The Finest Herbs for Chicken Soup

A warm bowl of soup is the ultimate comfort food when you crave a cozy meal. That’s why this article is here to help you choose the perfect spices and herbs for your next chicken noodle soup adventure.

The Top 11 Spices and Herbs for Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken noodle soup is a versatile dish, with recipes varying from country to country, region to region, and even household to household. However, some flavorings consistently enhance the taste of this classic soup. Let’s delve into the universal spices and herbs that will take your chicken noodle soup to the next level.

01 – Black Pepper

Black Pepper - SpiceRally

You’ll find the distinct taste of pungent black pepper in almost every chicken noodle soup you try. This versatile spice adds earthy, peppery, piney, and woody hints to your dish. Whether you use whole black peppercorns or crushed black pepper, it will undoubtedly elevate the flavor of your soup. Looking for a delicious and spicy chicken noodle soup recipe? Check out our easy 30-minute recipe here.

02 – Garlic

Garlic - SpiceRally

Garlic plays two roles in chicken noodle soup. Minced garlic serves as a base flavoring in some recipes, while garlic powder adds depth to the soup stock. In Asian-style chicken noodle soups, fresh garlic cloves are occasionally used to enhance the taste of store-bought stocks. Whether you go for fresh garlic or garlic powder, this spice brings complexity, aroma, and robust flavor to your soup.

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03 – Ginger

Ginger - SpiceRally

Ginger often accompanies garlic in most Asian-style chicken noodle soup recipes. Apart from adding tons of flavor, ginger is a healthy addition, especially if you’re making soup for someone with a cold. With its zingy aroma and warm, slightly peppery, and sweet undertones, ginger can be grated or minced and used in the stock or sautéed with vegetables and garlic.

04 – Onion Powder

Onion Powder - SpiceRally

Featuring a unique piquancy, onion powder is a frequent companion to garlic powder in many soup recipes. This spice has a distinctive sulfuric hint with a mild sweetness. Alongside garlic powder, it pairs well with other ingredients such as bay leaves, black pepper, and oregano.

05 – Turmeric

Turmeric - SpiceRally

Turmeric is a spice that often finds its way into cold or flu-busting chicken noodle soup recipes, thanks to the immune-boosting properties of curcumin. Besides lending an eye-pleasing color, turmeric adds a deep, earthy, and almost musky flavor to the soup. It enhances the overall taste when combined with other ingredients, spices, and herbs in the recipe.

06 – Bay Leaves

Bay Leaves - SpiceRally

Bay leaves are a familiar addition to chicken noodle soups in Western cuisine. These leaves offer subtle bitterness and minty, peppery flavors. While some prefer to remove the leaves after cooking, the flavor infuses well during the heating process. Bay leaves pair splendidly with ingredients like garlic, oregano, and basil. Discover more about the best seasoning blends for your soup here.

07 – Thyme

Thyme - SpiceRally

Thyme is a versatile herb that complements chicken broth, vegetables, and meat alike. It pairs well with ginger, basil, oregano, and rosemary. Fresh thyme offers a sharper flavor, while dried thyme is slightly citrusy, earthy, and minty. Both forms contribute to the overall taste of your chicken noodle soup.

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08 – Parsley

Parsley - SpiceRally

Parsley adds a herbal taste to broths and soups, enhancing their flavor. Fresh parsley imparts somewhat bitter and peppery hints to the dish. It works best when finely chopped, allowing its flavor to infuse into the liquid. Parsley teams up harmoniously with other herbs like thyme, oregano, basil, and rosemary. Did you know parsley complements scrambled eggs beautifully? Learn more about other herbs that can elevate your dish here.

09 – Rosemary

Rosemary - SpiceRally

Rosemary lends an unparalleled flavor to your chicken noodle soup. With a complex profile of citrus, pine, lavender, sage, and minty undertones, this herb pairs effortlessly with many ingredients. Fresh rosemary offers a more intense flavor than its dried counterpart. Feel free to choose based on your preference and savor the rich taste it brings to your soup.

10 – Oregano

Oregano - SpiceRally

Oregano is a renowned addition to chicken noodle soup, known for its bold and earthy tones. Unlike some other herbs, oregano’s potency remains intact when dried. Whether you opt for dried or fresh oregano, it complements the chicken broth, carrots, celery, and other vegetables. Thyme, rosemary, and basil are excellent herb companions for oregano.

11 – Basil

Basil - SpiceRally

The flavor profile of basil varies depending on the variety used. Thai and sweet basil are the commonly used types, each offering subtle taste differences. Sweet basil, popular in Western cuisine, adds a minty and anise-like freshness to your soup. Fresh basil, when finely chopped, provides the best flavor. It pairs well with ginger, oregano, rosemary, and other herbs.

Soup puts the heart at ease, calms down the violence of hunger, eliminates the tension of the day, and awakens and refines the appetite.

  • Auguste Escoffier

In Conclusion

Soothing and delightful, chicken noodle soup can be a lifesaver on a cold evening or when you’re feeling under the weather. As you can see, spices and herbs like black pepper, garlic, ginger, oregano, basil, and parsley are the secret to transforming a bland liquid into a flavorful soup.

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