picked this up mostly because it looked cool, (defiantly the classiest way to boil water in the bush) but by chance I found it is absolutely made for pop-can alcohol stoves! With a can with lower holes you can set the pot straight on the stove without a pot-stand, and the wide base perfectly catches the flame that would normally go up the sides of a mug or narrow pot. I traveled with this for 8 months and kept my alcohol stove, windscreen, soup and tea inside the kettle perfectly. the only time I manage to hurt it was when I used a bucket for a windscreen and my flame got high enough to melt a little of the handle insulation. only beef is that the handle can poke stuff in your pack if you aren’t careful, but it’s easy to get around that.

Made camping in 30 degree weather much more enjoyable!

Bought this last year for camping / backpacking. I use this for heating water for meals, coffee/tea. It’s easy to clean and doesn’t take long to boil water. It is lightweight and I use it to store the fuel / lighter as well.

The shape can be a little awkward to pack and the design makes it difficult to clean, but if you are looking for a pot to boil water for hot drinks or “just add water” meals it’s hard to beat. Generous capacity, very stable and quick to heat (it beats my .7L titanium pot heating chilled water in home trials). It also keeps water hot longer than the titanium. Coated handle and top lifter are welcome additions.

I bought this kettle because i collect camping gear and I never had a tea kettle so I bought this one. It’s really light for the bulk of it and the metal is lightweight aluminum which is the best metal for conducting even heat overall.I tried using it at our local park figuring I better get used to this before using in real time in the field. This kettle can hold about 5 to 3.5 cups of water to be boiled. With help of a Trangia mini burner, it boil water very well and fast like around 7 minutes from cold water to a rolling boil. I’m glad i bought one and I’m keeping this….

Great for making 16 oz pour over coffee. Boils the water quickly and the spout allows great control for pour over coffee filter. 4 stars because the lid comes off when pouring that last bit of water out, but doesn’t come loose or drop in coffee filter because the handle stops it.

Did the JMT in 13 days. Brought a MSR Pocket Rocket, One 8 ounce canister, and this kettle. Had Mountain House dinners every night and coffee in the morning.

I bought this tea kettle to heat up water so I could make coffee using he GSI Java Press while camping. Using my camp stove, the water heated extremely fast and was easy to pour into the java press. My only complaint would be that it is kind of small. It holds enough water for one person but it isn’t as big as your standard home kitchen tea kettle. However, if you are heating up water for more than one person, it is easy enough to just refill it and put it back on the stove.

I used this kettle on my bike camping trip to make my coffee and heat up my dehydrated meals. Water boiled quickly and was easy to pour. It was stable on top of my cooking stove. I agree with some that the handle is less than perfect, but for [$] bucks I can live with it.It was a good investment. My wife took this kettle on a school camping trip and was always heating up someone elses food because they forgot their own pot. It made the rounds at camp with no dents.

My fiance and I got this little tea kettle a little over a year ago. It is so versitile that we rarely use our expensive cookset. We have pretty much switched to all dehydrated meals. Boil water in the tea kettle and eat, we make instant mashed potatos in it. Cleans up real quick, for coffee or tea in the morning. Love it, no other cookware needed. I have been less than gentle with this little pot as well. It does not show though, the construction is top notch.

When I got this delivered I thought the box was empty because it is so light and compact. What you get is a well made, well designed, low profile water boiler. I find it great for backpacking when all I take are foods that need to be hydrated. It’s also great for car camping because it’s just the right size to get water going in the morning for the first cup of coffee and enough hot water left over to do the dishes. The low profile, wide bottom design makes it very stable on a variety of stoves. It also means you won’t tip it over. The lid fits well and has a small ventilation hole on it to keep it from rattling or popping off when the water gets rolling. The rubberized handle is nice, but not intended for use over an open campfire because it will melt. There are faster water boiling systems, and you can boil water is just about anything, but I like the fact you have a lot of control for a perfect, safe, pour with this little kettle. I looks really cool too. It’s a good addition to your kit for just [$]

I use this with an alcohol stove to boil water on backpacking trips. It’s a champ. I’ve dropped it dozens of times. It’s very lightweight and durable. The orange on the handle is semi-melted and there’s several large rock dings in it, but it still does the job.

I use this kettle everyday while on the trail and at home. It has an easy to control stream that is great for pour over coffee. After using it while deployed in the field with me, 2 of my co-workers went and bought one at the first opportunity.

This just got shipped to me, i picked up my package and honestly thought REI had mailed me an empty box! I use the MSR Pocket Rocket Stove, and it fits inside the kettle, while still in the travel case. I just did a test, and on that stove it boiled 3 cups of water in exactly 4 mins! I take backpacking food that just requires usually 2 1/4 cups of boiling water, and you add the water directly to the food pouch. This product is perfect for it!

Love this little thing! Extremely durable, lightweight, and packs in tightly. However, on our “family” outings when we do the full car camping experience and I have 6 people waiting on coffee in the morning this unit doesn’t cut mustard. If you’re heading out for high speed, low drag situations in the back country, then this is the best way to go and you will not be disappointed. If you want large capacity, spend your dime on something else.

This thing is pretty well awesome. I’ve used it a lot. It boils fast because it is aluminum which is a good conductor, and because the bottom is wide and so none of the flame gets wasted licking up the sides of the burner even when you have the stove on full blast. It is also just much easier to deal with than an ultralight mug once you have hot water. It pours just like the kettle in your house with no fuss, no spilling etc. and the water stays clean inside the pot with the top on. It rides stable on my pocket rocket w/no issues as long as you are sensible about finding a level bit of ground to cook on and center it. The downsides are that it isn’t as light as a titanium mug and it will take up a bit more room in your pack. Plus you still need a separate mug. I tend to take it anytime I will be doing a fair bit of cooking or the mileage doesn’t dictate absolute minimalism. It is easily my favorite way to boil water out of all the ones I have. Note I do not use this in a campfire because I want to protect that orange stuff that keeps the handles from getting hot.

Girlfriend bought this one before our second camping trip. I was skeptical (what’s wrong with boiling water in a tin cup, anyway?) Three camping trips later, I have to admit I was wrong: this little kettle is a solid workhorse. Nests a BRS ultralight, fuel canister, and fuel canister stand quite nicely.

Great little kettle. I have used this kettle camping and also in my dorm room. It’s great indoors and outdoors, simple and easy to clean. The handle does melt if you’re not careful tho. It heats up really fast and is very efficient. The only thing I don’t like is the wide spout lets a lot steam out and there is no whistle to let you know the water is boiling. Regardless, this kettle performs well and gets the water hot quickly!

This little kettle is useful in a variety of situations, as the other reviewers have expressed. The Halulite alloy finish looks just as good after many uses as it did the day I got it. The lid handle does get a bit hot, but I have never had any melting and it is easy enough to remove with a stick or spork. If anything I just wish it was a little bit larger, for brewing up several cups of hot coffee for my companions and I. Get it!

It takes up space therefore you pack it with all sorts of items you carry anyway, stove, cup etc. Boils water fast and efficiently. This is a must have item for backpacking.

Excellent light weight teapot. I use it for boiling drinking water and for cooking. The handles stay cool and the teapot pours nicely. When solo I use it for one pot meals and eat right out of it. The anodized metal is easy to clean and the product seems to have an overall solid construction. Some smaller backpacking stoves may fit inside of it to save packing space, my MSR Dragonfly does not. Win some. Lose some.

Big fan of this item. Light weight and pretty durable. great for a mnt top coffee pot

Purchased for general backpacking (I like tea and I’m willing to admit it).

i use this kettle for car camping because it just heats quick and pours easy., but it is light enough to carry for the backcountry ( if you must bring a dedicated kettle with you). it easily heats up two cups of water for my morning coffee and oatmeal. (it will heat up more then this, but not much more-it is light weight because it is smaller, rather then voluminous) .

Just used this for a week backpacking trip, at the suggestion of a in store associate, and couldn’t be happier. Worked perfectly with my MSR backpacking stove, heated quickly, and stored a small propane canister, lighter, the stove, and washing materials for light and easy all contained backpacking kitchen. Couldn’t be happier with this purchase for my most recent hike.

My kettle evolved from a way to boil water into my do it all cook kit. Then one day I noticed the black paint on the inside had worn off into my food. Man I hope that is not lead paint. The little kettle seemed ideal for cooking. Even cooking directly on the fire. If someone makes a titanium kettle just like that I will buy one. Cooking on the fire was certainly a lot easier with a tea kettle, so I could grab the up right handle out of the fire without burning my hand.

I thought I would give this a try instead of taking pots that take up much more room. It worked great. Water heated very quickly. How ever, I don’t think it holds a full quart. Some reviews complained about the plastic coating on the handle. As long as I kept the handle upright I did not have a problem with it getting hot or melting.

I use this little sucker every night. At home or camping or hiking, anything, it’s perfect.

Great addition to my BP system of cooking. I do alot of hiking with boy scouts. The other men and I drink coffee. While the boys are still boiling water, we men are enjoying our coffee.

I recently bought this kettle to use on a two person 10 day backpacking trip on the John Muir Trail. It performed better than I could have hoped. The kettle is light, sturdy, does not dent and is great to boil water for freezer bag cooking. I have found the only pot I need!!!

Got this for Christmas, just took it out last weekend and loved it. Boiled water very fast (1/2 the time my previous pot). Everyone at the campsite loved it as well. REI selling more of this item this week. Very light weight, seems to be very strong.

Great pot for 1 or 2 people whose idea of cooking is boiling water. Concerns about the handle ends can be addressed by simply removing the handle and bending it slightly to store inside the pot while packing. My MSR simmerlite fits inside perfectly.

I really like this kettle. The wide base heats water faster than my old coffee pot which saves on fuel. Its also less bulky and fits neatly into a side pocket on my pack. Have used it several times already and have been very satisfied. Its a keeper.

The short spout on this kettle greatly reduces the amount of water that could potentially be boiled. Mine also came with the plastic handle coverings already melted, not unusable but a new product should look new. If all you need is a little bit of water boiled, this kettle could do the trick. I have found that it dose not hold even a full water bottle and is not sufficient for my needs.

I used it to boil water for coffee. It is super! It boils water so fast. I did not spill when I made my coffee. It is light weight and the price is right. I only do car camping so I am not sure how it would work for heavy duty campers.

Love this tea kettle. Very lightweight. Boils water very quickly. Perfect for car camping trips. Only thing is, and it’s a hardly an issue, is handle must be in upright position, otherwise outer orange materials will melt.

This thing is really great. I love everything about it. I just wish it had a built in coffee percolator. I use this tea pot every day at home and in my backpack. It does not dent, scratch, soil, break, etc. GOOD STUFF.

This kettle is the perfect size that holds enough water and heats up super quick. And the best part is that it cools down SO fast which makes clean up so much easier! I love it!

This kettle is perfect – light, tight sealing top, durable, great handle. Took it on a 4 day backpacking trip in the Tetons and will not pack without it.

this pot rocks! Better heat transfer than titanium wide body traps heat for alcohol stove highly recommend for freezer bag thru hiking!

Heats water quickly and saves stove fuel! Very efficient, lightweight, and easy to pack. I also use it at home on a daily basis.

I haven’t taken it on a hike yet but it is ideal for that due to it’s small size and light weight. It holds almost a liter of water though I usually only put in about half that amount. Boil times are fairly fast, certainly reasonable though I haven’t timed them. I would think that one kettle would suffice per one or two persons on a back pack or hiking trip. You might have to boil up twice to get hot water for food or drinks. I have brewed up several times at home, heating water for tea, coffee or food. I can see how the orange rubber could be damaged by heat though so far mine hasn’t had that problem. The metal is thin enough that I would be cautious using it over an open fire but over my alcohol burners, an Optimus 111 using kerosene and a Coleman Peak one using white gas it has been fine. Chemical heat tabs do discolor the bottom a bit. I have found that while there is no whistle as on more conventional kettles, you can tell when the water is boiling by the steam coming out the spout. The cap will fall off if you don’t hold it as you get those last drops out, not a big deal for me. Overall I’m pleased with this kettle and expect it to last a long time.

Cools down quickly. Boils water in 3 minutes with a small Coleman mini camp stove. Very easy to carry.

Holds the perfect amount of water for our French press and doesn’t take up much space or weight at all.

This tea kettle is very nice for the price. It is long lasting and cleans very nice.

This kettle has multiple potential uses but is a valuable utensil even if used solely for boiling water in camp . This frees up 2 – 3 other pots or cups allowing them to be used for preparing or serving food and drink. If you are sharing hot water with others, they will appreciate not having all the floaties in their coffee or tea which often occurs if your mess gear is doing double duty as cooking / serving containers. The kettle is very light in weight and the room it takes up in your pack can be compensated for by using it to hold items such as spare alcohol stoves, alcohol fuel bottles, scouring pads and other small objects. If properly cared for, it should last a lifetime. I’ve taken mine on several hikes and use it daily on the range or with one of my camping stoves to make coffee; hundreds of times so far. I haven’t experienced the melted orange rubber on the handles as others have. It’s not much effort to keep the handle upright in the detents. I believe the anodized metal can be scratched if using metal utensils, so something softer like plastic or wood might be appropriate.

It worked great as the main kettle for our Cab Over camper, with one exception, at 1 Liter it’s just a little shy of pouring two 16 ounce coffees. Saw that the company makes a 1.5 L version, so we’re trading up. If this size works for you definitely get it.

Just got this and used on a backpack trip. Works well, heats water fast using my BP stove, stable on the stove, can use handle when hot without gloves, lid and spout prevent spills, packs nice, very light. Have not tried to put my stove in it yet to see if it fits. Need to use a titainum fork to remove the lid when hot (e.g. to refill)

I was looking at getting the sea to summit x pot and x kettle for space and weight savings, a very experienced REI employee and I had a very thorough discussion and he recommended this product (which he uses). I’ve been very impressed. It’s super super light, holds a gas canister and other cooking necessities, and is very strong.

I bought this at my local REI store about a year ago, and I’ve been very pleased with it. You can fit a small stove such as an MSR Pocket Rocket in it, or keep food in it. it’s a great value, and i plan to use it for many years. The lid isn’t a perfect fit, but when it’s in a pack I don’t think it would be a problem.

When I first purchased this kettle, I honestly believed that I would only use it occasionally. First trip I ended up using it A LOT. It proved to be extremely helpful and help up well after being dropped a couple times. It can be weird to pack in larger bags but still had no problems making it fit.

This is a nice design but slightly overpriced. Only suggestion I have is to make the lid snug. It would be even better to add a (what I assume is) orange silicone lip to the top rim of the kettle. This would not only add to the functionality but the asthetics.

We used this daily on a two week trip, I have to say it works great and is light weight. The picture is outdated, they now have a different pot & lid handle with a chrome brackets. Still works well and pot looks the same.

Ditched my large nesting pot and took the Kettle. Pours great & heats quick. Used it for instant oatmeal, easy-mac, raman or anything that needed boiling water. Before long other backpackers were borrowing it.

Very compact and light weight tea pot. Perfect for boiling water quickly for coffee and hot chocolate on a cold morning. Used it extensively on a weekend camping trip when the weather was quite chilly.

For its size it’s durable and heats up really fast. The handle stays cool as well. Great for car camping and light enough for hiking.

This is such a cool little kettle. I use it in my home kitchen when I’m not camping. It looks great sitting on my range. Love it.

I really like this piece of gear. Fits great in my pack and is really light. It has become my go to for back country cooking.

Handle needs to be re-engineered

A great product. Boils water super fast! Bottom doesn’t scorch. Easy to keep clean.

I love this tea kettle so much I have more than one!

Light weight, durable. What you see is what you get.

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